“Well, I want to invite Mary Jane to come with me,”

He asked Rorschach, “Then Mr. Rorschach, who do you plan to take with you?” in an attempt to cover up his shame.

“Me? I’ll take your Uncle Ben with you, when I think about it.”

Rorschach had intended to suggest that he would bring your Aunt May along, but the joke was a little over the top. He can only instruct him to bring Uncle Ben.

When Peter heard this, his countenance immediately fell “Mr. Rorschach, are you kidding me? Do I still get to hang out with MJ if you bring Uncle Ben?”

Although high schools in the United States do not object to falling in love, it is not a thing for young couples to date and adults to follow. This feeling is very strange. Rorschach was joking, of course. He doesn’t have a regular girlfriend yet, and he doesn’t plan to develop a regular girlfriend at the moment.

Afterward, Peter took the tickets to the Stark World Expo to find Mary-Jane. In order to let Little Peter successfully get out of the order, Rorschach also lent his big Ben to Little Peter to drive.

“You can drive the car casually these two days, but you can’t do shameful things in the back seat of my car with MJ!” Rorschach urged seriously.

After Peter left, Rorschach put aside the World Expo ticket in his hand, and entered the system interface with consciousness.

Name: Rorschach

Strength: D

Spirit: E

Physical resistance: SSS+

Magic resistance: S

Skill: Man of Steel (after obtaining seven Kryptonian skills, it can be upgraded to Kryptonian blood, the upgrade progress is 1/7. The default Kryptonian bloodline template: El family.)

Mission points: 52830

Mission Board:

Exclusive mission stage 1 (Super Strength): Do 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats every day, run 10 kilometers, persist for one year, and you can get the exclusive skill Kryptonian super strength.

Mission progress: 364/365.

Exclusive mission stage 1 (Super Brain): study five hours a day for one year, and publish two papers in natural science journals. You can get the exclusive skill Kryptonian’s Super Brain.

Mission progress: 364/365.

It’s Saturday today. Rorschach had intended to do the exclusive responsibilities of the first stage at home, but Tony Stark first came to him to Buy new element technologies and patents, and then Peter came over early in the morning to find Rorschach to create a spider suit.

Rorschach dismissed Peter and began the training and education activities for the day. Ten kilometers of jogging, one hundred push-ups, sit-ups, and squats, along with five hours of study.

Despite the difficulty of these activities, Rorschach has persevered for a year, and today is the day to see the rewards. When everything was finished, it was already evening.

[Ding! Congratulation to the host for finishing the first phase of the special task, “Super Strength.” The host now possesses the superpower of a Kryptonian and has the capacity to increase in power indefinitely.]

[Ding! “Congratulations to the host for completing the first step of the exclusive assignment, “Super Brain,” the host has gained the Kryptonian super brain, your processing capacity surpasses the top supercomputer in the world, and this special skill can be enhanced.]

Rorschach experienced an endless amount of power erupting within him as a warm current wrapped over his entire body. Rorschach saw that everything in the world had started to feel incredibly flimsy as if he just needed to breathe for it all to fall apart.

System interface, character attributes:

Strength: SSS

Spirit: SS

Physical resistance: SSS+

Magic resistance: S

Skills: Man of Steel, Super Strength, Super Brain (can be upgraded to Kryptonian blood, upgrade progress 3/7)

Mission points: 52830

Rorschach turned to face the job list as he became aware of the alteration in his own characteristics. He has finished the exclusive task for the first stage and is moving on to the exclusive task for the second stage. The second step still has two separate assignments.

Exclusive mission stage 2 (Overspeed Flight): Before learning to fly, you must conquer your fear of heights by jumping off ten iconic structures, including the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Stark Tower, and the Aussie Group Building. Obtain unique talents and flight

Mission progress: 0/10

Exclusive mission stage 2 (Thermal Vision): Learn advanced welding techniques, assemble 10,000 objects by yourself, and acquire heat vision, a special Kryptonian ability.

Mission Progress: 0/10000

“Huh? Are these two exclusive missions serious?”

Rorschach was unable to voice his displeasure. Rorschach made plans to go to the kitchen to get something to eat as soon as consciousness exited the system interface.

“I wasn’t aware of the Man of Steel’s soaring power when I initially got it, thanks to a portion of the biological force field. Since the Man of Steel is primarily a defense-enhancing device, the rise in its own strength is not overstated.”

Just the power value of the mission attribute, the superpower acquired at this time, has been directly upgraded from the D-level beyond the human peak to the SSS-level of the heavenly father.

Rorschach sought to rein in his surging power, “Don’t worry about such muddled notions.” Rorschach approached the kitchen door cautiously, reached out with two fingers, and turned the doorknob.


The doorknob is damaged. This doorknob was not adequately shielded by the Man of Steel’s feeble biological force field. It appears that you must unleash the whole Kryptonian blood as soon as possible if you want to live a happy life as you please.

“General Zod and his squad came to the earth, and they were able to contain the rapid rush of power in just a few hours, not only because of the impact of the biological force field, but also because they are able to regulate every muscle in their body to the utmost perfection.”

Rorschach reclined on the couch, pulled out the book on human anatomy, meticulously paged through it, and started comparing the information piece by bit to perceive and control his muscles.

The super brain computer used by Kryptonians is significantly more advanced than any supercomputer seen on Earth, and Rorschach can use it to command his own muscles and surge power. Rorschach started to try to train and regulate his own power after entirely simulating a life similar to a memory palace in his head.

Rorschach drew a body in the memory palace when his eyes were tightly closed, his super brain was working quickly, and he had just thought this. Every bone, muscle, and even nerve in this body was plainly visible, and suddenly a space—exactly like the one Rorschach was in—appeared around it.

After becoming accustomed to this power, Rorschach progressively developed his control over it by beginning with the simplest tasks and then gradually increasing the challenge. At first, he ruthlessly destroyed whatever he saw.

While only a few seconds have passed outside of consciousness, time speeds rapidly inside of it. Rorschach opened his eyes the next second, sat up gently, and took up the water glass from the table.

The water glass is in good condition.

Rorschach took a couple more cautious steps after being completely taken aback. He was eventually relieved when it was confirmed that there was no issue.

“It’s not difficult to control the power When Rorschach arrived at the refrigerator, he opened it, picked up an egg, and held it in his hand.

“Well, tonight’s dinner will be fried rice and eggs.”

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Published On: February 1, 2023

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