“I’m from Earth, and my name is Rorschach, and I want to negotiate a deal with you.” Rorschach approached The Collector within ten steps and grinned as he spoke.

The Collector was definitely surprised when he heard what Rorschach had to say. “Earth?”

Collectors are undoubtedly shocked that Rorschach originated from a backward and primitive Earth. The Earth, which cannot even be constructed with interstellar spacecraft, in the opinion of this cosmic veteran, is no different from living in the Stone Age.

“What kind of agreement would you like to discuss with me, Mr. Earth?” Because Rorschach was from Earth, The Collector didn’t relax his guard. He continued to hold an energy weapon and continued to inquire and respond to Rorschach while aiming the cannon at him.

Rorschach flashed into view in front of the collector. He reached out and seized his weapon before the opponent could respond. Rorschach suddenly removed the energy core from the opponent’s energy weapon and clenched his five fingers around it.


In Rorschach’s hand, the terrible energy core erupted, sending a circle of powerful shock waves into the air. Under this horrific shock wave, Rorschach’s palm did not move. Rorschach’s fingertips merely sent out shock waves that resembled razor blades.

Everything in the shock wave’s path was destroyed, like a blade. When The Collector, Howard, and Cosmo saw this scenario, they thought their hearts might stop. The hearts of the three were engulfed by an awful power, like facing Death, as if he alone controlled their fate.

“The agreement I’m trying to work out with you is to trade your life for all of your possessions.” Rorschach smiled as he spoke.

The Collector twitched his lip and replied, “This arrangement sounds unfair, but can I refuse?”

Rorschach gave a nod, “You can decline, of course. Nonetheless, whatever you own will be mine as well once you pass away.”

But you don’t know the password to his account, and his account is connected to the gene sequence, so you can’t take it, Howard on the side popped his head out from behind The Collector and interposed.

The Collector gave Howard a stern gaze.

“Don’t reject me hastily. In truth, I’m not interested in money. However, taking over Knowhere to construct an interplanetary armada for my planet Earth.” Rorschach said, wiping the fire from his eyes as he gently patted The Collector’s shoulder.

They will have to wait a very long time to develop an interplanetary fleet using the Nine Realms’ technology. The dark elves still own several starships, but it appears that they are technologically behind and unable to quickly catch up if they want to keep growing their fleet size.

Hence, Rorschach decided on Knowhere if he wanted to operate a factory for quickly producing Starfleet. While there are many star pirates and thieves in Knowhere.

Nonetheless, Knowhere serves as a supply hub for star pirates and has all the necessary tools and technology for repairing and transforming starships. Even mass production of starships is obviously not an issue under the assumption of sufficient manpower and resources.

Thus, Rorschach made the decision to occupy Knowhere and turn it into his Starfleet production facility. In addition to resolving Starfleet’s issues, eliminating the bandit nest in Knowhere will significantly increase the security of the nearby stars.

“You don’t have to think that I’m robbing you, you should regard it as your investment in me. You take the initiative to give your resources to build a fleet for me. I can promise you, in the future, I let you collect all the precious things in the entire universe, and even in the multiverse, so that you can find more fun and goals in your long life.”

Rorschach was deceiving the collector as a little glow came from the Mind Stone on his body.

The Collector let down his guard under the power of the Mind Stone, and his thoughts were guided by Rorschach’s words. He started to picture himself exploring the multiverse and acquiring priceless artifacts there.

“Traveling across the multiverse… I’ve wasted a lot of time in this tiny universe, but I’ve never experienced its size. I resemble a frog in a well, stuck there.” After learning more about the multiverse, the Collector developed a desire for it.

Rorschach said, his body seemed to radiate the brilliance of divinity, “Kneel down, surrender to me, and when I break through the barriers of the universe, I will take you to admire the grandeur of the multiverse.”

That is the Mind Stone’s glow. Its radiance enveloped The Collector and Howard, who gazed upon Rorschach as if it were a deity. The two bowed slightly, with only Cosmo maintaining a semblance of sobriety.

It intended to bark in an effort to awaken The Collector and Howard using psychic energy, but Rorschach was observing it with a very compassionate stare before it could do so. After a brief struggle, Cosmo released his spiritual force and actively submerged himself in the Mind Stone’s glow.

The Collector, Howard, and Cosmo all knelt down before Rorschach.

“Rorschach, my lord, is the world’s God. I, Taneleer Tivan, your devoted follower, extend my deepest respect to you and am prepared to commit all of my possessions to you.”

“Get up.” Rorschach said.

“Yes, Lord Rorschach.” The Collector, Howard, and Cosmo all stood up, looking at Rorschach with reverence in their eyes.

Rorschach first displayed his formidable prowess in front of them before using the Mind Stone to sway their perceptions, elevating Rorschach to the status of a deity in the eyes of The Collector, Howard, and Cosmo.

After that, Rorschach explored the treasure room and collected practically all of the technical advancements made by the three major universe-spanning nations.

The most advanced science and technology of the three empires of the universe can be deciphered as long as the scientific and technological products inside are given to Rorschach’s scientific research team for research.

Many star pirate criminals were apprehended by Riverie’s Terminator Legion. The Collector’s mansion is surrounded by a densely packed population of star pirates, and the entire Knowhere is still in space confinement.

In front of every star pirate, Rorschach made an appearance alongside The Collector and Howard.

“All of you must work for me starting today. But, you shouldn’t worry because everybody who works hard will be paid generously. I merely need each of you to serve me for ten years. I’ll let you go after 10 years. Of course, those who wish to remain and work for me may do so as well.”

Rorschach has always given his workers excellent care. Giving money to subordinates is the easiest and most straightforward approach to manage them. If the financial assistance is insufficient on its own, additional financial assistance is required.

There was a star pirate, half of his face mechanized, with purple skin. “My Lord, what kind of labor do you want us to accomplish for you?”

“The main task is to build and maintain starships, but I will assign you to roles that suit your specialties. You should be conversant with starship-related jobs since you are all star pirates.” Rorschach answered.

These star pirates’ identities have been entered by Riverie, who then assigns them to jobs that are fit for their skills.

Technical positions will be given to individuals who are familiar with starship technology, and other positions will be available to those who are not. After all, abilities from many areas of life are needed to preserve the functioning of Knowhere.

Other star pirates who disobey orders hide in the shadows of Knowhere like mice, in addition to making arrangements for the star pirates who have already submitted. Riverie loaded the data to create a plan to rebuild Knowhere in order to identify every people who hides from Rorschach.

Knowhere will inevitably become a well-kept big galactic city and a starship production facility as a result.

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Published On: April 9, 2023

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