“Do we want to hear what the enemy has to say, Mistress Wanda?” The Collector politely questioned Wanda.

Wanda was about to respond when Howard grabbed a hadron cannon from Rocket Raccoon, slung it over his shoulder, and yelled, “If you have anything to say, just fight them to the end. Let’s kill them all.”

“Yes, turn on the space annihilation cannon and shoot at those darned bastards.” Rocket Raccoon roared as he raised an energy gun and high-fived Howard.

“I am Groot.” Groot chimed in as well.

The Collector glared at these creatures and plants and growled, “Shut up, all of you.”

Rocket Raccoon and Howard relaxed a little after hearing The Collector reprimand them.

Link them to us, Wanda continued while ignoring them and gazing murderously at the panel.

“Understood.” Wanda’s command was instantly carried out by Riverie, who then quickly connected to the signal coming from the Kree Empire’s space carrier.

On the light curtain’s screen, a Kree with blue skin and Commander Kree’s armor materialized.

“This is the Supreme Mothership of the Kree Empire, Knowhere Star Pirates. You have a message from the Supreme Intelligence, which I am sending you. You assist in the killing of Kree Empire noble, the taking of Kree Empire starships, and the theft of Kree Empire artifacts.”

“At this point, I command you to hand over the primary suspect in Ronan’s murder and return the starships and valuables of the Kree Empire within five minutes. Otherwise, you and your fleet will be utterly destroyed by the starships of the Kree Empire.

The commander of the Kree Empire was the subject of Wanda’s frigid gaze. He said so much, but he actually came here for the Power Stone. Their primary motivation was not to avenge Ronan or retrieve back the Dark Aster. The Power Stone is why they are here.

Nonetheless, this is expected, given the fact that not all civilizations in the universe will be attracted to the Power Stone. One of the three greatest empires in the universe, the Kree Empire, is a prime example of this.

“Really? But have you ever considered the possibility that you might be the ones who will suffer the most?” Wanda fixed her gaze on the Kree Empire commander on the screen as a cloud of crimson energy emitted from her hand.

After hearing Wanda’s statements, the adversary smiled and turned to face the deputy “I truly don’t understand where you have the confidence to say things like that, ignorant star pirate. If so, then your lowly illusions will be entirely destroyed by our fleet.”

The Kree Empire commander finished speaking and ended the conversation. However, a crimson energy speck materialized next to the Kree Empire leader.

The commander was able to hear the music of death and was also drawn into what appeared to be a true dream by what appeared to be a red ghost whispering in his ear.

“Aaarggh!” The commander screamed. He discovered that his familiar spacecraft surroundings had abruptly changed into charred planets.

Many starships in the sky disintegrated one after another, fractures developed under their feet one after another, and numerous magma spilled out of the cracks, as if it were the end of the world.

“This is Kree-Lar, the Kree Empire’s capital.” The city the commander was in was apparent. It was Kree-Lar, the imperial capital of the Kree people, and it was situated on their home planet.

The commander was then met by a recognizable individual in the following instant.

“Honorable Supreme Intelligence‚Ķ.” The commander recognized the person in front of him as the virtual representation of the Kree Empire’s Supreme Intelligence.

The life computer built by the Kree is known as the Supreme Intelligence. It is the current emperor of the Kree Empire and has distilled the knowledge of the Kree Empire for endless years.

The Supreme Intelligence in comic books is a brain in a tank. Yet, in this universe, the Supreme Intelligence is a super artificial intelligence that has no fixed form but, whenever it is exhibited in front of the people, automatically elevates itself to the appearance of the most revered individual in their eyes.

The Supreme Intelligence was currently projecting the picture of an elderly man in front of the Kree Empire commander. He was the father of the commander, a starship general who lost his life in the star sea defending the Kree Empire’s honor.

Nevertheless, the Supreme Intelligence, who appeared to be an elderly man, scowled and groused at the commander “The Kree Empire was destroyed by you. You betrayed the Kree Empire, and as a result, you are a sinner.”

“What? I’m loyal to the empire, that is impossible. I’m not a traitor at all!”

The commander continued to flee while making strained attempts to defend himself. He could not distinguish between illusion and reality due to everything in front of him. As an army of death expanded around the globe, more and more corpses emerged from the planet, calling him a traitor and a sinner. His limbs should be severed, eaten one by one, crushed, and reduced to dust.

All of this is an illusion.

Wanda is responsible for using the communication link to cast magic on the opposing commander’s mind.

Wanda’s power occupied the opponent’s brain when his consciousness disintegrated and the army of death totally ingested him.

On the Supreme Mothership’s deck.

The Kree Empire’s commander had red eyes. He turned the main gun of the starship he was in sharply in the direction of another starship.

The Kree on the nearby deck noted an oddity when the rifle quickly reloaded. They tried to move forward to halt it, but as soon as they did, they were engulfed in red particles and went sluggish.

The mothership’s gun was soon completely charged, and the commander Wanda was controlling pressed the firing button amid a flurry of communication inquiries from the other starships.

The starry night sky was lighted by a thick beam of energy that then struck another starship’s energy barrier.

Everyone who witnessed the bright explosion would unconsciously conjure up an ear-splittingly loud noise in their brains after it occurred, even in the silent space.

“Oh no, is the Superior Mothership’s commander crazy? He opened fire right at us!”

“What the hell is happening? Could it be that their fleet contains traitors?”

“Report the mothership’s damage. Around 70% of the mothership is damaged. The ship’s primary structure is going to collapse. The crew members suffered injuries and fatalities. The explosion had an impact on the five nearby frigates. Requesting assistance”

Because the Kree Empire’s attack rhythm was utterly interrupted when the Supreme Mothership launched a full-power main cannon attack on its own people.

To varied degrees, every Kree Empire spaceship has become immobile. It appears that someone has taken control of the fleet, occupied the mothership forcibly, and is assaulting the group.

A blue energy cannon that was twice as thick as the energy light beam that had just been released by the main cannon of the Supreme Mothership shot into the air as the space shield of Knowhere suddenly broke.

That is the space annihilation weapon that the Mir mothership, powered by the power of the Space Stone, created.

The blue energy burst abruptly detonated, killing more than a dozen starships nearby, including one Fortress-class mothership, in an instant, in the sight of the Kree people and everyone in Knowhere.

The space annihilation cannon’s impact on the spacecraft caused it to instantaneously collapse and disintegrate, turning it from a massive object amid the stars into a tiny speck of dust.

These starships are crushed to pieces by the horrific space gravity, which pulls them away like a monster’s mouth that eats everything in its path. The fleet of the Kree Empire was once more in disarray.

The spacecraft is continually edging closer to the outer edge of the collapsed space with its engines fully operational in an attempt to avoid being drawn into the black hole.

Rocket Raccoon and the others cheered on the deck of the Mir ship. Riverie also revised her calculations, resulting in a 40% chance that this fight would be won.

“Army, attack!” Riverie gave the order, and the high-spirited Knowhere Fleet retaliated right away.

The star pirate battleship sped forward, and many shuttles shot out like locusts, slicing through the Kree Empire fleet like a steel knife.

The teams commanded by Drax, Nebula, and Gamora likewise charged fearlessly toward the objective that Riverie had given them.

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