Ronan the Accuser leaped from the Dark Aster ship while holding the Hammer. Because this region is remote from the city and is unpopulated, he delayed using the might of the Power Stone to destroy Xandar.

Ronan needs a witness to his “victory.”

If not, he wouldn’t have repeated his victory speech to Xandar’s spectators as he swung the Hammer, and he wouldn’t have been drawn to Quill’s awkward dance. By taking advantage of this chance, Drax can finally foil Ronan’s scheme to destroy Xandar.

“Ronan the Accuser, you have failed this universe.” The silhouette of Rorschach descended from the sky, and he landed in front of Ronan.

Ronan swung the Hammer subconsciously, and looked at Rorschach vigilantly, “Who are you? A star pirate?”

“I’m not a star pirate. I’m an ordinary person from the Earth. Seeing that you seem to be bullying the weak, I can’t help but to do something right.” Rorschach said, his eyes fell on Ronan’s Hammer that holds the Power Stone.

Ronan subconsciously swung the Hammer and kept a watchful eye on Rorschach “So, who are you? A star pirate?”

“I’m not a star pirate. I’m just a regular guy from Earth. I feel compelled to act morally after observing that you appear to be intimidating the vulnerable.” Ronan’s Hammer, which is holding the Power Stone, caught Rorschach’s attention as he spoke.

The moment Ronan had Rorschach’s attention, he mockingly remarked, “Sounds noble, but you also came here for the Power Stone.”

Ronan furiously swung the Hammer towards Rorschach from the air after realizing Rorschach’s actual intent. A flash of purple energy suddenly landed on Rorschach’s fighting suit as the Hammer dropped.

Ronan’s expression froze as he observed this scene. He stepped forward furiously, approached Rorschach, held his Hammer high, the inlaid Power Stone flashed brilliantly, and then used all of his strength to slam down on Rorschach. He then checked his Hammer to make sure the Power Stone hit him.

This blow struck Rorschach with all the destructive might of the Power Stone.

Rorschach raised his wrist as he watched the Power Stone ignite before reaching out to seize Ronan’s Hammer when it fell. Energy surges erupted from the Power Stone like landslides.

But, as soon as this energy fluctuation reached Rorschach’s body, it was absorbed by his suit and eventually vanished completely, as if it had never existed. Once more, Ronan was perplexed.

“You have no idea how to use the Power Stone, Ronan the Accuser.” Rorschach experienced the Power Stone’s strength after Ronan cast it with the Hammer, which was very different from what he had anticipated.

After all, Ronan had just rudely and simply shattered the Power Stone against the Hammer. This is equivalent to turning the steam engine’s Arc Reactor on by force. It is fortunate that it did not immediately explode due to incompatibility. How is it possible to expect him to use the power?

Having finished speaking, Rorschach shook his palm violently, crushing Ronan’s Hammer. Rorschach received the Power Stone in his hand. As he got close to the battle suit’s chest, he put out his thumb and index finger and pinched the Power Stone with them.

The Power Stone was pulled from Rorschach’s palm into the suit after the suit detected the Power Stone’s energy oscillations.

Rorschach’s suit received the Power Stone with a crisp sound, and the purple energy current rushed through his body, giving him an unheard-of sense of joy.

On the other hand, Ronan instantly felt enraged when he saw Rorschach take away his Power Stone.

“What did you do? You stole my Power Stone!”

“No, Ronan the Accuser, I simply seized your criminal equipment. Your conduct is unforgiveable. You plan to slaughter every Xandarian.”

Rorschach clenched his fist after reading of Ronan’s misdeeds, and four Infinity Stones materialized on the back of his hand. The four Infinity Stones each released a brilliant beam of light before punching Ronan.

Ronan just experienced an oppressive feeling that enveloped his heart. A fist that was shooting in and out of his frame of vision and engulfing the entire planet as if it were the sky and the sun caught his attention.

Rorschach hit him, shattering the area in front of him and causing fissures that looked like spider webs to continue extending ahead. A bright light was emitted from the gap in the wall before it abruptly burst open.

Space fractures began at Rorschach’s fist and spread throughout the Dark Aster before collapsing and disappearing altogether.

Ronan was in the center of the fragmented space, and all of his bones had been swept away in the turbulence of the space along with the fragmented space.

The Guardians of the Galaxy, the Ravagers, and the Nova Corps have only now arrived here to witness this destroyed space and the remaining half of the Dark Aster ship.

Once more, there was complete silence.

There are an increasing number of spaceships around, but none of them dare to approach.

Garthan Saal, the team commander for Nova Corps, entered the communication and questioned Peter Quill, “Is it yours, Quill? How is the situation right now?”

When asked, Peter Quill was similarly perplexed and made an attempt to speak with Yondu. As Yondu’s fighter jet had been destroyed long ago, he was able to get in touch with him once more at this very moment.

“Yondu, where are you? Why don’t you come up and say hello to your friends that you called for help?” he asked.

Yondu’s voice broke through the connection channel with a loud bang “What friend? I didn’t call for any help.”

When Yondu responded, the communication channel became silent unsettlingly. The Knowhere Fleet in the skies was tidying up the mess as everyone turned to see the figure standing in front of the damaged area.

If it wasn’t Yondu who called for support, then who is this person?

Quill bravely touched down, exited the fighter jet, and cautiously approached Rorschach. With guns in their hands and alert gaze, the Nova Corps and the Ravagers also approached.

Rorschach turned to face Quill and the others as they approached him.

He’s not sure why, but as soon as he saw Quill, the words “With the body of a god, it is comparable to a mortal” sprang to mind.

Even though Quill has not attained godly power, his half-godly blood makes him incomparable to regular humans, as evidenced by the fact that he can wield the Power Stone in his bare hands.

Even though Quill only used his bare hands to grab the Power Stone, other team members assisted him in sharing some of the energy it contained.

“Hello, and who are you?” Peter Quill visited Rorschach in an effort to ease up the situation.

Rorschach dispatched his suit, and changed back into the suit he often wore, “I am Rorschach, a scientist from Earth.”

“Earth? Did I hear you right, you are from Earth?”

“My God, were you also carried away by aliens, or is it that the Earth has developed spaceships over the years I have been away?” Quill was shocked learning that Rorschach came from Earth.

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Published On: April 11, 2023

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