Rorschach considered this issue carefully and cautiously raised his hand toward the Kree Empire’s World Destroyer spaceship.

“Experience the suffering.”

Rorschach clasped his palms against a moon-like satellite of Hala while the four Infinity Stones hovered on the back of his hand. An invisible force held the satellite and Rorschach’s palms together.

Rorschach then pulled the satellite and rammed it into the World Destroyer spaceship of the Kree Empire.

A satellite planet, but one that is smaller than Hala. Nonetheless, it is also significantly bigger than the World Destroyer spaceship.

The gravity beam and suppressor weapon, which the World Destroyer spaceship’s commander has just triggered to deal with Captain Marvel, is intended to capture superhumans.

This weapon restrained Captain Marvel before she awoke.

Captain Marvel completely awakening her power rendered the suppressor ineffective, but the Supreme Intelligence made targeted improvements. He was convinced that if he could manage Rorschach and apply this suppressor to him, he would be able to. It can successfully negate the influence the Infinity Stone gave Rorschach.

Yet, the Supreme Intelligence has put in place a thorough war strategy.

They suddenly noticed a satellite planet that had deviated from its course and hurtled toward the World Destroyer spaceship.

At that moment, the Kree Empire’s captain used bad language and hurriedly gave the order to use all available artillery to destroy the satellite planet.

The spaceship in the area instantly shot its weapons, and innumerable energy beams were sent in all directions at the satellite planet, which was instantly destroyed.

The Kree fleet’s bombardment persisted while the satellite planet’s debris continued to travel ahead. The assault continued until the satellite planet’s pieces were finally bombed into tiny pieces.

“Idiot, how could I just use a satellite to smash people for fun?” Rorschach shook his head in disbelief as he observed this scene.

Rorschach’s five fingers spread before the words were finished, and he forcefully clenched his fist once more in the direction of the satellite planet’s explosion.

Currently still divided, the satellite planet is rapidly coming back together.

Because Rorschach lacks the Time Stone and cannot change the passage of time to restore the broken satellite planet to its original state, he can alter reality and augment it with the force of space.

A damaged satellite planet suddenly materialized in front of the Kree Empire fleet.

Rorschach kept pumping energy from the Power Stone into the damaged satellite planet while tightly controlling the energy with the Space Stone to keep it from escaping at all.

“Warning, warning, UHF energy detected.” The Kree Empire’s captain cast a despairing glance at the damaged satellite world in front of them.

They can observe from their window that the damaged satellite planet appears to have amassed enormous energy and is poised to explode, even without the energy detector.

“The energy shield’s strength is at its peak!”

“It’s pointless. At such a close range, the ship’s energy shield can do absolutely nothing to stop it once it bursts.”

“Get away and leave immediately!”

“Long live the Kree Empire…”

Despite the fact that each member of the fleet responds differently to the impending satellite planet that will explode, none of them can change the course of events, whether they choose to run or lose their lives in the sake of righteousness.

In other words, the satellite planet’s energy abruptly detonated after finally building up to a particular degree. The star explosion is still remarkably silent in the silent universe.

The satellite planet was in the midst of a circle of water splashes that exploded, resembling a black water pool from Rorschach’s perspective. The first energy shock was like a gust of wind sweeping through, rattling the nearby Kree Empire starships.

Little cannonball-sized pieces of shattered satellite planets flew in all directions like rain before the starships had time to react.

The Kerry Empire’s starships were punctured by pieces of this planet everywhere they traveled.

Many crew members of the Cree Empire fleet perished as a result of the explosion of the satellite world, which already had a lethal energy impact, and the strength of the debris splashed from the satellite planet.

The World Destroyer starship group’s communication network instantly switched from active to silent.

Under the baptism of energy impact and shards of the satellite planet, the starships close to the explosion center of the satellite planet were all destroyed into innumerable pieces, and the distant fleet also lost its ability to fight.

Rorschach felt neither joy nor sorrow as he slaughtered the great starship fleet of the Kree Empire in a single motion.

Every culture and universe seems to revolve around the idea of battle, and if we wish to put an end to war and bring about peace, we can only do it by using war as a tool.

Rorschach was unconcerned by the Kree Empire starship’s situation.

Under the watchful observation of every artificial satellite of the Kree Empire, he flew through the atmosphere of Hala, the homeworld of the Kree Empire, and arrived there.

The Supreme Intelligence had ordered it just as Hala’s air defense weapon system was getting ready to launch an assault.

“No attacking! Please refrain from attacking!” The whole air defense system, fighter jets, and ground units simultaneously got this command.

Everyone put their guns down and stared blankly at the ominous figure in the sky as it slowly descended to rest on the capital of Hala, above the city of Kree-Lar, gazing down on this strange city like a god.

The video of Rorschach destroying the Kree Empire’s ships and attacking the Palace of Supreme Intelligence was broadcast throughout the universe over the network.

The discovery of this live video thrilled everyone in Knowhere, including the famous pirates. Rorschach has only recently struck the Supreme Intelligence’s palace; it recently destroyed the Kree Empire fleet that invaded Knowhere.

In front of Rorschach, Supreme Intelligence’s holographic projection materialized. This time, he showed up in front of Rorschach as a gentle and old woman.

This image, which Rorschach later identified as belonging to Carol Danver’s mentor Mar-Vell.

Shouldn’t the person’s most respected figure would be the Supreme Intelligence appearance? Mar-Vell is unrelated to himself.

Supreme Intelligence, which was shown in the form of Mar-Vell, was likewise quivering at this same time in Rorschach’s heart as he looked up and down at it. It desires to be seen in Rorschach’s most revered representation.

How can the Supreme Intelligence discern the image of the most revered person in Rorschach’s memories when it cannot delve into the depths of Rorschach’s consciousness?

The Supreme Intelligence can only imitate Captain Marvel, change into the likeness of Mar-Vell, and converse with Rorschach out of desperation because Rorschach and Captain Marvel are both products of the Earth.

“Now, do you still believe that I am powerless over the Power Stone?” Rorschach hovered, looked at Supreme Intelligence from below, and asked.

Supreme Intelligence was forced to lower his voice respectfully and say, “You are right, on behalf of the Kree Empire, I would like to use 20 resource planets and 10 billion credits as compensation for the Kree Empire’s violation of your territory.”

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Published On: April 17, 2023

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