Riverie successfully overran the Supreme Intelligence’s biological computer during her invasion, took control of the Kree Empire, and replaced the Supreme Intelligence.

Naturally, Rorschach won’t inform the Kree Empire’s populace that their Supreme Intelligence has been supplanted.

As a result, Riverie examined the Supreme Intelligence’s database before appearing in front of the Kree Empire’s populace and announcing that the Kree Empire had submitted to the Earth and had become a colonial power on the planet.

Although some Supreme Council members disagreed with Riverie when she made this choice, the Supreme Council will be directly responsible to Rorschach.

Rorschach communicated with them via the Mind Stone until all of the council members voluntarily accepted his rule.

The Kree should in fact be grateful for this.

Rorschach is a person who values peace. Rorschach will at least not and despise to kill tens of billions of Kree citizens in contrast to the almost total annihilation of the Kree Empire in the comics.

The mission system sent out a notification to Rorschach at the same time, and 1 million mission points arrived on time.

Now that he has earned enough points, the Kryptonian bloodline can be upgraded.

People on all the planets inhabited by the Kree Empire wept as word of the Kree Empire’s capitulation spread. Rorschach refrained from acting as the Kree Empire’s new monarch, allowing it to continue along its current course.

The only restriction is that active invasion of other civilizations is prohibited. Overnight, the Kree Empire stopped its invasion of other planets.

The moment the news broke, it instantly shook everyone on Earth. Even in Asgard, Thor, who had just been crowned king of Asgard, was shocked by the information.

The three greatest empires in the cosmos have now changed hands when the Kree Empire announced its submission to Earth.

“What do you say about this, as a citizen of the earth and one of the three major empires in the universe?” Thor questioned Jane Foster, who was drinking alongside him.

The Earth side has requested that Asgard alter the name of the planet even though Asgard still frequently refers to it as Midgard. The title “Earth” must be used especially in official documents.

When Jane Foster and Darcy heard the reports that Earth had defeated one of the three planetary empires, they had just finished their examination of Asgard and were on their way back to Asgard city.

“Maybe, I mean is there a possibility, this is genuinely a prank?” she asks with the same attitude as Thor.

“The Galactic Council made this announcement. The Kree Empire is no longer represented on the Galactic Council. Instead, the Earth now serves in its place. The Collector now serves as the Galactic Council’s Earth Representative.” Thor explained.

Jane asked, her face still blank, “Who is The Collector?”

“He is the universe’s elder and is known as The Collector because he enjoys gathering items from many races and civilizations.” said Thor.

“And what is his connection to Earth? The Collector, who stands in for the earth, joins the council for what reason?” Jane Foster asked again.

Thor merely said with a shrug, “I don’t even know.”

Darcy, who was always chatty, sat silent for a while before saying, “Rorschach must be involved in some way in all of this. I heard he went in search of the Power Stone. Could it be that the Kree Empire contains the Power Stone? Rorschach defeated the Kree Empire while seeking the power jewel.”

Everyone who heard this thought it was a reliable statement.

“Don’t tell me, but this truly seems to fit Rorschach’s regular method of operation.” Jane Foster said.

“You people on Earth are one of the three great empires in the universe, how come you people on Earth don’t know about it.”

As the Earth’s connection to the universe’s network has not yet been established, it is obvious that it cannot receive information from elsewhere in the universe.

Indeed, the Earth is not regarded as an interplanetary civilization at all, and it has not independently constructed a spacecraft that can go through space. Thus, it makes sense that the network hasn’t been made available.

But, through some unique pathways, some high-level Earthlings have gained knowledge of what is occurring throughout the universe.

Nick Fury, the former S.H.I.E.L.D. director, is one of them.

Nick Fury supported Captain Marvel a century ago, aided the peaceful Skrulls who escaped to Earth, and fought off the Kree Empire soldiers who were hunting these Skrulls.

Following that, Nick Fury and Captain Marvel destroyed the Kree Empire’s team members and developed a close connection with Talos, the peaceful Skrulls’ leader.

Talos informed Nick Fury that the Earth would eventually displace the Kree Empire and join the other two big planetary empires.

Nick Fury initially believed Talos was making a joke with him when he told him the news. However, Talos is not a jokester.

When he learned Rorschach had defeated the Kree Empire, Nick Fury was struck by lightning.


Nick Fury spoke with the President of the United States immediately after recognizing the issue’s severity.

That evening. The President spoke with the director of the S.W.O.R.D. Bureau, Norman Osborn.

Norman Osborn is held legally accountable to the top officials of numerous nations even though he has the administrative authority of the entire Earth over alien civilizations.

“You mentioned that Rorschach was traveling to Asgard on behalf of the Earth. What’s the situation with the three great empires of the universe?” When the President first spoke to Norman Osborn, he asked about the universe’s three great empires.

“Rorschach did visit Asgard and negotiate a pact of friendship with Asgard.” Norman Osborn remarked.

The remainder were unknown to Norman. Rorschach was, after all, an employee of the Osborn Group in the eyes of the outside world. But in reality, Norman Osborn was the one working for him, and he followed Rorschach’s instructions.

No staff would follow the boss around to find out where he was.

“Who gave Rorschach the order to invade the three great empires in the universe, even though we had an alliance deal with Asgard?” Nick Fury also asked him.

The majority of knowledge about extraterrestrials may come from science fiction films, and the average person on Earth may not have a very intuitive understanding of them. The truth is that Nick Fury has communicated with two of the three empires. He is well aware of the Kree and the Skrull Empire’s power.

The second largest empire in the universe, the Skrull Empire, was nearly wiped out by the Kree Empire.

Rorschach did manage to defeat that ferocious alien empire. But when Nick Fury heard the news, he was anything but delighted and even concerned.

Since he was aware that Rorschach, who is thought to have destroyed only the Kree Empire fleet and not Earth, forced the Kree Empire to submit.

Norman Osborn was too lazy to continue making up the story when Nick Fury questioned him, and he frankly stated, “It’s possible that the Kree Empire initiated contact and Rorschach was merely defending himself. You can wait for Rorschach to return and ask himself what happened during that time.”

Evidently, the President is unconcerned about this. He cares more about how much advantage and power the Earth can provide to them as one of the three great empires in the universe because he is the president of the United States.

After all, his term will end in another year.

“Norman, I need details regarding the three most powerful empires in the universe, including how their respective spheres of influence and levels of power were distributed when the Kree Empire capitulated. You represent our government. Do you get what I mean when I say that the United States has received more awards?” The President gave Norman Osborn a stern look as he spoke.

Without a doubt, Norman recognized his meaning. Norman, who started out as a businessman, understood exactly what the President was thinking.

The three biggest empires must occupy the entire universe’s biggest pieces of cake. The large slice of cake that belonged to the Kree Empire originally has been snatched away by the Earth.

It’s only that Norman questioned whether he truly deserved to receive some of it.

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Published On: April 18, 2023

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