The ruined Asgard city was swiftly rebuilt with the help of the Terminator Legion.

The city’s restoration is just the start. The city’s expansion and renovation are topics of increased discussion between specialists and academics from Earth and Asgard. Asgard city will apparently change before Thor completes the king’s ceremony.

As the Asgardian populace was given a secure haven by the Earth’s organization, the Earth’s culture and entertainment gained popularity, and the Asgardian populace grew increasingly appreciative of it.

Rorschach visited Loki in the prison. Loki was closely watched by Odin when Thor first arrived on earth since he started the conflict between Asgard and the Earth.

However, at that point Loki overturned the guard, made his escape, and, in line with the original plot by teaming up with Thanos.

Loki was transported back to Asgard by Thor following the Chitauri war. Odin was so furious that he imprisoned Loki after finding out that he had helped Thanos and directed the Chitauri army to conquer Earth. Queen Frigga refused to listen to his persuasion and he has been locked up until now.

“Loki, you will spend the remainder of your life in prison as your brother Thor is about to take the throne of Asgard.” Rorschach smiled as he peered through the energy barrier at Loki in the cell.

Loki hated Rorschach because Rorschach foiled both of his plans, and it is entirely thanks to Rorschach that he has ended up like this.

“Do you intend to mock me by coming here?”

Loki stared at Rorschach coldly, his eyes seemed to peel Rorschach alive, “I can see you clearly, Rorschach. You planning something for the Nine Realms aren’t you? Only my idiot brother would think you are a good person.”

“Never have I claimed to be a good person. Loki, you are correct. I am planning something.” Rorschach kindly admitted.

“Look, I knew it a long time ago.” Loki said, pointing at Rorschach and signaling the surrounding Asgardian guards. Loki didn’t appear to expect Rorschach to accept it so gleefully.

“He openly acknowledged it. What are you attempting to do this time, Mr. Conspirator? Are you attempting to start off your success by using my failure?”

“No, this time I’m come to bargain with you about a deal.”

“What deal?”

“You are Laufey’s son, the ruler of the Frost Giants and you are the legitimate heir to the throne of Jotunheim. So long as you are willing to succeed the monarch of Jotunheim and form an alliance with the Earth, Asgard, and Svartalfheim. Your crimes will be forgiven by Odin.” Rorschach had an idea.

Loki nearly believed he had misheard, “So, the conspirators are involved in philanthropy? You wanted me to become the new ruler of Jotunheim so that we may form an alliance. What kind of deal is this?”

“You also know that Thanos plans to rule the entire universe, right? No one of the Nine Realms has the power to defeat Thanos by himself. Only by working together can we defeat Thanos.” Rorschach didn’t have time to waste on meaningless conversation with Loki.

Loki is well aware of Thanos’s strength. In addition to being devoid of any vegetation, the areas that Thanos’ army has conquered are also littered with what can only be described as corpses.

When Loki stopped speaking, Rorschach said, “I can lend you a hand if you’re willing to lead the Frost Giants. Given that the Frost Giants lack a commander, I intend using force to force the Frost Giants to surrender if you are unwilling.”

“Will Odin support your use of force?” Loki had some doubts about it.

“Not massacring the Frost Giants, just a bit of shock. I also received the Gungnir Spear from Odin.” Rorschach waved his hand and called forth the Spear as he spoke.

Loki’s heart quiver strongly when he beheld the Gungnir Spear.

His initial assumption was that Rorschach had stolen the Gungnir Spear from Odin, but this notion was soon disproved. Rorschach must not have had any issues with Asgard based on the way the Asgard guards treated him.

If Odin really did give Rorschach the Gungnir Spear. It is clear that Odin intends to drop to the second line and stop caring about the affairs of the Nine Realms when combined with the knowledge that Thor is poised to succeed the current ruler of Asgard.

Rorschach was not joking when he said that he used force to dissuade the Frost Giants. Truly, Rorschach would carry it out.

“Do you want me to rule Jotunheim and then serve you?” Loki recognized Rorschach’s intent. For the purpose of managing the Frost Giants, Rorschach required a puppet monarch.

“It is clear that if you want to rule as a king. You are not the monarch of Asgard, let alone the Earth. Actually, Jotunheim is a wise decision. You can ask for our assistance if you don’t like the hostile environment in Jotunheim. The Earth dispatched specialists to assist Svartalfheim in creating a home and developing technology once the dark elves submitted.”

“Whether to create Jotunheim a backward kingdom, or to enter the wheel of the times, rolling forward, it’s all in your mind.” Rorschach said, drawing a large cake for Loki.

Loki appeared somewhat moved. Being ruler of Jotunheim can fulfill Loki’s desires if Jotunheim and the Frost Giants are able to flourish and thrive in a similar manner to the Earth and Asgard.

“I need to consider it.” Loki waited a moment before responding.

Rorschach seemed to have guessed what Loki was thinking. Just talking about it wouldn’t make Loki believe it. He needed to see the tangible advantages.

“Loki, I’ll give you some time to consider it before having my planetary development planning expert speak with you in greater detail. However, I won’t give you much time to consider it because if I do, Thanos won’t give us much time. Before Thanos invades, I must finish the Nine Realms’ union.” After completing the final sentence, Rorschach walked out of the jail.

Loki’s face returned to its previous expression once Rorschach left. Although Loki has goals, they are not particularly lofty. He can enjoy himself well by dominating Asgard or the earth.

He also pondered whether it was feasible to employ Rorschach’s assistance to make Jotunheim and the Frost Giant superior to Asgard so that he could then mock his brother Thor and convince Odin that he was superior to Thor in strength by a factor of ten to one hundred.

After leaving the prison, Thor found Rorschach. Before the succession ceremony, he intended to locate Eitri, the king of the dwarfs to pay Rorschach back for the king’s weapon.

As a result, Thor sent Wanda and Rorschach across the Rainbow Bridge and begged Heimdall to transport them all to the kingdom of the dwarves, Nidavellir.

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Published On: April 4, 2023

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