“The dark elves are willing to surrender.” Malekith was shaking his legs.

He believed himself to be fearless, and before invading Asgard, he was prepared to battle the Asgardian soldiers to the death. But Malekith’s last hope was dashed by Rorschach’s appearance.

Even though dark elves can be fearless when fighting, they nevertheless experience fear when facing an unbeatable foe like Rorschach. Especially when Rorschach watched countless dark elves perish horrifically.

Even an Asgardian couldn’t have done more to create the scene of flying flesh and blood, stumps, and broken arms in just a single move.

“The dark elves are now at my command. I declare that Svartalfheim is now a colony of the earth on behalf of the planet. Do you have any objection as the commander of the dark elves and the supreme monarch of Svartalfheim?” Rorschach moved in front of Malekith while continuing to question with his crimson eyes.

“No… I don’t…” Malekith replied tremblingly.

“Very good” Rorschach nodded in satisfaction, and made the dark elves his servants, who could replace the super soldiers on Earth to a certain extent.

Super soldiers and dark elves are about equivalent in terms of overall strength. The dark elves are better suited to the numerous harsh living conditions found in the universe and stars than the super soldiers on Earth. They are simply a different breed of soldier.

A system prompt sounded in Rorschach’s head as Malekith replied.

[Ding, complete the side mission “Interstellar Diplomat,” which awards the host with 1,000,000 mission points and congratulates him for establishing diplomatic ties with Wertheim on behalf of the planet!]

Rorschach glanced at the system interface.

Character attributes:

Lineage: Kryptonian Bloodline

Level: LV4

Additional attributes: None

Skills: Man of Steel, Force Field, Super Strength, Super Speed.

Mission Points: 4811359

Rorschach had earned more than 4 million points from Earth’s occupation of Asgard before he established diplomatic ties with Asgard and saved Queen Frigga. Rorschach’s points still need to be combined with Wertheim this time in order to achieve 5 million, and are roughly 200,000 short.

Only time could tell whether he needed to bond five diplomatic civilizations to upgrade the Kryptonian bloodline to LV5.

Asgard’s issue hasn’t actually been resolved entirely. Since Asgard’s city is now largely destroyed, Rorschach justifies fortifying its defenses by allowing the Earth to take the lead in its reconstruction. He can get a lot of reward points, no doubt.

“Direct all ships to land and order all dark elves to surrender.” Malekith was directed by Rorschach.

Maleikith, fearing retribution, instantly dispatched a command through the dark elf mothership to all of the dark elf fleets directing them to cease all hostilities, lay down their weapons, and get ready to surrender.

Rorschach was getting ready to go. Malekith noticed this and mustered the guts to say to Rorschach, “My Lord, I don’t know your name yet.”

“I’m Rorschach, and as of right now, I’m the only god that the dark elves will believe in. I have the power to instantly wipe off the dark elves if you try to rebel against my will.” said Rorschach.

Malekith lowered his head hastily, fearful. He thought back to the instance when Rorschach dispatched numerous dark elf combatants with a single glance. He was certain of Rorschach’s assertions. The dark elves would indeed perish if he disobeyed the god’s command.

As a result, Malekith vividly remembered Rorschach’s words and dared not allow himself to forget them.

Above the skies of Asgard.

The stunning fireworks abruptly came to an end when both the dark elves and the Terminator Legion stopped. The sky entered a momentary quiet in a matter of seconds.

The fleet of dark elves assembled immediately after that and made a leisurely landing in front of Asgard. The dark elf soldiers on the city also laid down their weapons and gave themselves over to the super soldier legion.

With considerable skepticism, Thor swung his Stormbreaker and rushed from a dark elf vanguard ship he had destroyed.

He couldn’t help but wonder as he watched the Dark Elf fleet land and the dark elves surrendered, “What’s happening? the Dark Elf just surrendered?”

Thor hasn’t engaged in many fights. Unlike the tragic demise of Queen Frigga in the original plot, Thor does not currently have many violent intentions. He only engaged the dark elf in the fight to protect Asgard.

Thor put an end to his attack once the dark elves gave up.

“Malekith was convinced by Rorschach, the God of Midgard. He coerced the dark elf leader into giving up.” Thor’s inquiry was answered by an Asgardian captain.

On the other side of the planet, he also heard from the super soldier legion. The super soldier legion’s soldiers have just received orders from upstairs stating that the dark elves have submitted and the conflict is finished.

“I see.” Thor couldn’t help but smile from the corner of his mouth when he learned that Rorschach had convinced Malekith to give up.

Thor’s grasp of Rorschach suggests that in order to convince the dark elf to give up, he probably used a threat or something alike to make them scared.

All of the living dark elves were captured by the Terminator Legion and Asgard soldiers when the dark elves gave up. Malekith, the head of the dark elves, was even accompanied to the palace for trial by two Terminator robots.

In the Golden Palace.

Odin shook Queen Frigga’s hand while standing in front of the destroyed throne and glaring at Malekith, who was knelt nearby.

“Asgard suffered severe casualties and material losses as a result of the dark elves’ invasion. The dark elves must make up for all losses, and Malekith, the leader of the dark elves, will assist Asgard. A  millennium in the dungeon.”

Odin is unable to provide an exact number of sentences at this time because the Asgard’s losses and casualties are still being counted. But Rorschach certainly has the right to step in since the dark elves gave themselves up to him.

He moved forward and turned to face Odin, saying, “King Odin, the dark elves are prepared to form a covenant with Asgard now that they have submitted to the Earth. The repair of the harm inflicted by the dark elves will be helped by Earth. In return, Svartalfheim is open to Earth and Asgard for the purpose of resource extraction.”

Odin thought on Rorschach’s remarks for a minute, “There is a thick haze surrounding Svartalfheim. There don’t seem to be any resources there that are worthwhile to mine.”

“Svartalfheim’s presence is a good resource in and of itself. The dark matter in Svartalfheim is abundant, it serves as the raw material for the fuel used in dark matter engines, which is immeasurably more valuable than the oil on Earth.”

Rorschach spoke persuasively and went on to say, “A long-term survey team will also be sent by me to fully identify the resource deposits in Svartalfheim. None of the Nine Realms, which are shielded by the World Tree, is a world with scant resources. Svartalfheim will appear worthless to people who don’t comprehend it.”

The dwarf kingdom, which is abundant in the metal Uru, stands out among them as being the most representative, the majority of the other realms are characterized by natural energy. Only the Earth is entirely populated by mortals

“Perhaps other kingdom, notably Midgard, should teach Asgard more about science and technology.” Thor hurried outside to settle the situation.

The dark elves have advanced weaponry, yet Asgardian arsenals still rely on warriors to operate them manually.

Thor believes that Asgard holds the most powerful weaponry among the Nine Realms. If the weaponry and equipment of Asgard can be improved using the science and technology of Earth, Asgard’s army might become even more powerful.

This was also agreed upon by Rorschach, “That’s right, as an illustration, consider Asgard’s anti-aircraft weapons. Soldiers are still needed to manually aim and fire. Automated anti-aircraft weapons will be more effective at fending off surprise attacks and their shot accuracy will increase several times if artificial intelligence technologies are used to control them.”

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Published On: April 3, 2023

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