The brief conversation between Norman Osborn and the US President focused primarily on Rorschach. Naturally, Norman was unable to divulge too much precise information about Rorschach.

He was discussing some facts that might be accessed online.

After the conversation was done, Norman went back to the S.W.O.R.D., where he was greeted by many new faces and informed that due to the current unique period, the S.W.O.R.D. had been temporarily taken over directly by high-ranking officials from many countries.

Of course, different studies and the S.W.O.R.D.’s military division were also taken. In addition, ever since Norman Osborn left the president’s office, he has felt as though someone is watching him.

With a silent sigh in his heart, Norman made his way back to his own house.

He wasn’t upset that he had been detained or watched by the American authorities. On the contrary, Norman Osborn experienced a new level of longing and anticipation. Now everyone can see that someone wants Rorschach in every way.

The Earth’s current perception of Rorschach is that he is a regular human who, by relying on the Destroyer Armor that King Odin had constructed for him, has acquired the power of a God.

Rorschach has already spoken to Asgard about this matter.

Odin has now resigned and will not discuss this with anyone, at least Thor. Even though he acts without thinking, he is aware of appropriate and inappropriate speech.

High-level representatives from several nations consequently convened a covert discussion gathering on Earth under the direction of the US government.

The conversation covered a variety of subjects, including “Rorschach is a mortal, whether he is eligible to have the armor made for him by King Odin,” “Rorschach’s unauthorized decision to launch armed actions with alien civilizations, whether it threatens the safety of the earth,” and “If Rorschach wants to become a dictator, who can stop him?” and others.

Victor von Doom, a ruler from a little nation called Latveria in Eastern Europe, proposed a pact to restrain and balance Power. That is to form a super organization of the anti-Rorschach alliance.

Victor von Doom has worn a metal mask ever since he was disfigured in a previous experiment. He claimed to have mastered all the power data about Rorschach after studying all his video, and he created a series of precise fighting strategies.

All you have to do is put together a formidable crew that can unquestionably take out the arc reactor on Rorschach’s chest and transforms him back into a regular guy.

Rorschach, who has transformed back into a regular person, is expected to be charged with up to a dozen offenses, including breaking laws protecting human rights and the universe’s harmony, although these are not the main topics of their debate right now.

Because everything became about who owned that set of armor and the colonization of the Kree Empire once Victor von Doom proposed the seemingly extremely successful plan to remove the reactor from Rorschach’s chest.

Undoubtedly, some nations are opposed to the formation of an alliance against Rorschach.

The protests of these countries were immediately overruled even if they are one of the five big nations. There is also a veto system, so these countries were quickly drowned out by voices threatening to sanction Rorschach.


Deep in the universe.

Thanos was informed of the Kree Empire’s announcement of its submission to the Earth.

With the help of the description of the Chitauri at the time and a comprehensive review of all the information on Rorschach available on the Network, Thanos is essentially certain that he is comparable to him.

Rorschach now possesses at least three Infinity Stones, according to information currently available.

According to recent news, the Soul Stone is in Vormir, and the other two should be in the Nine Realms. The Ancient One is one of them, and he watches over the Time Stone.

The location of the Reality Stone, which King Bor is claimed to have acquired and concealed in a remote area of the Nine Realms, is still a mystery.

But when the dark elves recently attacked Asgard, Rorschach assisted Asgard in defeating the dark elf army. The Reality Stone is most likely in Asgard, or even… It’s on Rorschach.

Rorschach is the only person with four Infinity Stones if the Reality Stone is also in his hand.

Now that he is aware of all the Infinity Stones’ hints, Thanos furrowed his brows, yet he is not at all pleased.

In order to invade on a massive scale and seize the Infinity Stones one at a time, his original plan called for him to wait until Odin passed away from old age and the Ancient One left the world. However, there is now an unexpectedly formidable adversary.

He is unaware of Rorschach’s lifespan. Rorschach is said to be a typical human being with a lifespan of at least a hundred years.

He finally decided that he should travel to Vormir in order to locate the Soul Stone first.


Kerry Empire, Planet Hala.

Rorschach is making sure that all of the Supreme Intelligence’s programming has been totally destroyed by inspecting the biological computer.

Giving the AI a chance to resuscitate or make a comeback is impossible because he previously acted against Supreme Intelligence.

He finished the 108th check from the inside to the outside when Riverie, who had eyes that were like silk, showed up behind him.

“I just had a message from Earth, Mr. Rorschach. There are some people on Earth who want to sanction you.”


Rorschach turned off the biological computer’s internal workings and asked, “Let me guess, is it led by the US government to carve up the wealth and resources of the Kree Empire?”

“Your knowledge is unparalleled.” Riverie praised him while wearing a small smile.

“Riverie, your flattery is just too artificial. By the way, I’ve never assisted you with installing the flattery emotional module. Did you discover this on your own?”

“Yes, Mr. Rorschach. Even though you claim that I flatter you unnecessarily, your body’s data feedback shows that you value compliments from others, particularly those that come from your favorite personalities.”

Inadvertently brushing her hair as she spoke, Riverie then placed the bridge of her glasses onto her nose.

“Now, let’s talk about how those Earthlings intend to punish me.” Rorschach immediately shifted the subject.

Riverie’s artificial intelligence has a remarkable self-learning potential. It is almost perfect in everyday terms.

Riverie started playing a surveillance video as soon as he heard Rorschach’s question, saying, “This is the video I recovered from the memory of a high-level meeting of many countries.”

On Captain Marvel, the Skrulls employed memory extraction technology. Despite the complexity of this technology, Riverie has no trouble using it.

Even the high-ranking representative who attended the meeting was unaware that his memory had been recovered.

The temporary high-level meeting that high-level representatives from several countries attended is shown on the video screen. The angle of the screen’s view is unfolded from a corner at the bottom, which just so occurred to show the meeting’s facilitator’s face clearly.

The meeting was facilitated by none other than Nick Fury and the president of the United States.

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Published On: April 18, 2023

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