The Collector turned to face the sky and saw that Rorschach had blown up star pirate battleship one after another, slicing them into scrap copper and iron, leaving him with nothing but numbness on his head.

“The Eternals? Go to hell, that guy can’t be Eternals at all.” The Collector suddenly thought of a possibility.

Could it be that someone stole the Eternals’ mothership and is now attempting to seize the entire Knowhere? Thinking about it this way, everything seems to makes sense.

The Collector hurried to the door of his collection while thinking this. Despite the fact that there were two incidents caused by the Power Stone and the Dark Aster Legion, The Collector’s mansion only suffered severe damage to the main hall and his collection treasure room was unaffected.

He has a treasure room full of expensive things. As the treasure room’s entrance was opened, Howard the Duck and Cosmo the space dog also managed to fit inside.

As running around, Howard the Duck gripped his head tensely, “That man in the sky will murder us, it’s all over. Taneleer, you claimed that the previous person would release us if you gave him what he wants.”

“You are also my collection, how about giving you to him?” the Collector asked as he turned to face him.

“Oh, God, you can’t do that. Taneleer, your maid is dead, you can’t rely on that silly dog to help you out. Your maid is already dead.”

In The Collector’s treasure room, Howard the Duck discovered a dark matter hand cannon. He carried it on his shoulders, smoked a cigar, put a crimson tie around his head, and wielded an energy weapon in one hand while wearing a tough man attitude.

When Cosmo overheard Howard calling him a “dumb dog,” he casually said, “Do you really believe that having two weapons on you will be helpful? You foolish duck.”

In a time of need, Cosmo can use his telepathic abilities to form a psychic barrier to fend off attackers.

The Collector roared angrily at the two weird creatures as they continued their argument inside the treasure room, “That’s enough, you two. Shut up and help me move things along.”

There are numerous weapons and pieces of equipment gathered in The Collector’s treasure room. No matter how many guns and pieces of equipment The Collector had, he was no match for Rorschach, who was able to destroy dozens of star pirate battleships on his alone.

The Collector chose to instantly grab some of the most valuable items in the treasury after weighing the relative strengths of the two sides, and he subsequently fled on a small shuttle starship.

Rorschach has now destroyed every star pirate battleship that was pursuing him.

Many Terminator robots and super soldiers have poured out of the Mir mothership, which is still floating close to Knowhere and chanting “Surrender, don’t kill” in the common language of the universe.

Of course, it is impossible to follow those ruthless space pirates. Several star pirate gangs and the Terminator Legion engaged in small-scale combat. But, in comparison to the well-organized Terminator Legion, these dispersed space pirate gangs were weak and easily subdued.

The Terminator Legion then subdued the ground star pirates after Rorschach destroyed the star pirates’ fleet.

The huge star pirate gangs were nearly wiped off, and the remaining, dispersed star pirates lacked the courage to resist. As a result, they were forced to submit to the Terminator Legion’s capture and hand over their weapons.

Rorschach scanned the entirety of Knowhere with his eyes. There are many, intricately constructed skyscrapers and starports inside this god’s head, giving it a slightly cyberpunk feel.

Rorschach’s eyes were drawn to the largest and most opulent castle-like structure among these congested structures.

He initially closed his eyes, then opened them once again, activated the X-ray vision, and peered through the building’s walls. The explosion had damaged the interior, but there was still a sizable super alloy warehouse with multiple exhibits inside.

Taneleer Tivan is unquestionably the only collector in the Knowhere with this many exhibits.

“I must admit, The Collector’s treasure room has a lot of valuables.”

Rorschach looked about and noticed innumerable weapons and tools from other civilizations, along with all the foresight technology from the three major powers in the cosmos. In addition, myths and stories contain a wealth of riches.

“Ember of Genesis?”

Rorschach observed The Collector taking a little package and placing it inside a space shuttle. Rorschach could tell even from a great distance that the small box contained something powerful because it included some green objects.

That is the fabled Ember of Genesis, which is full of powerful life force and has the power to change the planet’s ecosystem into one that is habitable for living things.

A dying planet can quickly become a flourishing oasis with just one ounce.

“Svartalfheim and Jotunheim can easily become habitable planets thanks to the Embers of Genesis.”

Rorschach sent an exploration research team to Svartalfheim and Jotunheim after conquering them in order to finish the study assignment.

The scan results indicate that these two worlds have a lot of resource mines, but the harsh temperature makes it nearly impossible for them to become habitable planets. Even on these two planets, the native populace has steadily declined, and a racial problem has developed.

The Ember of Genesis have the ability to change these two planets, give them life, and make them into brand-new habitable planets.

Naturally, this also needs to take into account protecting the local wildlife as well as Svartalfheim and Jotunheim’s original natural habitat. It is up to planetary climate specialists to take this into account.

Rorschach flew towards The Collector’s home in the following instant and punched open the collector’s room gate.

Rorschach punched and the hefty super-alloy door was blown aside. The Collector, who was carrying the treasure inside the treasure room, quickly raised his weapon and assumed a combat position upon spotting Rorschach.

In addition, Howard the Duck took the dark matter hand cannon and pointed it at Rorschach. “Don’t move, I’ll shoot if you do.”

“Taneleer Tivan, calm down. I’m here to bargain with you about certain terms.”

After speaking to The Collector, Rorschach turned to Howard and said, “And you, if you want to become a roast duck, just pull the trigger.”

Rorschach concluded his sentence, disregarded Howard’s threat, and started to make his way towards The Collector.

Cosmo was shaking in fright to the side. Howard heard him say inaudibly, “Don’t shoot and put your weapons down. We will all die if you open fire.”

Cosmo has telepathic abilities, which Howard the Duck is aware of. He retreated in fear and inquired tremblingly, “Are you able to read a man’s heart? What is he thinking? He won’t murder us as long as we surrender, right?”

“I can’t read that man’s heart, but I can feel that he doesn’t intend to kill people yet, so you must not do stupid things to provoke him.” Cosmo whispered to Howard.

“Who the hell are you?” The Collector was wearing the star armor of the Kree Empire and holding a powerful energy weapon, looking at Rorschach warily.

The Collector, as the elder of the universe, possesses powerful power in itself. With the most advanced weapons in the universe, his combat power is comparable to the superhero level.

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Published On: April 8, 2023

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