On Xandar.

Once Riverie quickly scans the sky battlefield to make strategic military calculations, the Knowhere Fleet of Rorschach has been formed. A uniformed encircling circle of tiny shuttles formed as they poured out of their motherships like locusts, pursuing Ronan’s army.

Ronan’s Dark Aster ship was swiftly encircled and subdued by the frigate’s weapons. The citizens of Xandar and the Nova Corps exhaled a sigh of relief as they witnessed the star pirates fleet suddenly materialize and begin attacking Ronan the Accuser’s fleet.

Peter Quill joined in the applause. He assumed Yondu had called these star pirates.

Nebula, one of Thanos’ adoptive daughters, raced to the deck and told Ronan, “Gamora and the others have enlisted the help of the other fleets, and our battleships can’t stop them.”

Ronan’s demeanor didn’t change. He has the impression that as long as he has the Power Stone in his grasp, he might defeat any number of star pirate fleets that may arrive.

Taking slow, strong steps out of the hatch while gripping his hammer that was inlaid with the Power Stone in both hands, Ronan stood up.

“Leave the soldiers in your charge, and I’ll deal with those star pirates.”

Ronan stepped toward the spaceship’s side hatch after finishing his sentence. Nebula gave the Power Stone on his hammer a quick look before silently carrying out Ronan’s command.

On the front lines. The addition of the Knowhere Fleet helped it successfully impede Ronan’s army’s assault. The Dark Aster ship’s hatch opened, and a tall, straight figure suddenly appeared above it. This upset the Nova Corps and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Quill had keen eyes, and he saw Ronan.

He is still coordinating the ship to assault the Dark Aster ship’s flank alongside Gamora and Drax. Why would he continue to strike the side of the Dark Aster Ship after Ronan suddenly appeared?

“Citizens of Xandar. You should be glad and give up your deities because you are about to be saved.” All of the star fighters in the Nova Corps were being shouted at by Ronan as he stood atop Dark Aster.

A flash of purple light erupted as Ronan swung the Hammer in the direction of Quill’s fighter jet amid the crackling of artillery fire.

In an emergency, Quill maneuvered the fighter jet to avoid being hit by the purple energy impact on the wing, but he was nonetheless struck by it, and the contact surface on the wing instantly melted into ashes.

“Dammit!” As Quill cursed, he was forced to make a forced landing since his fighter jet’s broken wing prevented him from continuing to fly.

Following the destruction of Quill’s jet, Ronan proceeded to move the Hammer horizontally as the purple energy impact cut the sky like a massive purple long blade and stabbed at the energy shield wall of the Nova Corps ships.


The energy barrier wall the Fleets had created was like a delicate sheet of paper and was torn open in an instant as the purple energy struck it. It was unable to block it even for a little while.

Thankfully, Riverie anticipated the enemy’s onslaught as soon as Ronan moved, allowing the Knowhere Fleet to evade. Fortunately, there weren’t many casualties despite the fact that some warships were still impacted.

Everyone in the Nova Corps headquarters witnessed this event via the light curtain, which caused their spirits to once more descend from the mountaintop to the valley below. Ronan’s hammer crushed the optimism that had been finally reunited.

The Dark Aster swooped down on the capital city of Xandar after no longer being hindered by the shield wall of the ships. The folks below stared up, sinking into despair once more.

Dark Aster, who had almost rushed above the city at this point, was stopped in its tracks by a black figure that had just plummeted from the sky.

The black figure was the center of attention. They observed the dark figure reaching out his hands toward the Dark Aster as though he were attempting to stop the Dark Aster’s descent on his own.

As soon as this thought entered everyone’s brains, they all noticed the figure using both hands to apply force. The enormous Dark Aster ship resembled an unending range of magnificent mountains. The person in front of Dark Aster, though, was so tiny and frail.

Similar to a mantis pushing a cart

However, the Dark Aster’s plummeting speed, which had been accelerating then slowing down, suddenly stopped. There appeared to be an unfathomably scary force that prevented the giant from falling from the bottom all the way up.

“What in the world?” Flying a fighter jet, Rocket Raccoon is swooping down on the city.

He was near to this scenario and thought that it had significantly altered his perspective. Other Guardians of the Galaxy members, the Ravagers, and members of the Nova Corps were also stunned by this scene.

For a while, they even forgot to keep command of the fighter jets to fend off the army invasion. Only the Knowhere Fleet did not raise an uproar after witnessing Rorschach demolish one of their battleships with just his bare fists.

A ship of the Knowhere Fleet connected to the communication channel of Xandar and announced in a very agitated tone after realizing that all the fighters on Xandar had forgotten to attack.

“Nova Corps, are you able to carry on the battle? Just keep pursuing the enemy, that’s our leader fending off the enemy for a moment!”

Drax screamed enthusiastically and charged head-on toward the soldiers without regard for his own safety. Groot and Rocket Raccoon then followed.

The fact that Rorschach resisted the Dark Aster spacecraft was a huge morale booster for them.

The primary body of the Dark Aster was crushed and on the verge of deforming as a result of the enormous inertia and self-weight of the massive body of the spacecraft.

A force that was unseen spread about the Dark Aster when Rorschach halted it before flying towards its edge.

Ronan discovered that his store had abruptly stopped in midair above the Dark Aster and had then started to move away from the building.

Via the communicator, he asked Nebula, “Nebula, why did the ship stop?”

The communicator soon emitted Nebula’s blank voice, “I don’t know, all the spaceship’s parameters are normal, but the feedback from the army seems to be that someone halted the Dark Aster.”

Ronan is still unsure of what it means that someone “stopped” the Dark Aster.

The Dark Aster mothership had already been dragged by Rorschach to the outskirts of the Xandar capital city before being gently thrown.

Despite Rorschach’s extreme caution during this series of events, the landing of the enormous Dark Aster ship nonetheless caused Xandar to tremor violently.

When the Black Aster eventually impacted the ground, it didn’t immediately strike the city of Xandar as Ronan had anticipated.

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Published On: April 10, 2023

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