“Let me handle it. Very likely a result of my reputation not being as strong as Thanos’. This type of incident occurred today because of that.” Rorschach is quite skilled at excusing himself.

How would the merely Kree Empire dare to enter his domain and act erratically if he had the same cruel reputation as Thanos?

Even one of the three largest empires in the universe, the Kree Empire, is hardly more than a kingdom in the mortal realm, despite the fact that the Kree Empire is a highly advanced civilization. The Kree race boasted of having numerous “World Destroyer” ships.

The number of starships is totally useless when faced with Rorschach.

Rorschach finished and his figure flew slowly in the direction of the Kree Empire Fleet.

The space pirates in Knowhere shook with excitement as they watched Rorschach fly alone toward the Kree Empire fleet. They could still clearly recall how Rorschach had destroyed dozens of their ships by himself when he had only recently arrived in Knowhere.

“Lord Rorschach, destroy those bastards!”

“Kree Empire is nothing in the face of this man!”

“Kill them all!”

Rorschach’s figure sailed directly in the direction of the main ships and space carriers while battling the Kree Empire’s powerful artillery fire amid the cheers of the star pirates. Rorschach was besieged by the Kree Empire’s fleet, which was attempting to obstruct his advancement from all sides.

Rorschach’s body was covered in a dense hail of bullets and gunshots, but it had no effect at all. Rorschach didn’t even attempt to defend because the attack’s intensity wasn’t even close to tickling him.

Rorschach’s figure kept flying forward, slamming into the ships head-on. His eyes suddenly went crimson as he looked across the entire battlefield, and two hot light beams entered the air, creating stunning arcs in the cosmos’ starry sky.

All is gone where the eyes can see. He dispatched the majority of the Chitauri army with a single glance, just like Rorschach did during the Chitauri War.

Now picture the Kree Empire’s ships taking the place of the Chitauri army.

All of the Kree Empire’s ships were destroyed in less than 10 seconds, leaving a massive ocean of fighter wreckage in the sky above Knowhere.

In the Knowhere Fleet, Ravagers Clan Ship.

Yondu felt his scalp tingle as he saw this scene via the window.

The deputy standing next to him said, “Boss, that Rorschach guy demolished their ships, almost like you whistled and controlled an arrow to kill enemies.”

Yondu’s deputy received a blank expression.

Almost? He cannot compete with Rorschach’s.

When Yondu saw this picture, he knew right once why Rorschach had allowed him to whistle when he was being apprehended.

How could his arrow possibly harm Rorschach at all when the Kree Empire’s tens of thousands of weaponry could not snap a single hair of Rorschach?

Yondu only experiences a chill as he looks back now. Thankfully, they decided to give up at that point and avoided attacking Rorschach. If not, the Ravagers would suffer the same fate as the fleet of the Kree Empire at this very moment.

“Poor Kree Empire. You don’t know what type of person you have provoked.” Yondu sighed.

On the field of battle, it became a solo performance.

He ran over the Kree Empire’s starships, which were collapsing everywhere he went. He punched one and used his thermal vision to slice the Fortress-class ship into innumerable pieces.

The mothership in the outer rear’s high-level commander is continuously requesting assistance from the Kree Empire.

The biological computer briefly paused when the Supreme Intelligence realized that the Kree Empire’s fleet had been dealt a fatal blow in Knowhere, and it appeared that the issues it was facing were more complex than he had anticipated.

“Did the Skrull Empire’s fleets or any other forces take part in the conflict, or did the Nova Corps?”

“No, it was a young man with dark hair. He wiped out the entire fleet by himself.”

The mothership’s captain informed the Supreme Intelligence of the situation on the front lines and included a photo of Rorschach destroying the Kree Empire fleet.

In the image, a shadowy person is dragging a capital ship and hurling it like a cannonball at the space carrier in front of it. Two scalding rays of light fired from the eyes of the shadowy figure as the ship collided with the mothership, exploding the battleship’s dark matter engine.

The ship as a whole was affected by the detonation of the dark matter engine. The bright flames engulfed the entire scene.

The dark figure slowly emerged from the explosion’s flames the following instant and turned to face the center of the screen. The Kree Fleet Commander and Supreme Intelligence who are watching the broadcast appear to be visible to the dark figure through the screen.

The shadowy figure in the background of the screen vanished in an instant.

The commander of the mothership heard an explosion after hearing a blast. The dark figure that should have been in the picture suddenly materialized in front of him before he had a chance to consider where the sound of the explosion originated.

Who else could that figure be besides Rorschach?

Rorschach looked up at the Supreme Intelligence in the communication line instead of the terrified Kree Fleet Commander next to him.

The Supreme Intelligence suddenly materialized in the display, his face devoid of any unnecessary expressions, and he was giving Rorschach a serious stare.

“Are you the Supreme Intelligence?” Rorschach enquired.

Rorschach’s words were not addressed, but rather, “Who are you? There isn’t anything in my database about you. You don’t appear to be a member of the Kree Empire’s recognized race, based on the genes in your body.”

The Kree Empire highly values genetic research. They once kidnapped individuals from Earth in order to study and test their genetic technologies.

The Kree Empire is supposed to have produced the Inhumans on Earth as an experiment.

The Supreme Intelligence is fully aware that they appear to be unaware of Rorschach’s existence.

“I’m Rorschach, and I’m just a regular human here on Earth.” Rorschach gave a brief self-introduction.

“A person from Earth? It’s impossible for someone to be as powerful as you on Earth. Did you get your strength from the Power Stone?” Clearly, the Power Stone and Rorschach were present here, and the Supreme Intelligence was aware of this.

“Also interested in the Power Stone? How do you know that I have the Power Stone, I wonder?” Rorschach enquired.

It follows that the only people who are aware of the location of the Power Stones are the Nova Corps, the Ravagers led by Yondu, and the high-level star pirates of the Knowhere Fleet who took part in the combat on Xandar that day.

Also, Thanos is aware of the Power Stone’s whereabouts.

Ronan had complied with Thanos’ request to search the universe for the Power Stone’s whereabouts. When Ronan found the Power Stone, his confidence grew, and he refused to surrender it to Thanos.

The Knowhere Fleet and the Ravagers won’t reveal the location of the Power Stones to the Kree Empire. Riverie keeps a close eye on everything that happens in Knowhere and has not discovered any betrayal by those star pirates.

The Kree Empire and the Nova Corps have been at war for a very long time, and their relationship is already tense. There is no need for the Nova Corps to betray Rorschach, given his power and other factors.

If you see it from this perspective, it is extremely possible that Thanos told the Kree Empire about the Power Stone as Thanos was aware that Rorschach had already acquired a number of stones.

Thanos originally had the Mind Stone, the Space Stone on Earth, and the Power Stone acquired from Ronan the Accuser. It appears that Thanos is unaware of the Reality Stone’s existence.

Thanos presumably didn’t travel to Vormir at this time to obtain the Soul Stone.

Thanos must not have visited Vormir yet to discover the location of the Soul Stone because Rorschach failed to pick up the Soul Stone’s energy fluctuation.

From Thanos’ point of view, perhaps he believes that Rorschach, who possesses three Infinity Stones, will be a very challenging foe, leading him to formulate a shifting war strategy.

He sent the knowledge that Rorschach had slain Ronan and taken the Power Stone to the Kree Empire.

Despite his strength and bravery, Thanos is a careful individual. On the other hand, according to official data, Thanos has the greatest intelligence and is undoubtedly difficult to deal with.

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