No matter who goes to Vormir, they will get the Soul Stone by offering the life of their loved ones.

Since Rorschach has a device to track the energy oscillations of the Infinity Stones, Rorschach will identify and find that person’s Infinity Stone as long as they are using it. Rorschach felt confident enough to spread the word about the Soul Stone as a result.

“Lastly, assist me in locating another yellow sun. Preferably one without any nearby biological planets.” The Collector heard the final words Rorschach had to say.

“There should be a lot of yellow suns in the universe, but you have to look for them if there aren’t any habitable planets nearby.” As soon as Rorschach’s request was laid, The Collector opened the star map and began looking for the appropriate star.

Rorschach wants the dimension he made is filled with sun. The nuclear fusion reactor can be replaced in this manner by an actual sun.

Even though the nuclear fusion reactor can mimic the sun’s energy, it is still not the sun, so the effects it generates must be extremely dissimilar from those of the real sun.

That would be like him constantly being in the sun if he were to capture a genuine sun and put it in his own dimension.

Also, the suit has an adjustable energy output that can be changed to the best state based on how well Rorschach absorbs the sun’s rays on his own.

The Collector quickly discovered a sun that suited his needs. On the star map, a coordinate was noted. The Collector zoomed in, and Rorschach noticed something that resembled the solar system.

There is a young sun at the galaxy’s center that has only been there for a few million years, making it younger than the sun on the other side of the Earth.

Although millions of years may seem like a long period, they are actually quite young on the scale of the universe, like a newborn infant.

“You did very well.” After praising The Collector, Rorschach waved his palm in front of him, creating a portal that resembled Kamar Taj to materialize.

Rorschach doesn’t even need to use the sling ring to activate the portal because of the Space Stone. With a wave of his palm, he established the magic link between the two dimensions and unlocked a blue space portal.

Rorschach entered the portal and instantly traveled across innumerable star fields to reach the galaxy shown on the current map.

With the new light rising in front of him, Rorschach was suspended in the utter blackness of the space. Rorschach attempted to approach but was repelled by the sun’s powerful gravitational force.

However, it stands to reason that this gravitational force does not have an effect on Rorschach in any way.

Every cell in Rorschach’s body eagerly absorbed the energy from the sun and stars once he was close enough to feel the sunlight shining on him. As a result, his body gradually grew stronger.

Rorschach raised his hand, and four Infinity Stones emerged on the back as he turned to face the sun.

Then he snapped his fingers.

When the four Infinity Stones were summoned, a beam of light as dazzling as the sun flashed across and it appeared like the dimension Rorschach had opened had descended into our world from somewhere else.

It appeared as though an inescapable force was pulling the space into another dimension. It is not easy to transport the sun from our dimension to another.

You must be aware that before crossing the multiverse, Dormammu required his worshippers to perform a sacrificial rite and desecrate the three holiest sites.

The sun in front of him is too big. It takes a lot of effort to transport a star into another dimension.

Rorschach crossed his hands while he mentally conjured a magic that could capture the sun in his own reality more quickly. After considering several magics, he eventually chose one that was effective at doing so.

In the multiverse’s space-time chasm. The Watcher observed Rorschach’s side moving.

He emerged outside the universe, close to Rorschach. The short, bald-headed god, who ruled the entire multiverse, was closely observing Rorschach from beyond the barrier.

“The dimension lord is currently attempting to draw a sun into his dimension in the previously formed new dimension, but why is this dimension lord doing this?”

The Watcher converses with himself while watching the multiverse. He may have developed mental health issues as a result of the long, lonely years, so he relied on talking to himself to pass the time.

In the plot of “What if?”. Only after hearing the Watcher’s self-talk in the multiverse did Ultron, who possesses six Infinity Stones, become aware of the multiverse’s existence, shattering the barrier and bridging the multiverse chasm.

Rorschach possesses the might of a dimension lord as he has four Infinity Stones. He thinks that someone is watching him and possibly probing into his secrets, despite the fact that he is unable to hear sounds from the outside of the multiverse.

Rorschach abruptly came to a complete stop in his activities and turned his head to peer at a specific location in the nothingness of space. That was the Watcher who was attempting to observe Rorschach from beyond the barrier.

“Go away. I’ll murder you if you kept looking at me.” Rorschach used a shielding spell right away to try to keep away from the Watcher’s eyes.

“He discovered me?” The Watcher had a shocked expression on his face and was still talking to himself.

“How is it possible? Why would he know I exist when he is merely a weak dimensional lord? And did this dimension lord become angry at me because I had spied on him?”

The Watcher stopped digging into Rorschach’s secrets as he finished speaking, but he continued to look at his side as he instinctively walked back into the multiverse.

Rorschach observed that even after the sensation of being watched by himself subsided, his eyes continued to linger in this space for some time. He can essentially be certain that he is being watched by someone outside the universe.

“Next time, if you try to spy on me, the first thing I do when I cross the multiverse barrier is to kill you.” Rorschach spoke to the void.

He was aware that if the Watcher was listening in on him, he would undoubtedly hear what he said.

The Watcher was stunned for a moment after hearing Rorschach’s words. “I feel like I was threatened. Honestly, a weak dimension lord threatened to kill me.”

The Watcher kept on speaking to himself. He felt a little novel rather than irritated since Rorschach had threatened him. They have not faced threats in many years because the Watcher and the Celestials ended their fight.

It is a wonderful feeling to suddenly feel threatened by a very weak being.

“Wait, how did he discover my presence?” The question immediately occurred to the Watcher.

His presence was discovered by a weak dimension lord?

It’s getting more and more interesting.

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Published On: April 12, 2023

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