The security footage is still playing on the screen. Rorschach noticed a weird man wearing a mask at the high-level gathering of the nations of Earth. The man’s speech soon appeared on the screen following a series of arguments.

The man identified himself as Victor von Doom, ruler of the little nation of Latveria in Eastern Europe.

“Victor von Doom? Is it not the renowned Doctor Doom?” Rorschach listened intently as Doctor Doom explained his own battle strategy to the group.

“Anti-Rorschach armor, ultrasonic bombs, and confinement grenades…”

Rorschach glanced at the screen as Doctor Doom demonstrated to the participants the strength of those weapons while simulating it in his head.

“Assuming my super five senses and my clairvoyant eyes didn’t detect the ambush and the opponent’s release of the confinement grenade and ultrasonic bomb, respectively. I let those weapons affect me without using my superspeed to evade, and I’m not going to utilize any defenses either.”

“Based on this, they seem to be able to set up a scenario where they can remove the arc reactor from my chest.”

However, he hadn’t worn that thing for a long time.

The suit with the arc reactor is no longer used after Eitri assisted Rorschach in developing a set of battle suits. Even then, there are still videos on the network depicting Rorschach landing on planet Hala while donning the new suit.

The Dimension suit and Destroyer suit are all black, and there is a ‘X’ emblem on the chest, however those videos were all shot from a great distance. Rorschach’s war armor may not have been updated long ago, even if the Earth watched the film of his landing on Hala.

Doctor Doom had intended to take away the Armor Reactor’s plan for a very long time, but wouldn’t it be in vain if he didn’t don the Destroyer Armor?

After putting in a lot of effort, someone eventually runs to them and asks, ‘Hey, where’s the arc reactor, have you changed your armor?’

“Riverie, do you know who the anti-Rorschach alliance’s members are?” Roschach asked.

“It’s still in the hiring phase. Several superheroes have undergone rudimentary psychiatric examinations to see whether they have the intention of opposing you.”

“What is the result?”

“While some superheroes are unhappy with you, the majority of them still worship you. Your personality is simply too flawless. You are like a savior, at least in the eyes of superheroes who don’t know the truth.”

At hearing Riverie’s words, Rorschach embarrassedly waved his hands, “I heard what you said. Please clarify for me what you mean when you say that “my personality is too flawless,” and also, am I not a savior?”

“You are the savior, and you are a very wonderful savior. I apologize for the significant delay in upgrading the language library, I will do so right now.”

Rorschach’s face fell and he became quite upset, while Riverie smiled. Yet, this object is only a virtual projection and has no real existence.

“Never mind.”

Rorschach sighed, there was no need for him to get enraged with an AI. “You should monitor the situation on the other side of the Earth and notify any emergencies as soon as they arise.”

Rorschach stopped focusing on these details after that and his consciousness entered the system interface.

Character attributes:

Lineage: Kryptonian Bloodline

Level: LV4 (+)

Additional Attribute: Magic Proficiency

Skills: Man of Steel, Bio-Force Field, Super Strength, Super Speed.

Mission Points: 16529527

Including the 1 million for establishing diplomatic ties with the Kree Empire and the final 1 million for the Earth to join the Galactic Council, the Skrull Empire, the Shi’ar Empire, and other Galactic Senator countries to establish friendly diplomatic relations, Rorschach has accrued more than 16 million points as of this writing.

The Kryptonian bloodline can be upgraded with the available points, which is why in the character attribute interface, a plus sign is displayed next to the bloodline’s level.

Rorschach narrowed his attention to that + sign.

“Upgrade the Kryptonian bloodline”

The following instant, 10 million mission points were deducted, and Rorschach felt warm, cozy, and at ease all over as a warm feeling swept over his body.

Character attributes:

Lineage: Kryptonian Bloodline

Level: LV5

Additional Attribute: Magic Proficiency

Skills: Man of Steel, Bio-Force Field, Super Strength, Super Speed.

Mission Points: 6529527

Rorschach believed that all facets of his qualities had been tremendously boosted as the Kryptonian bloodline’s level was upgraded to LV5, and the effectiveness of absorbing the sun’s stellar energy had also significantly increased.

Overall, Rorschach’s power has now officially surpassed the highest level of combat, and the level of the universal entity.

Rorschach has four Infinity Stones, and with the aid of the solar dimension’s power, he can erupt into a mid-to-high combat power of a God once his own strength reaches the level of a universal entity.

Rorschach has the power to slay the Celestials as at this point.

This is obviously only applicable to universe-level entities. Rorschach won’t be able to defeat the adversary when facing a multi-universe-level creature, but it won’t be helpless to fight back either.

“Infinite Potential” is the Kryptonian bloodline level after that. You need 100 million mission points to advance from LV5 to “Infinite Potential”?!”

Rorschach’s mouth twitched slightly.

He is unaware of the maximum number of mission points that can be earned for the “Interstellar Diplomat” duty. Because of the system’s consistency, points will only be given out if a person’s actions significantly affect the world.

The complexity of conducting interplanetary diplomacy is not to say almost non-existent now that the Earth has grown into one of the three main empires in the universe, but it is not significantly worse.

He can score as many points as you can in any situation. After all, the system had set Rorschach a modest objective of 100 million task points.

Rorschach spent some time in the solar dimension after improving his Kryptonian bloodline.

In the solar dimension, there is a sun. Rorschach thought that this sun was too alone, so he requested that The Collector locate a few other suns that fit the criteria.

After some time, Rorschach wandered around the universe and crammed nine suns into his own solar dimension. There are currently ten suns in the solar dimension, counting the initial one that was captured.

Before reaching the target of a million suns, there is still a long way to go.

It takes technical skill to bring the sun into one’s own dimension, and the more suns there are, the harder it is to bring them in. Rorschach needs to keep increasing the dimensions of his work.

He’ll think about these after collecting all six Infinity Stones.

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Published On: April 19, 2023

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