The sky above Asgard city had already transformed into a sea of fireworks when the first dark elf ship fell.

As the army of super soldiers entered the city, they helped the Asgardian populace flee in a calm manner while destroying the last of the dark elf forces.

As there are no underground structures like air-raid shelters in Asgard, the group from Earth set up the shelter on land they had rented.

Each structure constructed by Earth group’s is fortified with a strong energy protection device. Earth Street has evolved into the final unpolluted area for the Asgardian populace to seek refuge in the city that is being shot down.

Thor directed the Asgardian forces to launch a counterattack with the help of the Terminator Legion and the Super Soldier Legion. This time, Odin remained by Queen Frigga’s side without intervening.

He is certain that Thor will succeed to the throne of Asgard after this conflict. Odin is too old and weak to restore Asgard to its former glory. Perhaps Thor will inherit the throne and can bring new vitality to Asgard.

Wanda and Thor joined the conflict. The ships in the dark elf fleet moved a little more quickly. Malekith, the dark elf leader, fled to the dark elf mothership in a ship, gave the order to blast the engine to its maximum, and started a space jump to Svartalfheim.

“Are you attempting to flee?”

The Space Stone emerged on Rorschach’s Destroyer Armor as he stood in the sky and raised his hand in the air. The entirety of Asgard was engulfed in a surge of intergalactic energy, blocking the mothership of the dark elf from jumping into space.

A loud siren was emitted from the dark elf spaceship with many indication lights. As Malekith was being stared at by the Dark Elf Commander, he reported, “The space jump was abruptly stopped, my lord. Someone blocked the route, and Svartalfheim’s location in space was lost!”

“That outsider, damn it!” Malekith’s face was filled with anguish. Even though Odin was strong, he was unable to affect space.

This is one of the reasons Malekith had the audacity to try it. Whether or not he is able to recover the Aether, he will be able to space-jump back to Svartalfheim while remaining hidden from the dark elf fleet. However, the space jump was abruptly stopped, presumably closing all of Malekith’s exits.

“Can you recover from the space jump?” Malekith asked.

Quickly operating the panel, the Commander’s expression grew more grave, “We are unable to evaluate it and cannot recover it. We can’t complete the space jump because something is interfering with the space.”

“Prepare the escape ship, everyone evacuate, change the mothership’s course, crank up the dark matter engine’s power, and smash into the Palace!” Malekith got a determined look in his eyes as he realized there was no way out.

He turned up the dark matter engine’s power to its highest setting and crashed into the Palace. Without a doubt, he turned the dark elf spacecraft into a massive dark matter bomb. The intensity of the explosion, if it were put on the Palace, would undoubtedly flatten the entire city.

“Actually, there is no need for the dark elves to fight Asgard forever.” On the mothership of the dark elf, a loud voice erupted out of nowhere.

After a brief moment of surprise, Malekith and the other dark elves turned to gaze. Only to be greeted by a young man with black hair and black armor who was looking at each and every one of the present dark elves while folding his arms across his chest.

“You are that outsider!” Malekith glanced at Rorschach and recognized him.

It appeared that this outsider’s army prevented the Dark Elf fleet from leaving after interfering with his plans to kill Queen Frigga. Malekith’s animosity for Rorschach is comparable to his loathing for the Asgardian people.

Malekith ordered the Kurse warrior, “Kill him!”

He remained to the side after getting Malekith’s order. The Kurse warrior approached Rorschach and moved in front of him. He raised his fist and punched Rorschach at the same time.

Rorschach just stood there, motionless. In spite of the fact that he could easily avoid this punch, Rorschach thought that there was no need to avoid the strike at all.


The Kurse warrior lowered his hand, appearing to strike a dense superalloy.

Rorschach remained motionless. His eyes were fiery as he stared at the Kurse warrior’s arm, and two heat rays instantaneously melted the warrior’s entire right hand.


Algrim’s physical strength, defense, and endurance have all increased multiple times despite the fact that he utilized the Kurse Stone to transform into a Kurse warrior. But in front of Rorschach, this degree of improvement is laughable.

Rorschach raised his foot and struck the warrior of the Kurse in the chest. The enormous Kurse warrior was kicked out by Rorschach like a busted sack with merely the sound of bones breaking.

The enormous body of the Kurse warrior crashed through the wall, breaking through a string of walls before barely stopping.

Malekith gave Rorschach a bored glance. Malekith’s heart was engulfed by an extraordinary oppressive force. Even if he battled Odin’s father a long time ago. Malekith had not experienced such intense persecution since his previous encounter with King Bor.

The dark elf guards had been approaching the bridge with their energy rifles up until this point.

Rorschach asked Malekith without even turning to face them, “I’ll offer you two choices, surrender or kill your entire race.”

“Dark elves will never be slaves…” Malekith was resistant.

His eyes became red once more, and his thermal vision burst out as Rorschach turned his head to face the dark elf guards who had surrounded him.

Two crimson rays tore through the dark elf mothership’s bridge, and even a sizable portion of the dark elf guards protecting it was turned to ashes.

A big red energy ray was shot from the energy weapon by the remaining dark elf guards behind Rorschach right after they pressed the trigger. The energy ray landed like raindrops on Rorschach’s body.

Rorschach remained still, facing the dense energy rays. Allowing the energy ray rain to fall on him.

Rorschach retracted the burning rays after dispatching all of the dark elf guards in front of him, but his eyes were still red.

As he turned to face the dark elf soldiers who were firing at him from behind. He said, “Kneel down.”

Rorschach’s voice was quiet compared to the surrounding noise, yet every dark elf could easily hear it. The guards all ceased firing at the same time, glanced at one another, and then knelt down in front of Rorschach.

Rorschach asked Malekith with a smile as his eyes were crimson and turned to face him, “I didn’t hear what you just said. Can you say that again?”

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Published On: April 3, 2023

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