“You employed vile methods to steal Ronan the Accuser’s Power Stone, according to the intel Ronan the Accuser gave back before he was killed in battle.”

He went on, “You have no control over the Power Stone. Even if your combat skills are good right now, the Power Stone will hurt you if you continue to use it. If you’re prepared to give the Power Stone back. We can give up looking for you and help you with the financial and technical aspects of building Knowhere.”

The Supreme Intelligence believes that he has the upper hand now. But he was mistaken from the start. He believes that this is the universe’s higher civilizations’ diplomatic outreach to lesser civilizations.

The Supreme Intelligence mistakes Rorschach for Carol Danvers, the last superhuman who also originated from Earth, because Rorschach claimed to be from Earth.

Captain Marvel visited Earth in the previous century and returned after discovering her powers to resolve a dispute with the Supreme Intelligence.

The Infinity Stones also impacted Captain Marvel, as she had superpowers strong enough to destroy starships on her own. Also, she made an effort to bargain with the Supreme Intelligence.

This contributes to the Kree Empire’s decision to stop its wars with Xandar and the Skrull Empire.

As a result, Supreme Intelligence calculated using Captain Marvel’s data by mistake and made the assumption that the Power Stone might likewise give Rorschach these abilities. He might be able to mass-produce a group of superheroes like Captain Marvel if he could get his hands on the Power Stone.

Rorschach had a sympathetic grin on his face, “Why not let my artificial intelligence rule the entire Kree Empire once you remove yourself? I might be willing to overlook your actions today.”

“Do you wish to seize control of the entire Kree Empire once I erase myself? Your mind appears to have been impacted by the Power Stone, which has significantly increased your ambition.”

As a computer, the Supreme Intelligence might be thought of as a super artificial intelligence. Self-erasure is the same as suicide.

Of course, Rorschach’s few words cannot frighten the Supreme Intelligence. In his mind, the Kree Empire controls countless planets and has the might to rule the whole universe.

The fleet of the Kree Empire is sufficient to overcome any barriers, barring encounters with a higher being in the universe.

“It appears you need to update your outdated database. Since you dispatched a fleet to invade my country first and you are not indecent, I will visit Hala in person to show you just how absurd your so-called Empire of a Thousand Stars is.” Rorschach’s eyes turned red as he finished speaking, tearing the spacecraft he was into shreds.

The Kree Empire’s assault on Knowhere has been wholly unsuccessful up to this point. Rorschach destroyed a great number of ships, but the Terminator and star pirates also captured a large number of those ships.

It is impossible to estimate how many ships are concealed in Knowhere. They are currently limited to using a few bombed-out Fortcress-class ships.

Wanda went back to the Mir’s vessel. Howard and Rocket Raccoon have returned. These two were talking about when to strike the Kree Empire’s lair and claimed that the combat had been so intense that they hadn’t yet relished the battle. So that he won’t interfere with Knowhere ever again, teach the Supreme Intelligence a lesson.

“Mistress Wanda, Lord Rorschach hasn’t come back yet.”

The Collector verified the reports that the combat outside had come to a conclusion and that every spaceship of the Kree Empire had given up. They captured a total of Kree Empire troops that was several times greater than the population of Knowhere. Be aware that Terminator robots are living in Knowhere.

“Rorschach went to Hala, the planet where the Kree Empire is based. He stated that he wished to speak with the Supreme Intelligence before to departing.” Wanda spoke the truth.

“He actually is traveling to the Kree Empire’s planet of origin. We have long desired to strike the Supreme Intelligence in the skull as we set sail!” Howard said.

It is thrilling to contemplate about capturing the homeworld of the Kree Empire, one of the three great empires of the universe. Empathetically waving her hand, Wanda drew a portal in front of her. Everyone was able to view the scenario on the opposite side through the portal.

It is impressively Kree-Lar, the capital of Hala, the planet of the Kree Empire.

“Go on then.” Wanda smiled and looked at Howard.

This time, Howard was the one to accuse the duck. He merely stated that he was joking and asked whether it was alright to charge with the large army. That would be like to him committing suicide if he decided to visit Hala alone.


The Supreme Intelligence quickly assembled all the deployable “World Destroyer” starships and ordered them to make the fastest possible jumps to Hala Star’s outskirts after learning that Rorschach would approach the home star of the Kree Empire. as though getting ready for something.

Everyone is hurriedly rushing to the surface of the bustling alien cities known as Hala.

There was much unrest when they learned that a strong enemy was about to invade Hala, but under the direction of the Supreme Intelligence, everyone evacuated calmly.

In Hala’s outer space, a portal became visible. The ten World Destroyer starships in the whole Kree Empire locked on that tiny blue portal, which had seemed so insignificant against the vastness of the cosmos.

“The enemy has been located, the target has appeared… it’s a person?!”

After learning about Rorschach, the commander of the World Destroyer spaceship constantly checked in with the Supreme Intelligence.

In the mouth of the Supreme Intelligence, there is only one potent foe.

Additionally, they reasoned that sending all of their World Destroyer ships rushing to Hala must be an act of war against the Skrull Empire and the Shi’ar Empire coalition forces.

“A superhuman like Carol Danvers is the enemy. He may have made touch with the Power Stone and acquired the capacity to annihilate starships.” Supreme Intelligence answered.

“Understood. Deal him with the weapon made for Carol Danvers.” The captain agreed by nodding.

Once Captain Marvel successfully entered Hala on her own, Supreme Intelligence spent a lot of time studying how to combat her and created a variety of related weapons.

Despite the deal between Captain Marvel and Supreme Intelligence, she never returned to Hala, yet these weapons will be used on Rorschach.

The knowledge gathered from the Knowhere and the information supplied by Thanos are sources of Rorschach’s power.

The Supreme Intelligence is unaware that Thanos is genuinely unaware of the truth behind Rorschach. He even wanted the Kree Empire to test Rorschach’s actual power.

Rorschach was staring the fleet covering the entire space when he wondered if Thanos had ordered the Kree Empire to deal with him.

Although the enemy may not have had any method to view the live broadcast, news of his attack on Hala will undoubtedly reach him.

Wouldn’t it be like entirely revealing one’s own strength in this way?

What if Thanos is so terrified that he is afraid to visit Earth?

What about the Soul Stone?

“That makes no difference because I am stronger than everyone in this world. No need to remain covert.” Rorschach was mentally performing a calculation.

He is equivalent to a dimensional lord in this reality with four Infinity Stones in his possession, and as of right now, he has roughly the same amount of power as Dormammu.

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