When Thor’s succession ceremony first started a month ago, Rorschach was in Nidavellir talking to Eitri about the battle suit.

On the planet Morag, a deserted world far out in space. A priceless metal ball was discovered by Peter Quill in a specific temple on Morag. Peter Quill only possesses half the blood of an average Earthling. His mother is an earthling, and his father is a god by the name of Ego.

But for some unknown reason, Yondu didn’t bring Peter Quill to Ego.

Recently there have been some high rewards for the Orb circulating in the universe. After looking into the Orb’s location, Peter Quill went there on his own and found it.

He was besieged by Korath, a servant of Ronan the Accuser, even though he was looking for the Orb. However, Peter Quill managed to get away from the other party’s grasp, bring the Orb to Xandar, and sell it to a customer.

The buyer of Xandar, however, was so terrified upon learning that Ronan was also looking for the Orb that he immediately canceled the deal, claiming that he did not wish to anger Ronan the Accuser.

Later, Peter Quill was on Xandar, where he met Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and Gamora, the adoptive daughter of Thanos who had been sent by Ronan to compete for the Orb.

The Nova Corps of Xandar star imprisoned the three individuals and the one raccoon for causing widespread mayhem and causing damage to public spaces. Peter Quill met Drax, who shared a strong animosity with Ronan the Accuser, in the Nova Corps prison.

The Guardians of the Galaxy are composed of four individuals and one raccoon.

The Orb was recovered by the Guardians of the Galaxy after their jail breakout, who then took it to Knowhere, they sold it to Taneleer Tivan or The Collector.

One of the universe’s oldest individuals is Taneleer Tivan, also known as The Collector. According to legend, he once lost a wager with death and was unable to ever visit the country of the dead, giving him an unending lifespan.

The Collector is eager to gather everything he finds interesting in the cosmos in order to pass the lengthy and dull time. Naturally, The Collector’s collection also includes The Orb, also known as the Power Stone.

His maid went out to take the Power Stone while The Collector was describing the Infinity Stone in the Orb to the Guardians of the Galaxy. How could a mortal touch the Power Stone with their bare hands.

The Collector’s home was enveloped in a horrible destructive energy the instant her palm touched the Power Stone. Rorschach’s Mir mothership also picked up the gamma ray variations coming from the Power Stone at this moment.

Rorschach nevertheless recognized the existence of the Infinity Stones and sealed the spot despite the fact that this time’s fluctuations were incredibly small and did not fully utilize the Power Stone’s abilities.

“How many super soldiers and terminators can we currently mobilize, Riverie?” Roschach enquired.

“There are over 100,000 Terminator robots and more than 6,000 super troops available.” Riverie answered.

Other Terminator and super warriors were dispatched to Asgard, Svartalfheim, Jotunheim, and Nidavellir to carry out assignments, with the exception of several robots that were lost during the conflict with the Dark Elves.

“That’s enough, collect all the idle units, and come with me to the space where the Power Stone is to find it.” Rorschach commanded.

“The Super Soldier Legion and the Terminator Legion have been notified.”

Not all the Terminator robots were released, and most of them remained dormant on the Mir, but the calling of the Super Soldiers Legion took a moment. A living person is definitely not as efficient as a robot.

Because this time Rorschach was going to find the Power Stone and would be returning shortly, Jane Foster, Darcy, and other Earth group members stayed in Asgard to conduct study. He didn’t bring them, therefore.

Rorschach boarded the Mir mothership with Wanda and Pietro after saying goodbye to Thor, the new king. Rorschach sat in the captain’s chair on the deck and observed Riverie’s holographic image move the light curtain and gradually unfold the star chart.

“The Power Stone’s energy fluctuations’ coordinates have been found, merely space jump to the appropriate location.”


The Mir was directed by Rorschach to jump toward the coordinate location in the universe’s depths by maximizing its engine power. The area surrounding the mothership appears to be extending forever.

The stars eventually changed into innumerable bright, straight lines that extended behind everyone. No one aboard the mothership saw anything out of the ordinary. Since the Mir is a Celestials-produced technological advancement, the space jump across this distance is still bearable.


Deep in the space.

In this region of space, a fiery red, triangular spacecraft with a remarkably regular appearance appeared. Rorschach instantly requested Riverie to scan the environment after the space jump and transmit the data in real time.

A gigantic head the size of a globe suddenly materialized among the enormous monitor in front of everyone. The scene in front of them startled both Wanda and Pietro.

“Is that a head that resembles a planet or a planet that resembles a head?” Pietro posed his own query as he peered into the depths of the starry sky. Wanda also looked curious.

“That is the Celestial’s head. The fabled Symbiosis God Knull, who used the All-Black Necrosword to kill a Celestial. Everyone settled within the dead Celestial’s skull for everyone to settle in..” The history of Knowhere was briefly outlined by Rorschach.

He once thought it was a great achievement that Knull had killed a Celestial with the All-Black The Necrosword. But Rorschach now has the Gungnir Spear, three Infinity Stones, and the power to destroy gods.

The Guardians of the Galaxy movie’s plot states. Rorschach still intends to travel to Knowhere despite Ronan the Accuser having snatched the Power Stone. Because Knowhere is both the famed Taneleer Tivan’s residence as well as a gathering place for many bandits and star thieves.

The three empires have formed a system of galaxy credits as the dominant currency in the Marvel universe.

In this galactic credit currency system, only 10 million credits are needed to purchase the right to live on a remote planet, but The Collector offered a full 4 billion credits for everyone who could bring him the Power Stone.

One can imagine how rich The Collector is.

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Published On: April 7, 2023

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