The Supreme Intelligence reviewed potential remedies after Rorschach destroyed all of the World Destroyer starships in a single action. Yet, according to the Supreme Intelligence’s calculations, the Kree Empire’s odds of defeating Rorschach are…


Because all of Rorschach’s videos, from his appearance through his landing on Hala, have so far been examined innumerable times by the Supreme Intelligence and the Supreme Intelligence cannot determine Rorschach’s vulnerability using any method of calculation.

Rorschach can essentially ignore any spaceship attack because of how strong his physique is. Additionally, Rorschach’s power is incalculable. He has the power to cross galaxies, control satellite planets, and quickly destroy a spaceship.

Rorschach poses a threat to the universe that is many times greater than Captain Marvel, even in the estimation of the Supreme Intelligence. Rorschach will destroy the whole Kree Empire in less than a month based on his ability to demolish the World Destroyer spaceship and assuming he has unrestricted use of his powers.

Supreme Intelligence felt that he had overestimated Rorschach’s combat power. Nevertheless, he continued to underestimate Rorschach.

Rorschach doesn’t even need to spend a month if he wants to fight the Kree Empire all the way to the end, a week will do.

The Supreme Intelligence decided to approach Rorschach for reconciliation in light of the aforementioned.

“Twenty planets, ten billion credits….”

“Do I look like a beggar to you?” Rorschach said coldly at Supreme Intelligence after giving it some thought.

The Collector’s personal wealth exceeds several hundred billion dollars. Of course, this information still refers to his account balance, excluding any collections.

Suppose you add up all of the collections that people have. The value of The Collector’s credits must be determined using a numerical value higher than anything, not by the unit of “billion” but by the unit of “trillion”.

The collections that were destroyed when Ronan bombed The Collector’s home previously are not counted.

This time, Knowhere was invaded by the Kree Empire fleet. Knowhere would have been destroyed long ago by the Kree Empire fleet if Rorschach hadn’t intervened.

If this occurs, Rorschach will lose more than 20 planets plus 10 billion credits. The entire Kree Empire saw the scene in which Rorschach reprimanded the Supreme Intelligence.

A great deal of desolation filled the hearts of the numerous Kree people, who clinched their teeth. In embarrassment, they turned to look at the dark figure in the sky. When did the Kree Empire, one of the universe’s three main empires, deteriorate to this point?

“How can you, in your opinion, be satisfied with compensation?” asked the Supreme Intelligence.

“I hereby announce the Kree Empire to be a colonial planet of the Earth, and the Earth hereby unreservedly accepts my sovereignty. That would be my desired compensation.” Rorschach presented the Supreme Intelligence with his demands.

After a lengthy pause, the Supreme Intelligence said the phrase, “As you wish.”

This is regarded as consenting to Rorschach’s request. Rorschach waited for the system’s task prompt, but it never came.

The “Interstellar Diplomat” system mission states that colonization is automatically viewed as a form of interplanetary diplomacy. If Rorschach successfully negotiates a deal with the Kree Empire Intelligence while speaking on behalf of the Earth, his “Interstellar Diplomat” mission will be completed, earning him a million points.

But a few minutes have elapsed, and the system task still hasn’t received a notification.

Currently, Rorschach has more than 9.1 million mission points. He needs to build one more diplomatic bridge with another civilization to reach his goal of 10 million mission points, which he can utilize to enhance the Kryptonian bloodline.

Despite the lengthy wait, the system hasn’t yet given rewards for doing the assignment.

Rorschach examined the task list. While diplomatic ties have been formed with numerous civilizations, the “Interstellar Diplomat” task is still ongoing and has not yet hit its mission limit.

That tells us that the Supreme Intelligence hasn’t really given up.

Rorschach laughed, which made sense given how heartily the Supreme Intelligence agreed. There was no need to pretend to negotiate because this biological computer determined that it was not at all Rorschach’s opponent.

Perhaps the Supreme Intelligence is using a significant portion of its computer capacity right now to plan out how to deal with Rorschach.

According to the official data, the Supreme Intelligence has level 6 of intelligence. It is still at the super genius level even if its intelligence has not yet reached its maximum.

Supreme Intelligence is intelligent but not intelligent enough.

Supreme Intelligence has always been shown as a villain in comic books. He has deceived the Avengers numerous times and his own Kree Empire.

“It appears that you need to update the database, Supreme Intelligence.” Rorschach shook his head, realizing that he shouldn’t have faith in this biological computer’s ability to communicate with him.

Evidently, the Supreme Intelligence didn’t comprehend what Rorschach was trying to say.

Rorschach spoke for a moment before stepping in the direction of the temple and slamming into it at a high speed.

Future technology in the minimalist style is everywhere at the temple of the Supreme Intelligence. Wherever you look, there are standard metallic ornaments. The Supreme Intelligence immediately noticed Rorschach’s approach, and the temple guards surrounded them with weapons.

Rorschach disregarded them, and then his image flickered once more in front of the biological computer that was housing Supreme Intelligence’s mind.

“Rorschach, I’m willing to give up. What will you do?” Once more, the image of the Supreme Intelligence emerged in front of Rorschach and glared at him in terror.

Rorschach pulled a metal USB flash disk from the suit without bothering to explain anything to the AI.

The data system for Riverie was kept in this USB flash drive. He forced the USB flash drive into the biological computer of the Supreme Intelligence. The USB flash drive immediately extended across a dozen metal tentacles and integrated with the biological computer of Supreme Intelligence.

“What are you doing…”

The image of the Supreme Intelligence briefly flickered and swayed in the wind, like an oil lamp that might suddenly go out.

Rorschach exchanged discreet glances with one another as Riverie data started to infiltrate the Supreme Intelligence computer.

As Rorschach is operating under the assumption that the Supreme Intelligence’s calculating logic is unknown, he has little choice except to immediately replace it with Riverie and take control of the whole Kree Empire rather than putting his faith in an AI that lacks a moral compass to keep its word.

The projection of Supreme Intelligence soon vanished, along with the subsequent infiltration of Riverie data.

The enormous organic computer in the temple let forth a ferocious roar, as though its processing capacity had been exhausted. The two most advanced artificial intelligences in the universe, Riverie and Supreme Intelligence, went insane on the invisible battlefield.

Rorschach was unable to contribute significantly to the conflict between the two artificial intelligences. Instead, he could only watch passively.

Rorschach used the Mind Stone to manipulate the Kree Empire’s populace and the guards stationed around them. As a result, everyone became immobile and lost themselves in an illusion.

After some time, the biological computer’s roar started to quiet down.

Once more, Rorschach saw a figure in front of him and looked up.

This figure resembles a stunning lady with her waist-length blonde hair, light yellow research robe from the Osborn Group, long black stockings, and high heels.

She gave Rorschach a sidelong glance as she inadvertently put her red frame metal glasses on her nose, “Good evening, Mr. Rorschach.”

“Hello, Riverie. Good evening.” Rorschach smiled contentedly.

This is an anthropomorphic representation of Riverie.

Consequently, seeing this figure may indicate that Riverie has defeated the Supreme Intelligence and taken control of all of its authority.

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Published On: April 17, 2023

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