In the traditional sense, any space wars begin with the main weapons of each ship engaging one another.

Formation and tactics are obviously crucial in the vastness of space, but the effectiveness of each star fleet’s firepower output is frequently what separates success from failure.

The two starships will approach one another gradually and send out a huge number of shuttles to engage in close battle if their firepower is almost equal.

At this point, one side can tip the scales of victory in its favor if its ship can approach the main ship of the other side, detonate the enemy’s main weapons, or perhaps destroy the enemy’s main ship.

Of course, in theory, interplanetary conflicts are more intricate than conventional conflicts. Even the three empires’ greatest fleet generals have never dared assert that they could manage the full war situation on their own.

Riverie artificial intelligence, on the other hand, is capable of doing it and perhaps even was meant to accomplish this.

First, Wanda utilized the Kree Empire’s communication request to command the Supreme Mothership’s commander, ordering it to assault another Kree Empire mothership with its main weaponry.

The enemy’s ships were then nearly all destroyed by the space annihilation weapon that was fired by the Mir mothership.

The Kree Empire’s three Fortress-class motherships and dozens of main fleets were heavily destroyed in the first encounter by the Knowhere Fleet, who also began a full-scale attack before the Kree Empire fleet could respond.

After all, three Fortress-class motherships suffered significant damage even in the initial wave of the conflict. Yet this time, Knowhere is being approached by six motherships.

There are still six Fortress-class motherships left, and they are in Knowhere, not counting the three that were severely destroyed.

The Knowhere Fleet has no chance of victory at all if the adversary is positioned and fired upon at full power due to the enormous strength differential.

They advanced on the ship of the Kree Empire Fleet while being accompanied by the three shuttle fleets led by Drax, Gamora, and Nebula. In a flash, the Kree Imperial Fleet launched a bombardment.

Yet Wanda’s recent upheaval delayed the Kree Empire fleet’s counterattack by half a beat, which allowed the Drax shuttle fleet rushing on the front line to reach the fleet in the Kree Empire’s front row.

A shuttle fleet was also dispatched to intercept the Kree Empire.

The shuttle fleets from both sides collided one after another as countless missiles burst into space, turning into sparks that exploded in the starry sky of the universe.

Riverie has dispatched all of the Terminator robots to make up for the shortage of men in the Knowhere, but they are still outnumbered in the face of the Kree Empire’s massive fleet.

Together with the shuttle fleet of the mothership, Rocket Raccoon and Howard also arrived for combat. Just Wanda, The Collector, and a few Terminator robots were still present on the deck of Mir.

“We can only go another three minutes at the most. The enemy will use its full guns to bombard the Knowhere Fleet if Lord Rorschach doesn’t show up.” The Collector said as he continued to study the display’s image.

You may also think of this Knowhere Fleet as The Collector’s troops. Rorschach is the leader, yet he only serves as the supervisor. The Collector himself is in charge of all future matters, including finance, personnel deployment, relationship coordination, etc., aside from giving Riverie the order to the Knowhere Fleet.

The Collector felt more uneasy than anybody else as he covered the bombing of the Knowhere Fleet and observed the artillery fire of the Kree Empire fleet. He didn’t want to watch as the fleet that he had laboriously constructed was destroyed by enemy fire.

“Just hold on for a little while. I can already feel that he has returned to this dimension.” Wanda lifted her palm, a ring-shaped portal made of red sparks opened in front of her, and crimson energy particles encircled her entire body.

The portal traversed the bridge and carried Wanda from the deck of Mir to the front lines of the battle.

The Collector observed Wanda vanish in place and strangely raised his mouth in a smile, “This is a magician’s power. I really wish I knew magic as you do.”

On the front lines of the conflict.

Wanda was covered in a crimson robe as magic created a shield around her body to protect her from the universe’s vacuum and fend off enemy artillery bombs.

Wanda suddenly appeared in the void of the cosmos. She threw her hands to the ground, and crimson energy erupted from them, propelling her forward with the aid of reverse push.

Wanda folded her hands during the flight and then gradually unfurled them in front of her.

Wanda resembles a dancing ballerina with all her arms wrapped around her body. In the next instant, many phantoms burst from Wanda’s flesh and swarm the fleet of the Kree Empire.

When the warriors of the Knowhere Fleet saw this scenario, they screamed enthusiastically as if they had received a stimulant injection.

Particularly those star pirates who have witnessed the Scarlet Witch’s vicious tactics now have the satisfaction of letting the enemy also experience the horror of the Scarlet Witch as she charges at the front of the battlefield.

All of Wanda’s hands converged once more as countless Wanda’s avatars encircled the entire battlefield.

After destroying a Kree Empire ship, a streak of crimson thunder that Wanda had just released spread out once more, hunting for the next target, like a sheet of paper covering the sun and the sky. The entire battlefield was encircled by a net-like formation of the sky and the earth.

There were numerous Kree Empire ships sunk. By using his shuttle’s controls, Drax struck the closest Kree Empire vessel. Drax charged into the frigate, raised his knife in both hands, and slammed into the vessel.

Following closely after, the remaining members of the Terminator Legion and star pirates came closer to their intended victims one by one and engaged in side-by-side combat. Wanda’s power brought the Kree Empire fleet its first taste of fear.

The Kree Empire has fought for dominance in space for endless years. It’s not that they have not faced formidable foes, but until the woman from Earth did so many years ago, no other entity that is capable of competing against the entire fleet on its own had been encountered.

Compared to the golden-glowed woman, the woman in front of her is more diversified and vicious. The Kree Empire fleet is now reminded of their fear by her presence on the battlefield.

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Published On: April 14, 2023

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