Cosmic gamma-ray detectors did not pick up any energy oscillations thought to be produced by Infinity Stones for a considerable period of time after that.

Except for the Power Gems, the Soul Stone that exists on Vormir is one of the Infinity Stones that are still dispersed throughout the universe today.

Rorschach plans to send a message for Thanos to find them, but Soul Stone can only be gained by sacrificing their loved ones.



After nearly six months of designing and forging, Eitri was able to complete a set of the battle suit.

Compared to Rorschach’s current Destroyer Armor, these fighting outfits are not as bulky. Instead, the style is more like to the black suit worn by Superman in the Justice League, but it lacks the tights-like feel.

Since Uru Metal is one of the sturdiest metals in the cosmos, the battle suit manufactured is inevitably retains some aspects of armor.

“The battle suit has been made, and we just need the Power Stone. You don’t have any updates on the Power Stone, do you?” Eitri asked Rorschach.

Rorschach’s shoulders shook. If that fails, he might proceed straight to Xandar. Ronan will obtain the Orb from Star Lord, according to the Guardians of the Galaxy plan, and then use his Kree Warhammer to destroy Xandar.

Rorschach intends to travel to Xandar, and he is confident that he can hold off until Ronan the Accuser delivers the Power Stone.

“Can I wear this suit since the Power Stone will eventually belong to me?” Rorschach was eager to put it on.

“You can wear it and you can even attach Infinity Stones to it.” Eitri said with a nod.

He applied pressure on the suit’s chest logo. This logo’s pattern has six vacant spaces that can each hold an endless number of jewels.

Rorschach is able to appear, move, and conceal the existence of Infinity Stones at will thanks to the magical characteristics of Uru metal. He can even utilize magic to instantly put on and take off his battle gear.

The suit also has the power to repair itself, thus even after the Infinity Stones are inserted to create the dimension space, the suit can never be destroyed unless the dimension and all of the Infinity Stones are destroyed.

Three Infinity Stones were removed by Rorschach from the Destroyer Armor. Eitri simply stared at Rorschach while placing one Infinity Stone at a time onto the battle suit while holding three Infinity Stones of various hues in his bare hands.

The suit will experience a strong energy impact every time one is inserted, but because the dimension suit was made specifically to hold Infinity Stones, this energy impact is negligible.

Rorschach set the three Infinity Stones down and touched the suit of armor with his hand. The battle suit vanished in an instant, then reappeared on Rorschach’s body.

The fighting suit can automatically modify its size to fit Rorschach’s body type, and it has now been set to the best size for him to wear.

Rorschach was engulfed by a strong wave. He threw his hand towards space, directly shattering it with the force of three Infinity Stones.

Eitri’s mouth twitched uncontrollably as he fixed his gaze on the shattered space several meters in front of Rorschach.

Odin may have invested all of his almighty strength in it, and it may have been conceivable to use the Gungnir Spear’s most powerful strike to pierce the space, but Rorschach simply struck it carelessly.

“I appreciate you making the battle suit for me, Eitri. I propose Nidavellir to form an alliance on behalf of the Earth. Are you willing to accept it?”

Eitri shrugged as he turned to face the few dwarves that were waiting behind him. He feels that Rorschach is a good ally now that they have gotten along during this period.

“I am willing to form an alliance with you and even provide weapons for you if you can guarantee to protect the dwarves like Asgard.” Eitri spoke while gripping Rorschach’s hand and extending a large palm.

Despite their enormous size, dwarfs are not skilled warriors. They have no interest in using weapons, only in creating equipment. The dwarves prayed to the Asgardian gods for protection as a result of their attachment to Asgard.

“Nidavellir won’t experience any misery for as long as the Earth exist.” Rorschach smiled.

[Ding, finish the side mission “Interstellar Diplomat,” granting 1,000,000 mission points, and congratulate the host for establishing diplomatic relations with Nidavellir on behalf of the earth!]

Rorschach received another million points for forging a favorable alliance with the dwarves.

Character attributes:

Lineage: Kryptonian Bloodline

Level: LV4

Additional attributes: None

Skills: Man of Steel, Bio-Force Field, Super Strength, Super Speed.

Mission Points: 7531450

Adding the goal points for restoring Asgard City, Loki consenting to become the new ruler of Jotunheim, and Rorschach’s submission. He now has 7.5 million in accumulation.

Some Frost Giants were opposed to Loki becoming the new king of Jotunheim.

However, Rorschach provided him with tens of thousands of Terminator legions and dark elf fleets, and with his cunning and many trickeries, Loki was able to win back the support of the majority of the Frost Giants.

He finally achieved his goal of becoming the king of the ice giants, despite the many detours that were necessary. Loki is currently pleading on behalf of the Frost Giant and requesting forgiveness from Odin.

Eitri brought out numerous jars of vintage wine, each aged for hundreds of years, especially to commemorate the partnership between the Earth and Nidavellir.

He also volunteered to assist Wanda in designing a series of unique battle armor. At that moment, Rorschach imagined the robe of the Scarlet Witch.

However, the Scarlet Witch’s comic book outfit is too exposed, particularly those two white thighs. Can this be revealed to others?

Rorschach altered numerous sections of the Scarlet Witch’s garment while keeping some of its original features.

Following the celebration of the union between Earth and Nidavellir, Asgard delivered another piece of good news. Next month, Odin will organize the ritual to establish a new monarch.

Thor will thereafter succeed the Asgardian ruler in that position. The Nine Kingdoms learned of the news.


The coronation of Thor was extraordinarily lavish. The other six realms, with the exception of Niflheim and Muspelheim, sent significant representatives to witness the ceremony.

Rorschach utilized the occasion to speak with representatives of Vanaheim and Alfheim, who expressed a desire to cooperate.

They aim to return and report to their respective rulers since the kings of these two realms are not there before deciding whether or not to create an alliance.

Rorschach said that he will visit Vanaheim and Alfheim to talk about the partnership after Thor’s succession ceremony.

Before Thor’s succession ceremony was finished, there was word from Mir that the Power Stone’s gamma ray storm had been discovered. Riverie had also tracked the Power Stone’s exact location.

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