Rorschach was keeping an eye on Peter and Mary Jane. They instantly released their grip after feeling a little ashamed.

“Mr. Rorschach, don’t you know that Peter obtained a Mercedes-Benz from somewhere, came to MJ, and it was for a drive and to watch a movie for supper, so Uncle Ben’s calls went to my house last night?” Harry Osborn smiled as he embraced little Peter by the neck.

“I borrowed that automobile from Mr. Rorschach.” Peter spoke without holding back.

“So what the fuck did you do last night? I lied to Uncle Ben for you, saying that you were studying at my house!” Harry insisted.

“I went to see the sunset with MJ last night…”

“And then?”

“That’s it!”

“You better not be lying!”

It was impossible for Rorschach not to sigh as he saw the teenagers fighting in front of him. “It’s nice to be young”

“Mr. Rorschach, you are not that old,” the agent standing beside him almost couldn’t stop laughing.

Rorschach is only twenty years old in this world, yet his mentality has always been distinct from that of the average person.

A number of people visited the Osborn Group’s biomedical show area. Biosciences piqued Peter Parker’s interest more than other subjects. He was more knowledgeable than Harry Osborne, the Osborne Group’s youthful master, regarding the items on display by the Osborne Group.

“Where is your father, Harry? He doesn’t appear to have lately arrived to drive you to school.”

Rorschach turned to face the audience. The Osborn Group’s biomedical products, including spider silk with a hardness similar to steel bars, limb regeneration technology, and other innovations, were being introduced by a middle-aged woman with dark skin.

Many guys dressed in suits and fattening leather shoes surround the stage and resemble senior Osborn Group executives. They turned to look around, but Norman Osborn, the chairman of the Osborn Group, was nowhere to be found.

Logically speaking, Norman Osborn shouldn’t have been absent on such a significant occasion.

Harry Osborn shook his head, “I don’t know what my father is doing because he hasn’t returned from work in a while. It appears to be a joint military-civilian initiative.”

When Rorschach heard this, he felt uneasy.

At this point, Sharon Carter abruptly interjected, saying, “Perhaps, I may know why Mr. Norman didn’t show here.”

All eyes were on Sharon Carter. She said, “Stark Industries appears to have made the decision to purchase the Osborn Group and is currently haggling over the exact price. Mr. Rorschach, you don’t know and don’t know because this topic was decided before you became a shareholder. It’s typical.”

“What? My father never informed me Stark Industries would purchase the Osborn Group.” When Harry Osborn learned the news, he was completely surprised.

This second generation of wealthy, carefree people has just become aware of their family’s deterioration. Harry could only receive a nice hug from Peter and Mary-Jane because they were at a loss for words.

Rorschach didn’t care to feel any sympathy for Harry because he knew that in the original plot included a scenario in which Norman Osborn was expelled from the board of directors before selling the Osborn Group.

The storyline then goes on to say that Norman Osborn should be the next victim of the green goblin bloodbath. A blast of vicious laughing indeed descended from the skies before Harry had time to process the immense shock.

Everyone turned to look up and watched a man in green armor board a single-soldier aircraft while donning a green demon mask above their heads.

“Whoa, what’s that?”

“Is that Iron Man’s most recent armor?”

“This is obviously a clown soaring in the sky. How could Iron Man have such an unattractive armor!”

People in the exposition talked nonstop while gazing up at the green figure in the sky.

In the exposition, people looked up at the green figure in the sky and talked endlessly.

Agent Sharon maintained the vigilance that an elite agent should have, and asked Rorschach and Peter to back off a little.

“I heard someone say that I am Iron Man. No, I am stronger than Iron Man…”

The Green Goblin swooped down towards the crowd, and suddenly several green metal balls appeared in his hands, and he threw them at the shareholders of the Osborn Group on the stage.


“Mr. Rorschach, please back off!”

Peter and Sharon simultaneously raised the alarm as soon as the green ball hit the ground. The green orb abruptly burst into flames the next instant, and the stage instantly went up in flames.

Fortunately, Rorschach and the others were a good distance from the explosion’s epicenter, and the only thing they felt coming their way was a powerful air current. The intensity of Peter’s spider-sense caused him automatically drag Mary Jane and Harry to safety behind him.

Rorschach was surrounded by several strong guys at the time, not because he wasn’t important enough in Peter’s heart for him to take care of him, but rather because he was. The bodyguards hired by Stark Industries are still, in my opinion, quite capable.

Even with this degree of explosion, Rorschach’s hair cannot be harmed. Unconsciously, Agent Sharon groped for the revolver at her belt, but it was not surprising that she couldn’t find it. She is, after all, a charming personal assistant right now.

She looked up and noticed that Rorschach was currently glaring at her.

“I was searching for my lipstick when I noticed that it had apparently disappeared.” After all, Sharon is a properly trained agent. Depending on the situation, she can handle different emergencies.

Rorschach would not, of course, accept this nonsense, but he refrained from revealing her. As an alternative, he informed the bodyguards, “Take Miss Sharon and leave immediately with Harry and the others, you guys. This area is really risky!”

Mr. Rorschach, “Yes!” At this point, the atmosphere at the fair was extremely chaotic as the roaring throng ran in all directions.

The bombing destroyed the stage where the Osborn Group’s shareholders were standing. Those businessmen who envisioned making a fortune by selling the Osborn Group are now so badly bombed that not even their bones are left.

Rorschach has the ability to save these capitalists if he chooses to. However, Rorschach is not a saint, and he believes that these capitalists who put their interests first should be executed.

Agent Sharon was abruptly hauled outside by a bodyguard. It only took Sharon Carter two tricks to get rid of this big man, but she could not do it at the moment. Considering that Sharon is now his assistant.

“Mary Jane, Harry, how are you two doing?” Rorschach intentionally left the bodyguards behind and went to see how Harry and the others were doing.

They both claimed to be alright but a little frightened.

The Green Goblin drew an arc in the sky, moved back and forth, and numerous green metal balls emerged in his hands once more. He appeared to be a predator peering at his prey while watching the crowd below run away. There was another grin in the sky.

Peter and Rorschach exchanged glances before nodding in unspoken agreement. Rorschach recognized what Peter was trying to say despite the two of them not speaking. Peter was going to save the world when he requested Rorschach to look after Mary-Jane and Harry.

“That beast is back; get us out of here immediately.”

Rorschach hurriedly pushed Mary-Jane and Harry to his bodyguards and out the door with the rest of the mob.

Peter pulled out his schoolbag’s Spider-Man hat and put it on his head as he watched Rorschach escort Mary-Jane away. He tore off his coat, revealing the spider costume inside, at the same time. The Green Goblin tossed the green bomb at the crowd with his hands full.

However, this time numerous spider webs caught the green bomb, they collided, and it exploded in the air.


The entire theater was engulfed in flames, but fortunately, these green bombs detonated harmlessly in the air. A red figure emerged from the flames and soared into the air, kicking the Green Goblin square in the face.

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Published On: February 2, 2023

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