In the ruin, The Collector was seated. His mansion was destroyed when his maid accidentally touched the Power Stone, igniting its energy.

Then Ronan the Accuser of the Kree Empire led his troops and spaceship to the Guardians of the Galaxy to steal the Orb.

Firepower confrontation was inevitable during the time. This worsened The Collector’s situation, whose home had already been demolished.

He laboriously patched his wound, sat on a mound of rubble, and sipped wine by himself. Cosmo the Space, who had a potent psychic ability, felt the sadness in The Collector’s heart and licked his face.

“Why did you let a dog lick your face? Isn’t that disgusting?” a gruff voice from behind said.

The one who was speaking was a duck. This duck wasn’t just any talking duck. It was Howard the Duck. He was his collection, and the Collector gave him a quick glance.

The Collector was incensed by the mocking of a duck, saying, “It’s not only about that darned Kree. He actually took away the Orb.”

There is nothing The Collector must do. Despite his wealth, he lacks the military might take on Ronan the Accuser, who is in charge of the whole Dark Aster Legion.

When Star Lord stole the Spirit Orb from him, The Collector was still able to offer a sizable reward to the interstellar pirates who would pursue and kill Star Lord. However, since Ronan the Accuser was the one who stole the Orb, which star pirates would dare to take on Ronan the Accuser?

“Ugh…” Again sighing, The Collector raised his glass and took a sip of the tasteless wine.

Another roar came from the sky. A voice that might be heard all over the planet, echoing like thunder rolling from the sky.

“Observe, everyone. I am the Mir captain, Rorschach. You are surrounded by me. Knowhere will now be under emergency management. All intelligent beings will form a neat line and surrender all their possessions. Any person or group that doesn’t cooperate will be mercilessly slaughtered.”

The sky’s voice briefly silenced the previously raucous nothingness. Rorschach communicates in the universal language, which is understood by all intelligent life that exists in Knowhere.

The majority of them are horrible interplanetary outlaws and star pirates in Knowhere. Today, a mothership emerged out of nowhere. He intended to capture all of the star pirates in all of Knowhere.

“Rorschach? Has this individual ever been heard of?”

“Ronan the Accuser just walked away, and this person just walked in. This can’t be Ronan’s brother, would it?”

“This Rorschach’s mind is mental. A simple mothership dares to stir things up in Knowhere, this is basically asking for a death wish!”

Nearly all of the space criminals and pirates in Knowhere were unconcerned by the mothership’s sudden appearance, and many of them were even looking forward to a joke.

The star pirate commanders who were just struck by Ronan’s firepower are currently all simmering with rage, but they have nowhere to express their anger.

These pirates will undoubtedly use the moron who has come to cause trouble as a punching bag.

A number of star pirate vessels did indeed rise into the air, encircling the burning triangle mothership that had suddenly materialized from all directions. Countless energy rays and shells were launched at the triangle mothership in the sky by the starships when they were completely ignited.

Through the sizable hole in the ceiling, the Collector could also see the scene above the sky. He scowled, thinking he had already seen this mothership.

“The Eternals…they are from the Celestials?” The Collector saw the mothership in the sky, and it is undoubtedly a Celestial’s creation.

“What drove the Eternals to Knowhere, though?” The Collectors were unable to comprehend it.

Many military shells dropped from the sky in a split second, and the horrifying explosion sent tremors through space.

As they observed this spectacle, the star pirates applauded, and many of them were even prepared to wait until the mothership in the sky came crashing down before running up to seize some supplies and equipment.

But through the dense fog of shooting, they saw a man appear in front of everyone before the mothership in the sky crashed.

In addition to a cloak behind him, the man was dressed in a black battle suit. In front of the enormous mothership, his form appeared out of nowhere. Despite his little size, many felt as though they were gazing up at a tall mountain.

“The game is on…” Rorschach stretched his hands and feet, and saw such a group of vicious star pirates, even if he killed them all, he would only do justice for the space.

Rorschach moved forward and abruptly vanished from view the next instant. Everyone immediately collided with a black entity that they all spotted moving extremely quickly toward the closest vessel.


The enormous battleship in the form of a shuttle was abruptly knocked out of its hole by a bang. Rorschach then flew out of the battleship’s tail after crashing through it completely.

He circled the battleship in Knowhere, then climbed to the top and punched it square in the face.


From one end of the battleship to the other, it was crushed by an incredibly powerful force akin to a landslide or a crushing machine.

There were not even many shouts coming from inside the enormous battleship as its exterior walls all burst open. The amount of material squeezed by this force was less than a third of what it had originally been. All of the star pirates perished instantly.

Only the battleship’s roar as it crashed to the ground from the skies after being blown up by Rorschach could be heard as the entire Knowhere erupted into stillness once more. The scalps of the star pirates who attacked collectively were all numb.

“My God, what the hell is this Rorschach guy?”

“Ronan the Accuser can’t do this to blow up a battleship by himself!”

“Turn around, run! Run!”

As the star pirates who had just attacked the Mir mothership in the sky, they witnessed Rorschach blowing up the battleship on his own and daring to remain stationary, they all frantically raised their engines, immediately changed their trajectories, and went for the universe’s deep emptiness.

It is safer to leave this place and travel to the prison on Xandar.

The star pirate battleships turned around and were about to take off when Rorschach turned to gaze at them. The entire Knowhere was immediately engulfed in a blue space energy.

After blocking their path, Rorschach took off once more and sped into a different battleship. Two blazing rays of light erupted from the starship’s interior in the following instant, shredding it into innumerable bits of scrap metal.

For a while, none of the star pirates experienced the same level of enthusiasm as before. As everyone’s hearts began to quake, many star pirates climbed aboard their battleships in an effort to flee this area by taking advantage of the mayhem.

Rorschach blocked off this area with the Space Stone. In addition to being unable to jump out of the area, they are also unable to actively steer the battleship’s flight away from the area.

Countless star pirates looked desperately. They looked at the black figure in the space, as if quietly waiting for the judgment to come.

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Published On: April 8, 2023

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