The other spectators had peculiar looks as well. Rorschach realized they were misinterpreting him.

He clarified, “Star pirates are absolutely circling behind me, but they followed me. They have fully atoned for their prior erratic career as star pirates, undergone reformation, severed all ties to it, and went for a better future.”

The star pirates that had followed Rorschach as he spoke nodded as though he were correct.

After a brief coughing fit, Rorschach turned to face Irani Rael and questioned, “As for Xandar, you don’t want to allow this band of lawless star pirates to continue to do bad things in space, right?”

Even Irani Rael admitted that she had never dealt with a situation of this nature.

She was only able to smile awkwardly but formally, “We shall expunge all of Peter Quill and Mr. Yondu’s team’s prior criminal records in recognition of their commitment to Xandar. But our Nova Corps won’t stand by while they act badly again.”

“I will resolve this issue for you since Xandar is not concerned about these star pirates.” Rorschach gave the orders for all the Terminator robots to head for Yondu and for all the Ravagers to board the ships of the Knowhere Fleet with a wave of his hand.

Yondu and the other Ravagers wanted to fight back, but they were powerless against the Terminator robot’s cold energy cannon and were forced to obediently board the Knowhere Fleet.

Yondu’s safety was a concern for Quill, so he appealed to Rorschach, “Please, Mr. Rorschach, for the benefit of our fellow humans. You are welcome to make requests of them, but please spare them any harm.”

“I didn’t attack them and offered them a chance to work for me since I cared about our fellow countrymen on Earth. I mean, I’m a peace-loving person after all.” said Rorschach.

Quill finally realized what was going on as he turned to face the group of star pirates hiding behind Rorschach. Perhaps instead of harming Yondu, Rorschach will find a way to use these space pirates in his service.

Quill sighed in relief when it became clear that he would not be in danger for the time being.

Many Terminator robots pulled out a person from the wrecked Dark Aster spacecraft at this point. It should be a woman who has experienced a semi-mechanical change, to be precise.

She is Nebula, one of the two adopted daughters of Thanos.

Gamora begged Rorschach after seeing that Nebula was still alive and they were being brought to the Knowhere Fleet, “Can you give me her because she is with me? I’m willing to barter a lot of cash for her life.”

Instead of feeling moved when she heard Gamora pleading for her, Nebula exclaimed angrily, “Gamora, I would rather die than have your mercy.”

Despite the fact that Nebula and Gamora are Thanos’ adopted daughters, they both vehemently despise him.

“I am aware of your background and what Thanos did to both of you. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. No doubt, Thanos and I will fight. But, are you two prepared to assist me?” Rorschach had an idea.

Nebula responded without even giving it a second thought, “You can easily defeat Ronan the Accuser, which proves that you are truly strong. as long as you give me the last knife before murdering Thanos,”

Gamora was ready to consent to being Rorschach’s subordinate when Quill remarked, “Gamora, I know you’re eager. You shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket. It is preferable for you to follow me since Nebula has already joined Rorschach’s crew.”

“Yet, he has a strong fleet.” Gamora is plainly not a simpleton, and Quill cannot fool her with a few simple words.

Quill remained resistant to giving up easy, he murmured with affection to Gamora. “But I have a heart that loves you.”

Quill extended his hands and took Gamora’s hands as he continued. Gamora raised his right leg and smacked Quill in the groin with it.

Quill’s most vulnerable area took the brunt of the impact, and the intense pain nearly caused him to pass out. Quill collapsed to the ground grasping the hurting area hard, like a fish struggling on the ground.

After kicking, Gamora strode up to Rorschach without even looking at Quill.

She and Quill have only recently been acquainted. Even though Quill sacrificed his life to save Gamora from Knowhere once, and Gamora is incredibly appreciative of this, this kind of appreciation did not inevitably lead to love between the two. So, their relationship is not as close as one may think.

Gamora and Quill’s relationship is more akin to the kind of love that develops through time. Gamora’s sole options, in Nebula’s words from the Avengers 4 storyline, are Quill, a raccoon, or a tree.

“Gamora, you made a wise decision.” Rorschach grinned as he looked Gamora.

Gamora will be used by Thanos to get the Soul Stone if she declines to join his team. Sacrificing someone you truly love is a requirement for receiving the Soul Stone.

There is a good chance that Thanos will abduct Gamora and use her as a sacrifice in order to retrieve the Soul Stone if she is not on his crew but instead travels the cosmos with Quill.

Gamora being recruited by Rorschach won’t stop Thanos from gaining the Soul Stone. Thanos has other person that she loves, even if Gamora is the only one he truly loves.

Thanos can obtain the Soul Stone as long as he finds someone and offers to sacrifice the person he loves. Nevertheless, there are numerous options, so sacrificing Gamora is not always essential.

Quill was devastated at Gamora’s leaving. The remaining Guardians of the Galaxy members received an invitation from Rorschach.

“Drax, I’ve heard that you and Ronan share a strong animosity. Because Ronan serves Thanos, you also have reason to despise him. Would you desire to take part with me in my fight against Thanos?”

“I do, of course. My vow is to exact revenge on my wife and daughter. You killed Ronan, so I will now turn all of my resentment toward Thanos. All I want is that when you kill Thanos, I should be the one to do it.” Drax is open to joining Rorschach’s group as well.

Quill’s expression darkened dramatically, “Dude, I thought we were a team.”

“I need a top weapon master for my fleet, Rocket Raccoon. Are you interested?” Rorschach asked Rocket Raccoon while ignoring Quill’s concerns.

“Sorry, I don’t appreciate being told what to do.” Rorschach was outright rejected by Rocket Raccoon.

On the one hand, Rocket Raccoon has a high feeling of alertness against “big shots” like Rorschach because he is an experimental creature that has endured various forms of maltreatment from mad scientists.

Yet, Rocket Raccoon is unwilling to spend his limited life by working for others because he is aware of how short his life is and only wants to live freely. When Quill learned that Rocket Raccoon declined Rorschach’s invitation, he was deeply moved.

Rorschach shook his head and pretended to be helpless “Unfortunately, I have done a lot of genetics study and have had some success in lengthening species’ lives. Initially, I wanted to imply that if you’re ready to put in the effort, I can find a way to extend your life.”

Rocket Raccoon halted when he heard what Rorschach had to say. He asked Rorschach, “Can you really lengthen my life?” as he turned to face him again.

An ordinary raccoon has a lifespan of little over 10 years. However, Rocket Raccoon has undergone biological modification and has a lifespan that is both considerably shorter than that of an average raccoon and also quite constrained.

Rocket Raccoon gets progressively more white hair and appears much older throughout the MCU, from his first appearance through the last battle in Avengers 4.

Rocket Raccoon is aware of his predicament, which makes him irritated. He enjoys pulling practical jokes to mask his nervousness.

Rorschach brought up the issue of recovering Peggy Carter directly, “I once forced a person who was ready to pass away in a hospital bed from old age to revert to a state when she was in her thirties. The method for this stuff is quite straightforward. In this reality, everything is conceivable because in this world, there are Kree’s life-extending technology and the Sovereigns’ gene-modification technology.”

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