A brand-new, externally independent dimension appears.

Rorschach’s four Infinity Stones vanished, and they all traveled to a different dimension. The four Infinity Stones’ combined power was continuously sent through the battle suit, which served as an intermediary hub, to Rorschach’s body.

Everything began to quiet down gradually. Rorschach opened his eyes, gave Wanda sitting next to him a quick glance, and then raised his hand gradually. The entire world starts to fold and even continually grow as a surge of space energy gushes out.

This resembles the Ancient One’s mirror dimension magic in certain ways. Yet, this area is inextricably linked to the dimension that Rorschach revealed.

“Is this magical energy?”

The folded space instantly shattered, turning into butterflies all over the sky, and dissipated into the great universe as Rorschach carefully felt this power and waved his hand again.

“That is so lovely, Rorschach. Now you are a magician as well.” Wanda admired the butterflies fluttering through the vast, starry sky.

Those butterflies are obviously not actual butterflies. Just that Rorschach transformed the extra energy into a butterfly and vanished into the universe when he broke the link connecting the descending dimension.

“My deficiencies have always been in my mental strength. It might be said that now that I have learned magic, it makes up for my faults.”

Even if someone uses Kryptonite to attack him, Rorschach can still create an energy barrier to block the radiation from the substance or alter reality directly to transform Kryptonite into a regular stone.

Rorschach is now completely without flaws. Rorschach gave his system interface a quick glance.

Character attributes:

Lineage: Kryptonian Bloodline

Level: LV4

Additional attributes: None

Skills: Man of Steel, Bio-Force Field, Super Strength, Super Speed.

Mission Points: 9122524

The Kryptonian bloodline can be upgraded by establishing diplomatic ties with another culture for less than 900,000 points. This time, Rorschach appeared to obtain Power Stone. He intends to go back to the Nine Realms now that his objective has been accomplished.

Rorschach brought up the idea of creating an alliance with the emissaries of the Alfheim and the Vanaheim before he left. By chance, he returned to see them this time, and he was determined to earn enough points to enhance the Kryptonian bloodline.

Wanda and Rorschach did not remain in the kingdom for very long. As Rorschach got back to Knowhere, he discovered The Collector.

“Taneleer, I’ll be back to Earth shortly. I have a few things I should clarify for you.”

The Collector promptly rose in a courteous manner after hearing Rorschach’s comments and asked, “Tell me, master.”

“Knowhere’s transformation is almost complete, and the next phase is to formally begin producing additional fleets. You can first create a batch of Terminator robots if there isn’t enough labor. Compared to star pirates, these robots are much simpler to control.”

It makes sense to hire some star pirates when there is a shortage of labor. The idea to create an interplanetary fleet is also on the table now that Knowhere is powerful.

Building starships still requires the Terminator robot, a wonderful tool that doesn’t require pay and can work overtime indefinitely for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, unlike those star pirates who don’t grasp technology and are full of muscles in their heads.

If it is true that humans must still keep an eye on robots with low levels of intelligence in order to avert accidents. But, Rorschach has Riverie, the most advanced AI ever created, who can easily take the place of regular humans in any work without causing any problems.

“I shall make arrangements to extend the production line for a number of robots.” The Collector gave a reply.

“Second, do you know someone by the name of Ego?” Rorschach asked.

“I’m sure of it. I also have a collection of plants that Ego made using materials of his own.” stated The Collector.

The corner of Rorschach’s mouth twitched in response to this. He looked through The Collector’s treasure, but he couldn’t find that plant.

Is it possible that he overlooked it?

“You should realize that the plant produced by Ego will absorb stars and biological energy, thereby eating the entire world, right?” Rorschach questioned with such uncertainty and an odd look.

“I am aware, but don’t fret. The Power Stone has long since destroyed that plant.” The Collector was referring to how his maid had gone to fetch the Power Stone that Peter Quill had sold him.

The majority of The Collector’s in the room were destroyed when the maid touched the Power Stone, which caused the energy to burst. Even Ego’s plant was destroyed in the process.

“Then there is no need to be concerned because the Power Stone destroyed it.” Rorschach shook his head.

Although others are frightened to avoid it, this person actually collected one and kept it at home, which he still finds hard to comprehend.

Rorschach questioned The Collector, “Then, do you know where Ego is now?”

The Collector shook his head and said, “Ego is a living planet. I can’t pinpoint his precise location. He may be in any part of the universe.”

“Then assist me in keeping an eye on Peter Quill, who previously sold you the Power Gem. Since he is Ego’s offspring, Ego will undoubtedly seek him out. If you discover that Quill has been brought by Ego, please let me know.”

Ego desires to seed his own life everywhere and produce progeny, but as his divine might is constrained, he cannot make all the planets in the cosmos a part of himself. Ego can utilize it to realize his ideal as long as the progeny carry the godly DNA.

Quill actually has the gene for him. Quill possesses incredible strength since even after Ego passed away, his gene remained in his body. It simply isn’t woken.

As a result, Quil’s is actually deserving of the term, having a godly body that is comparable to that of a mortal.

“Since that is the case, what if I went out to search for Quill, lock him up in Knowhere, and then simply wait for Ego to knock on the door?” The Collector had an idea.

Rorschach shook his head, “It is not a question of whether you can hold Quill. There will be trouble if you arrest him when his pals find out and Ego might not be able to find him either.”

Rorschach intends to ignore Quill because he is a troublemaker and let nature run its course.

After discussing Ego, Rorschach pondered, “You can also assist me in spreading the information about the Soul Stone. It would be preferable to inform Thanos directly that the Soul Stone is on Vormir.”

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Published On: April 12, 2023

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