Osborn Group.

Norman Osborn, who is keen to establish himself in the military, has once again suggested to the board of directors a plan to increase the scope of physical enhancement drug experiments in humans. Nevertheless, the board of directors rejected it.

Other stockholders don’t want to continue spending anything on this project at all, and some have even started looking for a way out for themselves, in contrast to Osborn attempting his hardest to salvage the Osborn Group.

“Stark Industries will pay a fair sum to purchase The Osborn Group. Norman, if you can sign the stock purchase agreement, everyone will receive a large sum of money; if not, you and I will both be ejected.”

All shareholders came together at the board meeting today to demand that Norman Osborn drop his plan to create customized planes and potions for physical improvement.

They intend to sell the company to Stark Industries at a pretty high price in order to benefit from the technical dividends brought about by Iron Man at a time when the stocks of all technology companies on the US stock exchange have drastically increased.

Particularly the Osborn Group’s biomedical industry, which is where Stark Industries has focused most of its acquisitions.

“You can’t do this to me. I started this company. You know how much I sacrificed?!” Norman Osborn roared frantically at the shareholders’ meeting.

“The shareholders’ meeting passed this resolution with no disagreement. Despite the fact that you are the largest shareholder, our collective shareholding ratio exceeds yours. Thus, Norman, your objection is baseless.”

“Give yourself some respect, Norman. You may still make a lot of money if you sell the company to Stark Industries. If you continue to play around like this, you may not get a penny,” the elderly man with gray hair continued to tell Norman.

Another dark-skinned female investor continued, “Stark Expo will give us an exhibit tomorrow, allow us to showcase our biomedical technology, and we will officially announce the merger with Stark Industries, Norman. You are not required to attend the event tomorrow if you persist in protesting.”

“I understand.”  Standing up, Norman Osborn looked around at the directors in attendance with his icy eyes. He was grinning ruthlessly.

Because of the clown in a steel costume, the military will divest. The board of directors has also abandoned his two projects because they believe the steel suit is more useful than individual flying machines and physical improvement drugs.

All of them must abandon their projects. After finishing his sentence, Norman Osborn stood up and walked out of the meeting space. He had already performed an undercover test on himself using physical strength-improving medications, and the results were flawless.

At least, according to him, everything is ideal. Simply put, the military and these clueless shareholders don’t think he’s real. The world needs to see the findings of their investigation.

“Military, shareholder meeting, Iron Man, you all deserve to die!”

New York, Stark Expo.

Before leaving for the fair, Rorschach made a special call to Happy and requested that he send a car to pick him up because he had borrowed Little Peter his big Ben so that he may marry Mary Jane.

In this regard, Happy claimed that the business hired an inside assistant for Rorschach. This assistant is now in charge of assisting Rorschach and managing certain Stark Industries businesses.

Rorschach is now Stark Industries’ second-largest stockholder. Despite holding no significant roles, he is allowed to intervene in some business concerns and even cast votes on some important topics.

“Hello, Mr. Rorschach. I’m Sharon Emily, your personal assistant.”

A Stark Industries Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle pulled up in front of Rorschach’s house, and many strong guys and a blonde wearing a uniform got out.

Rorschach initially thought this blonde girl’s face appeared a little bit square. It appears to share some similarities with a significant square-faced Marvel character.

The other person’s self-introduction caught Rorschach off guard.

Sharon Emily? No, Sharon Carter! Sharon Carter, Agent 13 of S.H.I.E.L.D!

Sharon Carter was gazing at Rorschach at the same time as he was gazing at her.

“You were a little more than the usual in the picture.”

In her heart, Sharon couldn’t help but sigh a little. Sharon first turned down the covert assignment in her heart. She was more eager to approach Tony Stark and take Natasha’s place. He was informed that Tony’s father and her aunt Peggy Carter were once allies.

Sharron felt a sudden sense of ownership over this dormant mission after viewing Rorschach’s photograph. One of the two vigilantes who recently debuted in Queens, New York, was locked on numerous identities by SHIELD, including Rorschach.

But S.H.I.E.L.D. would not send an elite agent to confront him if he were just a vigilante. The only things that S.H.I.E.L.D. is paying attention to about Rorschach are the new elements he has produced and the sudden acquisition of 10 billion US dollars. Knives and a Stark Industries stock.

All of this is directly connected to Tony Stark, the Iron Man, who is the subject of their attention. Because they wanted to play it safe, S.H.I.E.L.D.’s upper management sent an agent, Sharon Carter, to approach and look into Rorschach while the Black Widow hid next to Tony Stark.

“Hello there.” Rorschach calmly extended his hand to shake hands with Sharon Carter.

Natasha Romanov, a.k.a. the black widow, was organized by SHIELD to visit Stark Industries and submit an application for the position of Tony’s personal assistant. Rorschach was initially confused as to who Happy was referring to when he said that he had hired a personal assistant for him.

From this vantage point, SHIELD should have deployed another agent to approach the Black Widow even if she was still executing her duties covertly next to Tony Stark.

Rorschach glanced at the system integral inadvertently. Although it appears to have gone up by several hundred points, the system has not given any additional instructions. Although the job points for interfering in the plot are quite minimal, Sharon Carter appears to have become his helper.

This is typical as well. Typically, the main characters score higher when characters directly affect the major plot. Less is gained by supporting characters like Sharon Carter. Rorschach gave it little thought. He rode the company bus to the expo location behind Sharon Carter.

At the expo’s location. Rorschach walked right into the room, surrounded by many strong men. Two individuals in the throng made every effort to get past it as they approached Rorschach.

“Teacher Rorschach, this way…”

Peter Parker glanced across to Rorschach, who was surrounded by attractive helpers and security. Following the prestige, Rorschach discovered that young Peter was clutching the hand of a young woman. Mary Jane, Peter’s ideal partner, and the two appeared to get along well.

There was a tall boy next to Peter and Mary Jane. He was Harry Osborn. The eldest child of the Osborn Group founder.

“Hello, Peter and Mary. How are you two doing?”

Rorschach made his way to Peter through the crowd while being guarded by the bodyguards. He noticed Peter and Mary Jane holding hands and looking extremely close together, and all of a sudden, he was filled with rumors.

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Published On: February 1, 2023

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