“All motherships, with the main weapons up. Blast all the star pirates in Knowhere!” The senior Kree Empire commanders screamed madly at the fleet.

They have no choice except to pray that Wanda and the entire Knowhere Fleet would be destroyed by their ship’s main gun, which is its most powerful weapon.

After a slight adjustment, the Kree Empire fleet re-lined up, and the long-prepared starships’ primary cannons were completely charged before firing all of their weapons in the direction of the front line of combat and Knowhere.

At this point, the dim area became bright as day. The terrible energy gathered and even the entire space fluctuated as the Kree Empire fleet’s main armaments all simultaneously launched energy cannons.

The Kree Empire’s highest commanders nevertheless gave the order to fire the main guns despite the shuttle fleet of the Kree Empire, which is in close proximity to the Knowhere Fleet.

They believe that the sacrifice of these troops is justified as long as they eliminate strong enemy for the empire.

Wanda inhaled deeply as she faced the energy beam falling at her like a meteor shower, and a drop of sweat started to form on her forehead.

She has only recently begun studying magic. She developed from a magic novice to a level where she is now in just two years. Wanda’s mental strength is no longer sufficient to maintain control over the potent chaos magic, and she is losing control of her mind.

Yet Wanda continued to hold her body while once more flapping her hands like butterflies in the face of the barrage from thousands of main cannons.

The entire battlefield was encircled by Wanda’s spell. As millions of energy beams descended, they all transformed into dancing blue butterflies, creating an exquisite scene in the pitch-black space.

The Krree Empire was in disbelief. Even across the vast space, you can feel the shock of the opposing fleet commanders.

The fighters of the Knowhere Fleet likewise started to become lethargic. They believed that their condition would inevitably result in death, yet Wanda handled it all by herself.

The main cannons of the ship need time to reload. The Mir’s second space annihilation cannon continued to sound its retaliation horn throughout this pause.

The Kree Empire fleet shuttles emerged in full force, accompanied by the second space annihilation cannon, and the ship’s main gun and other weapons began to move as well.

The disparity in power between the two sides is still present. The Knowhere Fleet was once more drawn into the conflict by the Kree Empire fleet’s massive weapons output.

In the Knowhere, many shuttle machines are destroyed in a single second. Terminator robots disconnect from the Riverie data connection once every second. In the starry sky outside of Knowhere, there are star pirates who were conversing about the future right now, turning into dust.

Wanda wants to bring the whole Kree Empire fleet into the mirror dimension using magic once more. Yet because she is using so much mental energy, if she attempts to perform any magic now, it could indiscriminately destroy everything it touches.

A golden sun unexpectedly emerged above the battlefield at this precise moment. The startling appearance of the sun captured everyone’s attention. The entire universe began to gleam with a rush of warmth, and the star pirates in Knowhere felt the golden sunlight on their faces.

The star pirates in Knowhere were happily pleased to discover that the wounds on their bodies had healed, the nerves tense from the intense struggle were relieved, and they became full of energy once again under the warm sunlight.

Compared to the fleet of the Kree Empire. The Kree’s life force is constantly being drained by this round of golden sun, which resembles a flame in purgatory and appears to be roasting on a stove.

“Rorschach.” Wanda is similar to the star pirates in Knowhere in that her power, which is the power of the Mind Stone, is restored in this light.

The only person who has access to the Mind Stone is Rorschach. He came to Wanda as soon as she gazed up at the sunlight in the sky.

“How could such a major event occur when I’ve only been absent for a short while? Fortunately, you are in this place. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible to help Knowhere.”

Rorschach entered the dimension he created after capturing the sun and employed magic to rebuild its rules so that his Kryptonian blood could continue to absorb the sun’s energy there.

Even Rorschach wants to keep enlarging the dimension and luring more suns in. establishing a modest objective of catching one million suns. One million suns is not an excessive number in our enormous universe.

As a result, Rorschach felt something happen in Knowhere as he was about to leave his solar world.

“Did the dimension already exist in this world, or did you draw the entire sun into your dimension?” Wanda saw Rorschach was back and diverted her focus away from the Kree Empire fleet to stare at him inquisitively.

After all, a group of people who are about to perish shouldn’t cause any cause for concern.

Rorschach stated as he raised his head to the sky, “I weakened this space barrier by using the Space Stone. My solar dimension just so happens to be on the other side of this space barrier. I am, in essence, the junction between this dimension and the solar dimension.”

After all that, the effect genuinely resembles the mirror dimension. The sole distinction is that the solar dimension’s sphere of effect will be significantly wider than the mirror dimension’s. The power of the solar dimension enters, and the laws of the solar dimension will apply here.

The most obvious claim is that Rorschach has the ability to alter reality and cancel out all of the powerful bombs that the Kree Empire Fleet has launched at the Knowhere Fleet.

“I see.”

Wanda couldn’t help but sighed as she said, “While we obviously learned magic together, compared with you, I seem to be dumb.”

“You’re doing really well already.”

“Are you just treating me nicely?”

The Collector finally let go of his dangling heart on the Mir spacecraft once he saw Rorschach’s figure.

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Published On: April 14, 2023

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