Rorschach’s ability to live longer impressed Rocket Raccoon. Rocket Raccoon finally decides to join Rorschach’s fleet after seeing that the Star Pirates who follow him make significantly more money than they would if they perished in the sea of stars.

Rocket Raccoon is an expert at developing weapons. Rorschach has been attempting to increase the size of his team of scientists. Naturally, Rocket Raccoon is on Rorschach’s list of potential hires.

Groot would naturally have no issues because he was Rocket Raccoon’s follower and Rocket Raccoon was willing to join Rorschach’s team.

All of the Guardians of the Galaxy—aside from Peter Quill—joined Rorschach’s team as a result.

Quill discovered that he was the only Guardians of the Galaxy member, so he gave Rorschach an expectant expression as if he were about to ask him to join the team. Quill struggled within on whether he ought to collaborate with Rorschach.

Rorschach is an Earth native, and Quill team members are now all under his authority. The only option that appears to exist for Quill if he wants to maintain his friendship with Gamora is to adhere to Rorschach.

Yet even though Rorschach ignored Quill for a while, Quill didn’t give him a recruitment invitation.

Rorschach turned down Xandar’s invitation to stay with him in the city. He claimed that he still had crucial tasks to complete. Proceed with his System’s assignment to go to Xandar and formally sign the deal.

Moreover, Xandar announced its willingness to form a peaceful partnership with Earth.

This time, in addition to obtaining the Power Stone, he also attracted superheroes from the Guardians of the Galaxy and received one million points from the “Interstellar Diplomat.”

Rorschach intends to return right away and utilize the Power Stone to use a new dimension for himself now that his mission has been accomplished.

Rorschach will become more combative when the dimension is successfully opened with the help of the Infinity Stone. He acquires the courage to battle the Celestials as a result.

Quill, who was left alone, inquired with considerable annoyance, “Hey, have you forgotten me?” as Rorschach was ready to depart.

“Is there anything else you need, Mr. Peter Quill?” Rorschach sneered as he twisted his head to face Quill.

“This is the time to hire me. If you have an offer, I might accept.” There was no reason for Rorschach to recruit everyone in the Guardians of the Galaxy except for him, in Quill’s opinion. So, he must be playing hard to get.

But Quill was surprised by Rorschach’s response, “Sorry, I don’t want to recruit you at all.”

Once Rorschach finished speaking, the remainder of them were sent back to the mothership via Mir’s gravity field, where all of the fleets were neatly arrayed. The Terminator robot used Pym particles to shrink down the Dark Aster as well.

After all, the Dark Aster is a mothership and can still be utilized. Rorschach has The Collector take it, and he currently has enough money. He has enough money to casually spend on the mothership.

The Knowhere Fleet modified its array and made a group space jump toward Knowhere under the direction of the Mir mothership.

He abandoned the confused Quill there. He appeared to be extremely offended and swore at the vanishing of the Mir mothership in the sky, “I’m Star Lord, and you’ll regret it. Rorschach, it will be your greatest loss if you don’t try to recruit me. There will be times when you beg me in the future.”

On Xandar, the Nova Corps observed the departure of Rorschach’s fleet. They grinned and kept silent while giving Quill a look.

“Hey, is the Nova Corps still short on personnel? You’ve also seen how well I fly a fighter jet, and I’ll never lose to anyone.”

He started to recommend himself to the Nova Corps after Rorschach declined to recruit him since he was unable to control his emotions. The main reason was that Ronan had destroyed his “Milano” ship, making it impossible for him to continue traveling.

So how could the Nova Corps members not be familiar with Star-Lord?

Rhomann Dhey smiled and replied, “The Nova Corps has no immediate plans to increase its army. But as a token of our appreciation for your assistance with Xandar, we will repair your spacecraft at no cost to you.”

Xandar’s message is already extremely obvious. They will assist him in repairing the spacecraft, expunge your criminal record, and then told him to leave.


Returning to Knowhere.

Yondu and other Ravagers members were immediately turned up to The Collector by Rorschach, who also requested that The Collector punish these renegade star pirates.

The Guardians of the Galaxy team members were also assigned to Knowhere. It goes without saying that Drax, Gamora, and Nebula are loyal because they are much more powerful than typical star pirates and they are all here to exact revenge on Thanos.

The three were consequently allotted to a star pirate capital ship. Gamora and Nebula continue to fight. Gamora wants to make peace with Nebula, but Nebula doesn’t like it, so Gamora decides to put it off for the time being.

Riverie is in charge of the entire Knowhere Fleet as a whole. The leaders of the fleet’s military forces are Drax, Gamora, and Nebula. They are in charge of directing the star pirates to lead the charge during battle.

Naturally, Rocket Raccoon joined the group of scientists conducting study. His talent and Intelligence are really high. To treat him like a long-range soldier would be too inept.

Rorschach doesn’t even have to do it himself for things like extending Rocket Raccoon’s life. The Collector’s stockpile contains a number of technological solutions. Making him live for hundreds of years is not an issue.

Rorschach and Wanda showed up together outside the Knowhere after handling the star pirate issue.

Rorschach put on his battle armor once more as he faced a huge expanse of space, and four Infinity Stones began to glow dimly on his chest.

“Wanda, I’m going to open up a dimension. Please assist me in watching from the side, and if there is an accident, please instantly assist me in forcing it to terminate.”

“You’ll succeed without a doubt. You are the Nine Realms’ most experienced magician, after all.” Wanda smiled and made a joke.

He is incapable of casting magic, but he has a deep understanding of magic theory. It is anticipated that it will be challenging to locate anyone but Rorschach. The four Infinity Stones flashed brilliantly as Rorschach inhaled deeply and gently raised his right hand.

Rorschach snapped his fingers in the next second.

Space, Reality, Power, and Mind, the four forces that make up the universe, gathered and fused into a little bubble concealed in space as a brilliant light blazed.

The four Infinity Stones’ combined power steadily poured into the tiny bubble, causing it to expand as it did so gradually.

The tiny bubble gradually grew until it was the size of a planet, but Rorschach was unsatisfied and kept adding electricity to it. Rorschach kept going until he arrived at the hellish realm of the four Infinity Stones.

“Successful!” Wanda had a brilliant shine on her brows. Wanda could feel the enormous energy fluctuations emanating from the space outside of reality even though the realm Rorschach unlocked was concealed from reality.

The neighboring dimension lords were drawn to the new realm that suddenly materialized.

Particularly Dormammu, the evil tyrant that has ravaged innumerable planets throughout the multiverse. A new dimension was created as a result of his discovery of a planet close to the border of the main universe. Even though it is still a weak dimension.

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