In response to Quill’s question, Rorschach simply said, “That’s a long story, let’s have a good chat when we have time.”

“Alright, have you noticed the gem on the hammer of the blue guy? Could you please give it to me?” Quill asked a direct question.

Rorschach said, “I saw it, but I can’t give it to you.”

“Listen, buddy. You don’t understand it at all. Have you noticed the destruction that the Power Stone produced behind you? That stuff is really dangerous.”

Quill assumed that the destroyed area was produced by the Power Stone because he didn’t witness Rorschach punching. Everyone is aware that the Power Stone can destroyed any lands.

He was encircled by Nova Corps men as well. They had the confidence to encircle Rorschach even after witnessing his incredible strength restrain the Dark Aster.

Rocket Raccoon is carrying a rifle on his shoulders, and Drax, Groot, and Gamora are all brandishing weapons. Standing on the same front as the Nova Corps soldiers are all of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

“Please give the Power Stone to the Nova Corps so they can keep it safe, Mr. Rorschach. This is the best way, I assure you.” Quill said.

A lengthy and clear whistle accompanied a metal flying arrow in the distance. When he speaks, a middle-aged man with blue skin and a mouthful of decayed teeth is audible. He landed here in a flash after stepping on a tiny propeller.

Yondu Udonta, the head of the Ravagers Clan, and Peter Quill stepfather.

“The Orb and the purple gemstone inside are mine, Quill. Have you forgotten what we agreed to?” Yondu joined the battle for the Power Stone when the Ravagers made an appearance here.

Rorschach raised his head, took a quick look around, and smiled as he stated, “Without my assistance, Ronan’s troops would have defeated you. Are you certain you want to be my enemy, Xandar?”

The Knowhere Fleet and the Mir mothership, which had already disposed of the remaining troops before the words were spoken, suddenly appeared behind Rorschach. Little shuttles lined up perfectly in a tight formation in the sky, their frigid muzzles pointed at everyone but Rorschach.

Wanda emerged from the vortex at the same time and stood next to Rorschach while gesturing with her hands. Everyone in the room was instantly surrounded by red energy particles, which lifted everyone into the air.

Wanda only needs to grasp the hand lightly in order to instantly kill everyone in this room.

In front of Rorschach, the holographic representation of the Nova Corps’ female commander was projected, “Xandar doesn’t intend to be your enemy, Your Excellency, but this stone is too harmful. It can only be safe if you hand it over to the Nova Corps for safekeeping.”

Wanda understood and waved with one hand as he winked at her. Irani Rael, a female commander of Xandar, materialized in front of Rorschach out of nowhere as the scarlet gateway opened.

She still experienced an unfathomable oppressive force when she was directly in front of Rorschach, which required a lot of strength for her to even maintain her balance.

“Ronan the Accuser is merely one of Thanos’ henchmen. Even though you have attempted to negotiate a settlement against Thanos’ invasion, you are unable to stop Ronan’s fleet. Are you certain that you placed can keep safe the Power Stone on Xandar to protect the planet?”

Without waiting for a response, Rorschach patted Irani Rael on the shoulder and said, “Think about it, Xandar. Can you really hold against Thanos?”

Irani Rael was similarly dejected after giving it some thought. She shook her head in displeasure “The Kree Empire and Xandar are at war, so you might be right. Putting the Power Stone on Xandar will only result in additional catastrophes.”

“But I want to know, do you wish to dominate the universe like Thanos did when he got the Power Stone?” Irani Rael bravely asked Rorschach.

“I’m a peace-loving person, so no. If it is feasible, I would like to speak on behalf of Earth, suggest an alliance with Xandar, and join forces with them to further the cause of universal peace.” Rorschach smiled kindly and held out his hand to Irani Rael.

“Earth…” Though Irani Rael didn’t have time to consider the planet in that area, what Rorschach said temporarily let her let her guard down.

She held Rorschach’s hand together while extending her own hand.

[Complete the side objective “Interstellar Diplomat” to get 1,000,000 mission points and congratulate the host for establishing diplomatic ties with Xandar on Earth’s behalf.]

The supreme commander of the Nova Corps, Irani Rael, is comparable to the ruler of Xandar planet. As a result, the system has acknowledged the first diplomatic goals she set with Rorschach.

Everyone in the Guardians of the Galaxy naturally stopped insisting after the Nova Corps withdrew from the battle for the Power Stone. They would obviously be far less competent to protect the Power Stone if even the Nova Corps was unable to do it.

Rorschach finally turned to face Yondu.

Wanda’s powers had the Ravagers under control, but Yondu’s eyes were fixed on Rorschach. He appeared to be ready to whistle at any moment based on the muscles in his face.

Yondu is able to command a unique metal arrow. The arrow is constructed from an unique metal that can quickly pierce various armor defenses. Yondu can murder every person on a planet, according to some, so long as he is given a large lung capacity.

“You can try whistling if you want to.” Yondu heard Rorschach’s confident words.

Rorschach’s eyes had an expectant expression, as if he were going to do something, according to Yondu.

Finally, Yondu sighed helplessly.

He was afraid to gamble. Yondu had second thoughts about Rorschach after he dropped the wager. Yondu repeatedly weighed his options before deciding to give up on Rorschach.

“No, I don’t want that gem any more as long as you let us leave.”

Yondu had trouble speaking, but after he was done, he appeared to be thinking as he said, “In addition, I want to take him away, that kid owes me a lot of money.”

He intended to use Peter Quill as a pretext for leaving this location.

Rorschach nodded in agreement, “I’m sorry, but just because you helped stop Ronan’s fleet doesn’t mean you’re good people. I won’t let any of you go.”

“What? Mr. Rorschach, Don’t you see what’s going on here?” Quill shouted his question because he was at his wits’ end.

Can’t you see the star pirates behind you?

Did you know that some persons are even at the top of Xandar’s wanted list?

And you have the audacity that we are the bad guys?

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Published On: April 11, 2023

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