Odin was finally made aware of the significant flaw in Asgard’s weapon technology by the harmony between Rorschach and Thor. One example of them is an anti-aircraft turret. Additionally, there are other problems like the Asgardian fleet and the city’s shield.

The Asgard boat can obviously accommodate four or five men even when it is fully occupied. The flying boat also lacks energy barriers and has only one attack method.

The city’s protective cover is strong, but it can only be opened manually by Heimdall, and the protective cover’s core is too simple to locate and destroy.

“Numerous issues plague the city’s structures, particularly those constructed by common citizens using mud and wood. I wholeheartedly suggest Asgard even though the mud and wood here are more durable than the mud and wood on Earth. I can master the techniques for using reinforced concrete to construct homes like on Earth.”

“Additionally, the city’s subterranean sewage system, as well as roadways, landscaping, etc., must all be renovated. Asgard sent someone in charge of Asgard’s housing expertise in construction to speak in-depth with experts on Earth about new construction in order to take advantage of this chance to reconstruct the city.”

Rorschach briefly listed the problems in Asgard, Odin and Thor stared wide-eyed. In the end, they Odin and Thor gaped as Rorschach briefly summarized the issues in Asgard. In the end, they delegated control of the city’s reconstruction to an aristocratic professor.

The next step is for Earth’s civilization to effectively overrun Asgard in terms of commerce and technology. The trade restrictions between the two worlds will thereafter be removed, and trade routes between Asgard and Earth will be established.

Naturally, these need to be completed in stages.

In the end, a number of powerful figures, including the dark elf commander, were imprisoned in Asgard.

The survey team’s next steps will be to investigate Wertheim’s resource reserves, calculate the value of those resources, and then carry out a number of activities like offering recompense and asking for the dark elf leader’s sentence to be commuted.

Rorschach integrated the surviving dark elves scientists who had mastered dark matter technology, into their own research team, while the remainder went back to Svartalfheim with the exploration team to look for and mine the minerals there.

After solving the dark elf matter.

Odin gave his wife Frigga a quick glance before returning to Rorschach, “Thank you for leading the Midgard army and assisting Asgard in taking down the dark elves, Rorschach, the God of Midgard. You have prevented additional deaths and losses. Moreover, you saved Frigga’s life. I owe you a huge favor. If you have any requests, I will do everything I can to fulfill them.”

Rorschach asked back after giving Thor a glance, “A request? Does that include what Thor owes me as well?”

“Obviously not. You can freely choose a treasure from my treasury if you need any more treasures.” Odin had promised.

“In that case, I want to take the Gungnir.” Rorschach smiled.

In Odin’s treasury, the Gungnir Spear is also regarded as a treasure. Odin’s Gungnir is authentic in contrast to numerous other fake and subpar goods.

“You wanted the Gungnir Spear?” Despite his hesitation, Odin was unwilling to disregard his word in front of so many people after what he said.

Odin also believed that his days were limited. The Gungnir Spear will only make Rorschach stronger, which is the only thing he is concerned about. No one can stop him once he decides to rule the Nine Realms.

But after some consideration, I realized that no one could stop Rorschach with his current power, even if he immediately took control of the Nine Realms. Both Odin and Thor are powerless to stop him.

“Okay, I’ll give you the Gungnir Spear and show you how to use it, but I really hope you can use it to defend Asgard and the Nine Realms.” said Odin.

“I promise you.” Rorschach replied seriously.

The psychological pressure Rorschach predicted does not exist at all. Rorschach will naturally defend the Nine Realms as long as they submit to his rule. Any creature that opposes Rorschach’s will is a rebel against the Nine Realms.

Odin was finally elated to learn that Rorschach had so sincerely granted his request. A golden spear materialized in Odin’s grasp as he reached out with his hand.

“The God of Midgard, Rorschach. You now possess the ability to control the Gungnir Spear. It will help you defeat all foes and stand by your side as you preserve the Nine Realms.” Odin grabbed up the Gungnir Spear and threw it at Rorschach after finishing his sentence.

Rorschach held out his palm and the golden Eternal Spear materialized in his hand as a golden light pierced the room.

Rorschach’s mind was inundated with a vast amount of knowledge the minute he touched the Gungnir Spear.

This reminds me a little bit of the information Rorschach received after using the Mind Scepter to find the Mind Stone for the first time. The Gungnir Spear’s control mechanism is somewhat akin to a magic spell, but it is not totally one.

In other words, Rorschach has the same ability as Odin to use the Gungnir Spear’s power.

“The world tree’s branches are used to make the Gungnir Spear. The Gungnir Spear is a potent weapon even if it is categorized as a king’s weapon.” Rorschach detected the Gungnir Spear’s level of power.

The Gungnir Spear is weaker than a single Infinity Stone and stronger than Strombreaker and Mjolnir.

Rorschach can, however, use the Infinity Stone’s power to imbue the Gungnir Spear, and it can then unleash a power that can instantly kill a single universe-level enemy. Rorschach is therefore currently capable of putting an end to the Celestials.

Odin presented the Gungnir Spear to Rorschach and declared his intention to hand the throne to Thor.

Odin had a change of heart after this close call with losing his beloved Queen Frigga, and he decided to live out his remaining years with his wife. Queen Frigga is really appreciative of Rorschach and can sense Odin’s changes.

Rorschach took advantage of the chance and suggested that Wanda’s magic be guided by Queen Frigga.

Frigga is Asgard’s top magician, despite the fact that she is also a little bit of a war mage. She can direct Wanda’s magic, and she will undoubtedly benefit.

Rorschach, Wanda, Pietro, and others lived in the Palace over the following period of time.

Every day, Wanda would seek out Queen Frigga to study the Asgardian magic with. When Thor became king, he vowed to take Rorschach to the kingdom of the dwarves and to allow the dwarven king to forge an exclusive king’s weapon for Rorschach.

Pietro spent the entire day doing nothing, but eventually struck up a relationship with two Asgardian soldiers. Pietro trained with two Asgardian female fighters for a few days.

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