In order to restore the land of Knowhere, 100,000 Terminator robots were sent out at once, working in tandem with star pirates and super soldiers who were undergoing labor reform.

The Collector borrowed a significant amount of credits to pay for the reconstruction of Knowhere. The Knowhere transformation strategy is currently in full force.

Rorschach stayed out of the management of the star pirates and the rebuilding of Knowhere. He gave The Collector control of these for management.

The Collector will be in charge of organizing and recruiting the star pirates because of his extensive ties to Knowhere and stellar reputation, this will help Rorschach avoid a lot of difficulty.

Star pirates, on the other hand, are always star pirates. They have always been unrestrained, unfettered, and lawless. Several star pirates rebelled against Rorschach’s brutal authority and organized numerous inciting riots and escape schemes.

Wanda served as a law enforcer for these defiant star pirates, executing each one until the other ones complied.

The Scarlet Witch’s reputation has gone far among the space pirates thanks to Wanda’s mastery of Chaos magic and her determined slaying, and she has joined Rorschach as another being who possesses godlike qualities.

The Scarlet Witch is said to execute victims without so much as batting an eye.

Rorschach is currently savoring the treats Howard has brought him from several planets.

“Updates have been made to the star map. The Dark Aster of Ronan the Accuser is also reportedly traveling to Xandar, according to the most recent news from that world. The Nova Legion is prepared to battle Ronan until the very end.” The most recent data gathered across the universe is being reported by The Collector.

The Orb was taken from Knowhere by Ronan the Accuser, who intended to give it to Thanos in order for him to aid in the destruction of Xandar. But Ronan unintentionally found the Power Stone in the Orb.

Ronan ripped up the deal with Thanos as soon as he realized the Stone Gem was inside the Orb. Ronan believed that he could use his own might to destroy Xandar.

In order to tap the Power Stone on his Kree Warhammer, Ronan the Accuser tore up the pact with Thanos and took half of the Orb containing the Power Stone.

He had the impression he was unbeatable because to the Power Stone.

Having learned about the circumstances on Xandar, Rorschach has roughly predicted the plot’s course at this point.

He asked as he turned to face the collector, “How many battleships are available for our fleet?”

“Six battleships, more than 20 frigates, and about a thousand small shuttle fighters.” The Collector said, picking up a long crystal block and gliding his finger across the light curtain a few times.

The majority of the star pirate battleships in the Knowhere are small battleships because the majority of the star pirate gangs employ star pirate battleship was destroyed by him.

Rorschach gave the device a quick look. None of these starships appear to be part of the “Earth Star Fleet” expedition, despite the fact that Knowhere has been conquered.

Thankfully, Rorschach has gained close to a million mission points from occupying and changing Knowhere. Around 10 million points remain to upgrade the Kryptonian bloodline.

“All star pirate battleships are to be deployed, follow the Mir mothership to Xandar.” Rorschach spoke and then rose.

It is clear that The Collector Thalia did not think like Rorschach, “What are we going to do, my Lord? Together, should we aid Ronan’s invasion or Xandar’s?”

“Even though these spaceships are all owned by star pirates, Earth is represented by all the fleets this time. The Earth is a planet that values peace. Of course, the goal is to defend the universe as a whole and Xandar from the Krees.”

The Collectors heard Rorschach speak such truths as “every man is accountable for the rise and collapse of the globe,” “the impoverished will only benefit the planet, and the rich will benefit the universe” as he once more oozed brilliant brilliance.

Rorschach once more oozed stunning brilliance as he uttered such facts as “every man is answerable for the rise and fall of the globe,” “the destitute will only benefit the planet, and the rich will benefit the universe.”

The Collector are bathed in this holy light, but Wanda hurriedly utilized her power to stay awake because she had noticed recently that Rorschach has grown increasingly fond of gradually brainwashing others via the Mind Stone.

Ordinary people cannot at all detect this kind of subtle brainwashing since it is so well-hidden. If they don’t take measures, even skilled psychic users could unknowingly step into Rorschach’s path.

That is, eliminating violence and keeping the good, assisting the weak and weeding out the strong, and preserving world peace.

The three largest empires in the world—the Kree Empire, the Skrull Empire, and the Shi’ar Empire—are obviously what can be described as “powerful” and “aggressive” in the current era.

“That Kree man has long since irritated me. He demolished my mansion and snatched the Orb from me. It’s time for him to pay for his crimes right now.” The Collector was quite ecstatic. He didn’t anticipate having the opportunity to exact revenge on Ronan the Accuser today.

He quickly headed downstairs to put together the Star Fleet.

Naturally, Rorschach wouldn’t be at ease knowing that the star pirate would retake command of their battleship. He linked each of the star pirates to the Riverie’s data network so that Riverie could command them.

Untrained star pirates in large numbers were dispersed, regrouped as battle forces, and assigned to new battleships.

The star pirates initially resisted putting in a lot of effort. Those star pirates who had been squabbling all day and couldn’t stand Rorschach’s rule suddenly became extremely thrilled when a sizable quantity of credits were transferred to their accounts as salary.

Why do they have to travel to the bottom of the star sea to become a star pirate if working for Rorschach pays more money?

The initiative to rebuild Knowhere is currently well under way.

Certain amusement venues were left unbanned by Rorschach, who even relocated all of the Earth’s entertainment games, food, and drink to Knowhere.

All simulated robots can be customized, and the cost is not prohibitively high, especially once a sizable number of them have established themselves at important entertainment venues. No matter what your preferences are—tall or short, fat or skinny, different skin tones, even gender and personality—you can customize it.

This is heaven, according to the star pirates who have used the simulation robot service. Those star pirates fell in love with the brand new Knowhere.

The battleships soon gathered, and all of their shells were polished again and painted with the logo of the God’s head, which stands for Knowhere.

The Mir mothership and the star pirate fleet were united to form the Knowhere Fleet.

The Collector was instructed by Rorschach to keep a close eye on Knowhere. After removing all the battleships, Rorschach kept sealing Knowhere to prevent unwanted outsiders from entering.

“Enter space coordinates, target, Xandar!”

“Space coordinates have been entered. Begin the space jump countdown.”


Many star pirate warships poured into the honeycomb-like space channel as the Mir mothership’s engine began to run, followed by the Mir mothership as it jumped toward Xandar.

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Published On: April 9, 2023

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