The long sword Malekith used to stab Frigga was controlled by scarlet energy, which caused it to stop abruptly on her back without moving an inch. Odin’s Spear flew in the following instant and stabbed Malekith in the shoulder.

The arm that was clutching the long sword suddenly shattered, and Malekith’s shoulder abruptly erupted. This time, Odin didn’t toss the Spear with all of his might because he was afraid the divine energy would be too strong and harm Frigga.


Wanda, Rorschach, and Thor all showed up simultaneously. Thor’s eyes burned with unrelenting rage as he witnessed how the dark elves nearly killed his mother. When the Kurse warrior realized the situation was finished, he leaped into the ship behind him and fled as swiftly as he could.

“Mom, are you all right?” Instead of pursuing Malekith and the others, Thor embraced the terrified Queen Frigga.

Also advancing quickly, Odin reached out and caressed Frigga’s face with his brittle fingers. Although Queen Frigga was a little shaken, she fortunately suffered no harm. Odin and Thor didn’t start to exhale in relief until that point.

“Rorschach, Wanda. I owe you my life!” Thor looked at Rorschach and Wanda gratefully.

Rorschach requested Wanda to control Malekith to stop Malekith from killing Frigga when Malekith was about to do so just now.

Odin had a murderous purpose in his eyes as he raised his right hand, the Spear reappeared in his hand, and he said loudly after making sure Frigga was okay, “Reorganize the army, follow me to intercept the dark elf fleet!”

Odin was greeted by a relatively small number of Asgardian warriors as the eight-legged horse flew by.

“The dark elves have readied themselves, Father. We are gradually losing our troops, and it will take some time for us to organize sufficient opposition.”

Thor and Odin would have been able to halt the invasion of the dark elves and fight back if Malekith hadn’t taken Frigga hostage. Malekith, the dark elf fleet leader, is currently battling and fleeing as the other dark elf fleets are all doing the same.

Thor walked away because he didn’t want to see the murderer who nearly killed his mother.

“I need your assistance, Rorschach.” he said as he turned to face him.

As soon as Rorschach heard Thor’s pleading, he responded, “My lord appears to be rather biased against me. Furthermore, our two kingdoms have not yet formed an alliance, thus it would be wrong to hastily interfere in the wars of other kingdoms.”

Odin’s expression darkened. Rorschach appeared to be interfering in Odin’s affairs when he stated that he would assist in quelling the dungeon disturbance.

But if Rorschach and Wanda hadn’t been present, his wife would have perished at the hands of the dark elves in the wake of the invasion of the dark elves and Frigga’s grief. Odin never imagined that Rorschach would possess the Aether.

After all, the Aether is sealed in a location that no one can find, according to the information provided by his father Bor.

“The God of Midgard, Rorschach. As long as you are willing, Midgard and Asgard will always be the most reliable allies. My wife’s life was saved by you by assisting Asgard in quelling the disturbances. I owe you a huge favor, so please assist us in fighting the dark elves.” Odin at last let go of his ego and made a small bow to Rorschach.

[Ding, finish the side mission “Interstellar Diplomat,” which awards the host 1,000,000 mission points and congratulates him for forging an alliance with Asgard on behalf of Earth!]

Only if the two sides are able to come to an agreement will the system recognize the establishment of diplomatic relations.

You can work with a qualified diplomatic team to follow up on specific diplomatic situations. Naturally, negotiating is ideal. The alliance connection can change into a colonial relationship at any point if you are unable to bargain.

Rorschach heard the prompt from the system and nodded happily. He just received 50,000 points for saving Frigga, and Rorschach also received more than 60,000 points for Earth’s assault of Asgard.

Rorschach’s total points are almost four million when the points from this time’s “Interstellar Diplomat” are added together.

This trip to Asgard has earned Rorschach a lot of points.

Rorschach then sent a message to his starship without deliberation, pressing the communicator to his ear “Deploy the Terminator Legion. The dark elf fleet is the target of the attack!”

“Super Soldier Legion, go to Asgard, help with the evacuation of the populace, and annihilate the dark elf soldiers.!”

It wasn’t long before the communicator replied.

“Terminators Legion deployed!”

“The Super Soldier Legion deployed!”

There was a boom in the sky that sounded like thunderous horses galloping. Thor and Odin started to search for the noise’s origin.

The fleet of the dark elves was being approached by the Terminator Legion, which was flying thickly in the sky to the north of the city and displaying hundreds of arrays.

The fleet of the dark elves was being approached by the Terminator Legion, which was flying thickly in the sky to the north of the city and displaying hundreds of arrays.

When the Terminator Legion suddenly appeared in the city, the dark elf fleet, which was preparing to depart, noticed and began to adjust their gun barrels one by one, attacking the Terminator Legion in the sky.

Like a rain curtain, a barrage of energy rays descended onto the Terminator Legion. When the first wave of dark elf fleets began to attack, the Terminator Legion formed a phalanx of a thousand Terminator robots and employed energy shields to defend themselves.

The energy barrier of the Terminator phalanx at the front was blown out, and roughly a hundred Terminator robots erupted into clouds of fireworks in the air after drawing the firepower of three or four vanguard ships.

The majority of the firepower was directed at the Terminator phalanx in the front, and additional Terminator phalanxes were advancing on their locked targets in the back.

The number of Terminator robots lost in a significant battle to defeat a dark elf ship was computed after Riverie built a data model based on the combat prowess the dark elves showed in taking the Asgard city.

Although the Terminator robots sustained significant losses at the start of the conflict, Riverie’s calculations allowed for this, and the troop composition was revised based on the information returned by each Terminator robot.

It will do whatever it takes to get the battleships of the dark elves. In addition to losing hundreds of Terminator robots when they initially entered the arena under the command of the Riverie, the loss rate of Terminator robots in succeeding battles was significantly decreased.

Together, the Terminator robots rushed to all of the dark elf battleships using their exceptional mobility, much like locusts crossing a border.

For a while, the sky was full of fireworks.

Robots are spread over almost all of the dark elf ships. Many daring terminator robots flooded into the gap after biting it, fighting with the dark elves. As they observed this scene, Odin and Thor experienced numbness in their scalps.

Odin and his kid, who were still in the front of the coach, were truly taken aback by Riverie’s effective strategic layout.

No army can defeat the Terminator Legion if the combat power of the soldiers on both sides is not significantly different, unless they have the capability of assassinating the enemy leader.

“Is this Midgard’s military might?” Odin has always believed that he is the most capable ruler and general in the Nine Realms.

But in the face of Riverie’s flawless battlefield command and dispatch, he was absolutely helpless.

However, this is also common. Odin seized command and led the troops. He mostly depended on age-old techniques like shouting or the herald blowing the horn to relay instructions and get combat intelligence.

Every Terminator robot is under Riverie’s control. One may argue that Riverie herself is inside every Terminator robot currently engaged in combat. Riverie processes and transmits enormous information flows every second.

Simply said, this mode deals the conventional method of sending soldiers more effectively.

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Published On: April 2, 2023

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