Rorschach had arrived at Knowhere from Hala and was prepared to leave for Earth.

Riverie is in charge of maintaining the Kree Empire, and she has more processing power than the Supreme Intelligence. Moreover, the Kree Empire might be viewed as a dictatorial empire because it was previously totally under the control of the Supreme Intelligence.

As a result, after Riverie took over as Supreme Intelligence, she had little trouble getting the Kree Empire back on track.

Knowhere is still run by The Collector. He constructed a factory akin to Nidavellir on Knowhere.

Only that each production line has a higher level of automation in the Knowhere. Many materials are regularly carried to Knowhere by the Kree Empire’s transport ships, where they are then incorporated into the automated production line for Terminator robots and starships.

Many super soldiers submitted applications to remain in Knowhere as the Mir mothership departed and returned. Clearly, these super soldiers appear more drawn to the luxury of the land of the stars and the star sea adventures than to the life of a soldier on Earth.

Rorschach approved all super soldiers that desire to remain in Knowhere. Because these super soldiers are S.W.O.R.D. members, some cunning Earth citizens are already planning how to deal with Rorschach in order to siphon off the vast wealth and resources of the Kree Empire.

Rorschach is too lazy to bother what the S.W.O.R.D. would think because this is the situation.

Rorschach left Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Nebula, and Drax in Knowhere. The Mir carrier finally took flight and began a space jump toward the earth after a brief month of cleaning and transferring alien materials.

As for the Earth visitors to Asgard, the way has been opened and a peaceful covenant between Asgard and the Earth has been established. But, as of right now, Earth has not independently constructed a spacecraft that crosses the space, leaving only the Rainbow Bridge as a means of connecting the two worlds.

Despite this, the energy required to switch on the Rainbow Bridge more than the average person can afford.

Asgard gave the Rorschach staff free access to the Rainbow Bridge. Others must pay a price in Asgardian gold coins in order to cross the Rainbow Bridge, and this fee must be paid in advance.


June 1, 2015.

The USS Mir descended over Queens, New York.

This time, Rorschach left the Mir’s stealth mode off and instead floated the mothership over the sky of the Osborn Group in New York while everyone looked on.

The sun and the space carrier that covered the sky immediately caught everyone’s attention. The word of the spaceship passing over New York quickly went across the globe in about ten minutes.

The Osborn Group quickly released a statement saying that Rorschach received this spacecraft from benevolent extraterrestrials.

Two years ago, Rorschach began diplomatic ties with numerous alien civilizations, began peaceful trades with alien civilizations, and transported a significant amount of materials from Earth to the space with the help of the S.W.O.R.D.

The Osborn Group’s life has not been simple in the two years since Rorschach left the Earth.

The ‘big tree’ attracts wind because the Osborn Group has evolved too swiftly in recent years and is spiraling out of control. Top American officials are worried because they think that if the Osborn Group is allowed to expand even more, it will become dangerous.

The top executives intend to sanction the Osborn Group, but they are extremely dependent on the Terminator robot and physical enhancement drug projects developed by the Osborn Group.

The Osborn Group has a monopoly in its industry. The Osborn Group must be involved if the U.S. government officials wish to acquire these.

The Osborn Group and Stark Industries also work closely together. Supporting a military industrial organization to counterbalance the Osborn Group is even difficult.

This condition didn’t change until Victor von Doom, also known as Doctor Doom, came last year.

Victor von Doom is an extremely genius person as well. He not only hacked the Terminator robot’s basic technology, but he also imitated Iron Man’s iron outfit. Despite the fact that he is a dangerous person.

The American government still decided to back Latveria, a tiny nation in Eastern Europe, and Victor von Doom.

The military sector of the Osborn Group was almost completely cut off by the appearance of Doctor Doom, and other sectors including energy, biomedicine, and others were also attacked, resulting in a sharp decline in the Osborn Group’s stock price.

After steadily declining for a year, the stock price of Osborn Group eventually experienced a leap-like spike as a result of Rorschach’s return to Earth today, carrying technologies from alien civilizations.

The Osborn Group took advantage of the occasion to declare that a press conference will be conducted tomorrow morning at 9:00.

Rorschach personally attended and informed the audience about the find and his knowledge of this alien journey.

An uproar of applause was heard online.

The Osborn Group’s online media platform was overrun by ecstatic users, which also required the online media operation department of the Osborn Group to add dozens of servers to maintain the regular operation of the online platform.

Compared to the applause from the public. The atmosphere in the Osborn Group felt a bit dreary.

“My father is currently detained by the S.W.O.R.D., Mr. Rorschach. I haven’t been able to contact him until now. I’m quite concerned for his security.” It was as though Harry had clung to a life-saving straw when he first saw Rorschach.

On occasion, he would observe the Osborn Group stocks continuing to decline and motivate himself to work hard in his studies. Otherwise, Harry would have been told by his father to stop attending college and return home in order to inherit the business.

But a month ago, the S.W.O.R.D. abruptly put Norman Osborn under house arrest for a variety of reasons, and he lost communication with the outside world.

Although the Osborn Group’s top executives warned Harry not to move hastily, Harry did consider saving his father. They said that everything would be reviewed after Rorschach returned.

Now that he has Rorschach back, Harry looks forward to him.

“At S.W.O.R.D, your father is safe. He gets enough sleep and good food. The only thing is that he’s being watched. Although the Osborn Group’s data network was in fact compromised long ago, you are also aware that I was solely responsible for building our firewall and our artificial intelligence.” Rorschach gave Harry a shoulder pat.

Even the Supreme Intelligence cannot compete with Riverie. The Osborn Group’s firewall prevents hackers from entering Riverie’s artificial intelligence system.

Not only did they failed to invade, but Riverie also made up an fake data intrusion and gave the other side a lot of false information.

“What should we do? I heard from Asgard that you overthrew an empire.”

Since Rorschach assisted Dr. Pym in rescuing the Wasp trapped in the quantum world. He asked this question since he joined Rorschach’s scientific study team.

Before Rorschach could respond to Dr. Pym’s remarks, Bruce Banner, afterwards known as Professor Hulk, worriedly questioned, “It’s simple to rule the entire planet. As Norman’s imprisonment should only be the first step in how those people deal with you. What will you do next, Rorschach? Many people on the planet are going to be worried if anything goes badly.”

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Published On: April 19, 2023

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