Rorschach is utilizing the recently revealed dimension by absorbing the sun.

The Collectors were shocked to see that the sun had vanished and that the star map had recently been revised in Knowhere.

The three empires in the Marvel universe have perfected the technology of real-time planet status detection. The young sun that was still illuminating the map just vanished instantly.

In order to find out the truth about the “Disappeared Sun,” numerous people have launched expeditions on the Interstellar Quantum Network. Numerous explorers and star pirates have professed a desire to investigate it.

The Collector noticed tingling on his scalp. How long had Rorschach been gone before the sun went down?

“It didn’t explode. Energy would spread if the sun erupted. It appears as though the sun was consumed in this instance?” The Collector was horrified by a name that came to mind.

Galactus? This Lord Rorschach is Galactus?


Could it be that Rorschach also has the ability to devour planets?

The Collector was abruptly struck by the realization that Ego is also a planet and that Rorschach had advised him to keep an eye on Peter Quill in order to locate Ego.

Only then did the Collector notice that his throat was beginning to feel parched. Unconsciously swallowing some saliva, he hastily shut off the network and stopped looking at the information on the Internet.

He instantly felt profoundly appreciative that he had been spared by this individual at this precise moment.

A loud, protracted alarm suddenly rang out throughout Knowhere. It is Knowhere’s most recent defense mechanism to be put in place.

The Collector was on the communication line the next instant and noticed Riverie’s warning message.

“Alert, alert! Without access permission, many star fleets have been discovered, and in 30 seconds they will launch into the sky of Knowhere. All members of the Knowhere fleet, please enter the first-level alert state.”

The initially orderly Knowhere began to boil as soon as the siren sounded clearly and forcefully.

There must be nasty persons behind the enormous number of interplanetary ships operating without authorization. Riverie promptly issued a first-level alert after repeatedly alerting the enemy with no response.

While on vacation, several of the star pirates and super soldiers set down their activities and started leading the team members who had arrived from all sides in order to construct a formidable army.

Some jumped from the bed of their robot female partners, hastily dressed, grabbed their weapons, and ran to the spaceship to which they belonged.

Star battleships have been hurled into space one after another from Knowhere. The entire Knowhere has moved into a state of preparedness in less than 30 seconds.

In addition, a Fortress-class mothership like the Dark Aster sent out roughly ten ships as a vast number of massive starships suddenly arrived in the skies above Knowhere.

These star battleships appear to be all Kree fleets, based on their appearance.

It appears that the Kree Empire, which boasts a plethora of magnificent cruisers and a number of “World Destroyer” battleships, has established enough face to send such armed forces to Knowhere.

After the space jump, one of the space carriers took the initiative to assault Knowhere.

A barrage of artillery shells, energy beams, and interstellar missiles then descended, smashing Knowhere’s outermost energy shield.

Rorschach used the Space Stone to construct the shield to defend Knowhere. This space shield layer started to break down as a result of widespread coverage bombing.

Riverie conducted calculations depending on the number of hostile battleships, but the outcome was always one. It implies that there is just a one in 1,000 chance of winning.

The fact that Rorschach can return in less than five minutes is still the basis for this one-in-a-thousand probability of winning.

“Dammit, who are those?”

“It’s the fleet of the Kree Empire. Why did they suddenly attack Knowhere?”

“Is it because of Ronan the Accuser?”

In Knowhere, the star pirates spoke a lot. They battled admirably when they defeated Ronan’s army on Xandar, but after they calmed down, many star pirates started to worry.

Ronan is the top nobleman of the Kree Empire. Although there are speculations that Ronan may have disobeyed the Supreme Intelligence’s directives and insisted on fighting Xandar, leading to his expulsion from the Kree Empire.

Even though Ronan was exiled from the Kree Empire, he is still the highest ranking noble in that nation.

They came and departed without a trace when everyone was a star pirate in the past. Even if the Kree Empire wished to trouble them, they might not be prepared to invest the time and money necessary to put up a valiant battle against a band of desperate star pirates.

But, now that everyone has congregated in Knowhere, there is a glimmer of a vigorous development for them.

How could the Kree Empire, one of the three great empires of the universe, allow a potent armed force made up of star pirates to operate within its star domain?

This is what caused the unexpected attack.

When the space shield was almost unable to protect the ship, Riverie used all of its computational power to deploy anti-aircraft weapons continually and set up Terminator robots to evacuate any vulnerable regions on the ground.

Thankfully, Rorschach built numerous subterranean air-raid shelters when he rebuilt Knowhere after taking the threat of aerial attacks into account.

All of the star pirate battleships were escorted into the skies by the Mir Mothership to confront the foe. Wanda was standing on the Mir Mothership’s deck. Her body began to wear the Scarlet Witch Robe that the King of Dwarves had created for her, and her eyes took on the appearance of raindrops in the sky. The energy guns and missiles waved both hands in the air, slanting down like a slant.

Many crimson portals suddenly formed in the sky. The Kree Fleet’s attacks sailed through another portal after passing through these portals and bombed the Kree Fleet.

But, the fleet of the Kree Empire rapidly intercepted the fire barrage and retaliated with even more devastating weapons.

It looked like a beautiful fireworks display when the starships’ primary cannons were all fired at once. A blue-skinned fleet commander surveyed Knowhere from the bridge of the Kree Empire’s greatest space carrier. On the corner of his mouth was a smile.

“Lack of ammunition is the root of all dread. As long as our weaponry is potent enough, the opposition will quake… Send the fleet in Knowhere a communication request.”

The Kree Empire’s mothership bombed as a show of power before sending a communication request to Rorschach’s Mir.

Everyone on the Mir mothership turned to stare at Wanda as Riverie informed the enemy their desire for communication.

When Rorschach was here before, he used to be the one who made the final decision. The Collector was forced to gaze at Wanda since he dared not assert a claim in the absence of Rorschach.

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Published On: April 13, 2023

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