Nidavellir revolves around the dying star’s core.

The star’s core is emitting brightness like the sun and is blazing ferociously. The star’s core is encircled by four enormous rings. The star’s core burns energy, which travels through the rainbow pupil separating the four rings and into the massive melting furnace.

The heat from the furnace is used by the dwarves to melt and forge Uru metal.

In contrast to the scene in Avengers 4, it is different on the Nidavellir. In the brilliant light of today, sights of hard-working dwarfs may be observed all across Nidavellir.

It is a prosperous scene as some dwarves are extracting Uru metal from the mine veins and others are making weapons in the forge.

The dwarves were drawn in by the brightness from the rainbow bridge as it penetrated the sky and touched down. The silhouettes of Rorschach and his group descended onto Nidavellir as the vibrant light faded.

“Thor!” Only a loud cheer and an earthquake-like rumbling sound could be heard. Quickly moving forward, the four-meter-tall dwarf king Eitri gave Thor, who had just touched down, a bear hug.

Even though Thor is a towering, powerful man, he appears to be a kid in comparison to the dwarf king.

“Eitri, it’s been a while. This time, I came with a friend to meet you.”

Eitri’s knee was heartily stroked by Thor, who then turned to Rorschach and Wanda to introduce himself, “Rorschach is the God of Midgard, standing next to him are Wanda and Pietro. Everyone, this is Eitri, the greatest blacksmith and king of the dwarves.”

Eitri, the king of the dwarves, resembles a very large dwarf. His body and limb proportions are a little disjointed. He resembles a beggar on the streets of New York with his messy hair and beard. But everyone present will not despise Eitri because of his sloppy appearance.

Rorschach and Eitri listened to Thor’s introduction before exchanging warm handshakes.

When Wanda and Pietro heard Thor refer to “the kingdom of dwarves,” they assumed they would be dealing with dwarves that were no taller than 1.2 meters. But when they got to Nidavellir, they found that the fabled dwarves were all giants who stood around four meters tall.

“I have a question, if they are dwarves, then what are we? Goblins?” Pietro also shook hands with Eitri, who was four meters tall, and Pietro could only hold one of his fingers.

Rorschach explained, “This dates back to the history of the dwarves. The enormous titans are intrinsically related to the birth of the dwarves. The dwarves are, after all, merely dwarves in comparison to the enormous titans.”

Hearing this, Wanda and Pietro quickly realized. Despite their name as dwarfs, these individuals are more comparable to the Titans than to regular people because of their height.

“Eitri, I want you to help Rorschach make a king’s weapon.” Thor said after a few brief words of civility.

Eitri glanced at Rorschach inadvertently, “I received a letter a few days ago from Odin’s raven in which it was claimed that the God of Midgard had saved Asgard and Queen Frigga. Since it is Odin’s commission and he requested me to create a perfect weapon, I shall without a doubt fulfill all of your demands. What kind of weapon do you want?”

After giving it some contemplation, Rorschach realized that the Gungnir Spear was his only offensive weapon. Even if Eitri creates another offensive weapon, the Gungnir Spear might still be superior.

“I want a fighting outfit that can hold the Infinity Stones and convert their strength into a source of magic.” Rorschach said.

“Accommodates Infinity Gems, similar to Infinity Gauntlets?”

Eitri’s initial association after hearing Rorschach’s description was the Infinity Gauntlet, but that replica was in Odin’s treasury, and Thanos hasn’t arrived in Nidavellir where he forces Eitri to build a real one in return for the dwarves’ lives.

“Comparable to the Infinity Gauntlet, but a bit different. I want to be able to transform the energy of the Infinity Stones into magical power rather than only using the power of the Infinity Gem. Since the Infinity Gauntlet can assist the user in using the power of the Infinity Stones.”

Added Rorschach in his explanation, “Yes, I possess a great deal of magic knowledge, but since I lack magic skill, I might have to employ a particular energy conversion tool to fuel my magic. Do you understand?”

Eitri nodded, “The metal that is most conducive to magic is Uru. Using Uru metal as an energy and magic conversion tool is, in fact, a really wise decision on your part.”

In some embarrassment, Eitri scratched his head as he remarked that, “However, I haven’t created a weapon of this nature. It is much more challenging to get the desired result than creating an Infinity Gauntlet.”

Thor brought Pietro to the dwarf’s tavern to get a drink and kill some time while Rorschach, Eitri, and Wanda pondered the viability of magic metamorphosis.

Eitri is not a professional mage, but he has produced innumerable magic weapons. Rorschach and Wanda are both magicians who are masters in theory and practice, respectively.

Wanda voiced her opinion after discussing numerous options, “Perhaps we should reframe our thinking and consider using the Infinity Stones to build a little dimension that would serve as a storage facility for energy. This would substantially lessen the difficulty of construction when the new suit connects to that dimension and only the issue of energy and magic conversion needs to be taken into account.”

Shaking his head, Eitri replied, “It’s easy to say that Infinity Stones can be used to create dimensions. It takes at least three Infinity Stones to fill even the smallest dimension. With all due respect, how many stones do you now have?”

He was aware that finding the Infinity Stones in this world is not simple. Numerous powerful individuals spent countless years searching for one Infinity Stone in our universe, but they were all unsuccessful.

Rorschach reportedly stated his desire to create a fighting armor that could handle the Infinity Stones, which Eitri overheard. He had the irrational impression that Rorschach had no stones, or at best, only one.

“I currently possess three Infinity Stones.” Rorschach spoke openly.

Odin himself is unaware that the Aether is the Reality Stone. It won’t cause any unnecessary trouble because at the moment, only Malekith is aware of this in the universe.

“How much?! You have three Infinity Stones?! Carrying a lot of treasures is not a good idea!” Eitri was in utter disbelief.

In order to avoid more than two Infinity Stones from emerging in the same location after the original Thor 2 plotline concluded. Thor and the others gave the Reality Stone to the collector, Taneleer Tivan, after discovering that the Aether was the Reality Stone.

Rorschach was unable to grasp the reasoning.

Can scattering the Infinity Stones stop Thanos from accumulating them? That wouldn’t give him the chance to track them down one by one, would it?

“There is no need to worry about Thanos, Eitri. Unless he has the other three Infinity Stones already.” Rorschach smiled as he spoke.

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Published On: April 6, 2023

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