A dark elf vanguard ship sailed into the imperial city and collided with Odin’s Palace as the shield of the Asgard city broke. Instead of slowing down before the tall wall next to the Palace, the dark elf revved up its engine and charged inside the building.

On the Palace’s tall exterior, a sizable hole suddenly emerged.

The second ship and third ship both followed right after. A big number of dark elf fighters surged out of the ship that stormed into the Palace. They badly wounded the Asgard guards with energy weapons and space grenades.

Asgard has not yet been able to put up a powerful defense force, and the Dark Elf army has already overrun the Golden Palace.

Odin learned about the invasion of the dark elves only after he put an end to the prisoner revolt in the dungeon and got a word from a raven. The elite Asgard soldiers were quickly taken back to the Palace by him.

Asgardian military corpses may be found everywhere along the route. With the use of a space grenade, a dark elf even brought down Odin’s Throne.

Odin was still baffled by it at this point. It is clear that the dark elves have been planning this assault for a while. Malekith instigated a riot in the prison, drew the attention of Odin and his son, and then fight him since he was aware that Malekith had been defeated by Odin before.

“Frigga!” Odin had an epiphany: if Malekith broke into the Palace, the only way to keep himself in check and balance would be to kidnap Queen Frigga and hold her captive to scare him.

“Follow me, everyone!” Odin didn’t give a damn about other things; he led his men as swiftly as he could to Frigga’s bedroom because he believed his wife might be in danger.

Malekith, the head of the dark elves, is faster than Odin.

Malekith, who intended to hold Frigga prisoner as a condition for Odin to hand over the Aether, had forced open Frigga’s bedroom door.

However, Frigga, the top witch in Asgard, was pitted against Malekith and possessed the Uru metal one-handed sword. Even a slight propensity to subdue the enemy exists.

The honorable number one witch, who doesn’t use magic to combat the enemy, even beat the leader of the dark elves with suspicion using a one-handed sword. It seems sense that Loki’s abilities are a little off-balance. It appears that this is the primary contributor.

Queen Frigga was the one who taught Loki magic. Even when Frigga was up against the vicious dark elves, she just used one hand to swing her sword and strike at them.

Malekith manages to capture Frigga shortly after calling the Kurse warrior.

In the original plot, Malekith killed Frigga and abducted Jane Foster after sensing the presence of the Aether on Jane Foster.

But Rorschach has long since gathered the Aether particles. Malekith has no idea where the aether particles are; he can only be certain that they are in Asgard. demanding that Odin deliver the ether particles.

Odin soon led the men to Frigga’s bedroom, where they met Malekith, the man who had taken Frigga hostage, in time.

“Odin Borson. You must give me the Aether if you don’t want me to kill her.” Malekith allowed the Kurse warrior to choke Frigga to death before leading the two to the window.

A spaceship is waiting to respond at any moment behind him. Odin looked at me with a very bitter face. In reality, he had a general idea of their motivation the instant he spotted the dark elf.

“The Aether was concealed by my father in an undiscovered location. I can assure you that the dark elves would never be able to withstand my wrath if you dare to harm my wife!” Malekith and the Kurse warriors sensed that Odin was holding a weapon as well as a surge of divine force.

Odin will slay the opponent without second thought as long as they make any moves.

“It’s absurd, Odin. I am aware that Asgard contains the Aether particles. As long as you turn over the Aether particles, we’ll leave. I swear I won’t ever damage anyone and will go back to Svartalfheim right away.” Malekith’s final conclusion is as follows.

The dark elves sustained significant losses as a result of the conflict with King Bor. The dark elves are in full force, ready to conquer Asgard.

Malekith believed that the dark elves would reach their pinnacle and be able to battle with Asgard once more for control of the entire planet as long as the Aether could be recovered.

There won’t be a day of recuperation if the dark elves do not retreat to Svartalfheim and submit to Asgard’s sovereignty indefinitely. One could argue that this invasion is a conflict over the dark elves’ life and death.

While holding the Gungnir Spear closely and being concerned for Frigga’s safety, Odin was unaware of the location of the ether particles.

Malekith possessed the capacity to discern the existence of ether particles when he changed the Aether into the Reality Stone. Since Odin lacked this talent, he was unaware of Rorschach’s use of the Realty Stone’s power.

“I will utilize every ounce of might in Asgard to locate Aether for you as long as you let Frigga go.” Odin said. Odin believed he had made the biggest concession, but Malekith saw Odin’s comments as merely ceremonial and demeaning.

The two parties negotiated with each other but utterly misinterpreted each other’s thoughts since they had unequal knowledge.

Malekith is certain that Asgard contains the aether particle. Odin’s father used to hold the Aether there before King Bor stole it. Since Odin is currently Asgard’s monarch, he believes that Odin must be aware of the whereabouts of the Aether.

However, Odin has no true idea of the location of the Aether.

Based on the foregoing, Malekith concluded that Odin was infatuated with the power of the aether particles and would not give them up, even if it meant sacrificing his wife.

“You are a hypocrite, Odin Borson. You even overlook your wife’s life in order to maintain your rule over the Nine Realms. This is war!” Malekith was furiously enraged. Threats are pointless, thus Frigga is likewise pointless.

Before he could continue, Malekith raised the long sword in his hand and stabbed Frigga in the back.

When Odin noticed this, his expression abruptly altered, and he tossed the Gungnir Spear into the air while yelling fiercely, “No, don’t hurt her!”

Queen Frigga turned to face Odin without fear of impending death. She only saw love for Odin and resistance toward her two children.

Yes, there are two children. There is Loki in addition to Thor. One of them is his biological son, and even if the other is not, she raises him as if he were.

The moment the long sword in Malekith’s hand fell, a cloud of scarlet energy particles enveloped Malekith’s whole body, and even the long sword in his hand was covered with a layer of scarlet energy.

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Published On: April 2, 2023

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