Xandar, Nova Corps.

Rhomann Dey received a call from the wanted criminal Peter Quill. He claimed that Ronan the Accusser had taken the Orb and was traveling to Xandar with the intention of destroying the city with the help of the Power Stone.

Peter Quill added that he and Yondu’s Ravager Clan will help the Nova Corps fight against Ronan the Accuser’s invasion.

The Nova Corps decided to trust Peter Quill and the Ravager Clan after speaking with Rhomann and Irani Rael, the female commander of the Nova Corps.

“Warning! The Dark Aster ship of Ronan the Accuser is visible as a remnant of a massive mothership in the Xandar planet’s orbit, according to database comparison results!”

There are never-ending sounds of the enemy’s attack sirens. The Kree Empire and Xandar have been at war for many years, and neither side is particularly strong. The Kree Empire and Xandar have recently signed a peace treaty.

Nevertheless, Ronan the Accuser is determined to destroy Xandar.

It appears that Ronan the Accuser is holding the Power Stone this time, and his strength has significantly grown, according to information that Rhomann learned from Peter Quill. The outcome of this conflict will determine Xandar’s future.

“We Nova Corps soldiers will not fall prey to Ronan the Accuser’s oppressive rule. Together, let’s stand up for liberty and peace, and let’s use our physical strength to construct an impenetrable shield wall for Xandar.”

The pre-war mobilization was declared to the whole Nova Corps army in the command room by Nova Corps commander Irani Rael.

Above Xandar’s horizon.

The enormous Dark Aster ship rushes into Xandar’s atmosphere like a predatory eagle with its wings outstretched, twisting the metal rings on its wings. Several little shuttles crowded out of the Dark Aster’s exterior compartment at the same time.

That was Ronan the Accuser’s army.

The Ravager Clan, led by Yondu, and the Guardians of the Galaxy, led by Peter Quill, have been waiting in Xandar’s skies for a while. The Guardians of the Galaxy and the Ravagers engaged in a ferocious battle when Ronan’s ship raided them.

Yondu’s Ravagers are a powerful band of Star Bandits, yet they are just a limited number of them. What possible comparison can be made to Ronan the Accuser’s vast army.

The Ravagers took severe losses during the brief aerial firepower clash. Sadly, Yondu was wounded and fell on Xandar’s ground.

The Guardians of the Galaxy and the Ravagers’ and Xandar’s defenses were breached by a large number of soldiers, who then attacked him below.

Fortunately, the Nova Corps’ fighter jets arrived in time to release the pressure on the Ravagers and the Guardians of the Galaxy. The invasion of Ronan’s army was momentarily stopped by the appearance of the Nova Army.

In spite of everything, Ronan the Accuser ordered the Dark Aster to crash land on the surface of Xandar while holding the Kree Warhammer encrusted with the Power Stone.

With organic matter, the Power Stone will react. The larger the target, the greater the energy surge.

The destructive energy will therefore surround Xandar as long as the Power Stone is transferred to its surface, destroying all living and non-living objects. This is Ronan’s strategy for eliminating Xandar.

The people below fled in every direction as the fight in the skies raged. Many were afraid and went to the Nova Corps, pleading for the Nova Corps’ protection.

The Nova Corps joined together to form a Nova energy shield wall that could cover the entire Dark Aster, intercepting the Dark Star trying to rush to the ground like a fishing net.

However, this defensive fighter group simply cannot last for too long.

This strategy, which involves giving up potent attacking methods and using up a lot of energy and combat aircraft to temporarily halt the enemy, is analogous to quenching a thirst with poison.

By relying solely on defense, you cannot win the battle.

Many high-ranking officers, including Commander Irani Rael of Nova Corps headquarters, were in despair as they observed this scenario.

Everyone can see that Ronan’s Dark Aster will soon be able to breach the Nova Corps’ shield wall defenses, and that the Nova Corps has already eliminated all of the star fighters.

That is to say, the Nova Corps will be powerless to halt the enemy once Ronan’s Dark Aster penetrates the Nova Shield Wall.

The soldiers began a suicide charge toward the city below as Ronan’s Dark Aster touched down. In a split second, battle and death engulfed Xandar’s whole capital city.

“Is everything about to end? Who will rescue us?”

Irani observed the light curtain in the Nova Corps’ command room, where numerous combatants and terribly deceased civilians had perished.

She wishes to provide some supportive comments. The words came to her lips, but she was unable to speak in the face of such a horrible reality.

Maybe this is the last day for Xandar.

The sky of Xandar suddenly began to show honeycomb-like spatial fissures once more. Everyone’s gaze was drawn to a flaming red triangle spaceship.

A fleet of ordered starships that were smaller than the mothership then immediately leaped over and promptly corrected their formation.

“Whose fleet is that, Star Pirates?”

Everyone saw the star fleet suddenly appearing in the sky. In the universe, it is easy to identify the aliens and technologies most starships use, as well as which starships belong to which civilization.

These starships, however, have distinctly varied aesthetics, as if they were cobbled together from several civilizations. Only the star pirate battleships can have the style like these.

The citizens of the Nova Corps concluded that this fleet is made up of star pirates as a result.

If it were earlier, the Xandar Stars would undoubtedly be overcome with anger and righteous indignation upon seeing the star pirates. But right now, the appearance of this stellar pirate fleet is like a someone that can save them.

“Star Lord, did you call that fleet?”

When this star pirate fleet unexpectedly materialized, Nova Army Captain Garthan Saal assumed it had been brought by the man claiming to be the Star-Lord.

Together with Gamora and Drax, Quill is fighting against the Dark Aster’s side in the skies. They want to scale the mothership’s side wall in order to infiltrate the Dark Aster’s interior and defeat Ronan the Accuser there.

Peter Quill’s countenance abruptly turned hazy when he realized the fleet had appeared in the skies after hearing Saal’s question over the communicator.

He has not made contact with any other star pirates. Perhaps Yondu called them?

He won’t be able to speak with Yondu for some time now that the Yondu spacecraft has crashed, and he can’t get confirmation from him. He can only respond by biting the bullet, “Yondu might call those fleets… But, I can’t say for sure.”

The soldiers of the Nova Corps, who had finally gained hope, tensed up once more in response to Peter Quill’s words.

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Published On: April 10, 2023

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