“There seems to be trouble over there in the Asgard dungeon. Wanda, let’s go and have a look.”

The uprising in the Asgard prison was only the beginning, Rorschach knew. The army of the dark elves will then soon reach the Rainbow Bridge. Even if Rorschach defeats the entire dark elf army with only his own might, Odin won’t be appreciative.

Odin believed that the Asgardian army was powerful and unbeatable, so they should be dealt a blow now. Let him understand the truth. Asgard’s heyday is long past. Immersion in the glories of the past is not necessary. It’s time for him to look around and open his eyes.

Odin won’t seriously consider how to treat the earth until the dark elf fleet is slamming the Asgardian army into the ground and Rorschach commands the earth army to save the building from collapse and reverse the tide from collapse.

Rorschach decided to visit the dungeon to observe them there rather than remain on the Rainbow Bridge as a result, allowing the dark elf army to enter Asgard without incident.

The Asgard dungeon riot is still going strong as of right now. In order to go to the dungeon in time to meet Odin and Thor, father and son, who were leading the army in the battle against the rioting prisoners, Rorschach begged Wanda to open the portal.

“Rorschach, you arrived at the perfect time. We need your assistance since we are in jeopardy.”

Thor looked at Rorschach, and his scowl disappeared. He was aware of Rorschach’s power. The rioting in the dungeon could be put down right away as long as he had Rorschach’s assistance.

“Should I send my guards over, for you?” Rorschach smiled and questioned.

While Odin can accept Rorschach’s assistance, the entry of forces from other nations into the city is too sensitive, therefore Odin immediately denied, “No need, our army is enough to deal with these prisoners.”

“Okay.” Evidently, Rorschach was creating a platform for Odin to jump from.

Despite these, Rorschach simply threw a punch and slammed at the inmate who was coming at him. All the rioting convicts were imprisoned and unable to move as a big number of scarlet energy particles surrounded the area after Wanda waved her hands.

Upon seeing this spectacle, the Asgardian soldiers—who were still engaged in a fierce battle—immediately raised their weapons and slaughtered the prisoners.

The detainees in this area have almost all been cleaned up in the space of a few tens of seconds. Wanda received a perplexed look from Odin. Wanda has incredibly strong magical energy, but she still struggles with control and is unable to unleash high-level magic without restriction.

However, Odin could see that. With Wanda’s talent, it was only a matter of time before she became a really powerful individual.

“Let’s move separately, Thor. Rorschach, you go to the west. Please guard the entrance on the north side. The rest of you, follow me.”

Wanda’s strength was impressive, but Odin didn’t have time to ponder it because quelling the dungeon riot fast had to come first. It will be a catastrophe for the defenseless once these savage prisoners are let to charge into the city.

The first invisible dark elf vanguard ship had arrived at the Rainbow Bridge’s entrance while Rorschach and Wanda were relaxing in the Asgardian prison.

When the vanguard ship got close to the Rainbow Bridge, Heimdall was found out because the vanguard ship had some form of stealth technology that could mislead Heimdall’s vision.

Heimdall made a hasty retreat to the Rainbow Bridge’s brink. He pulled the dagger from his waist as he approached the intangible vanguard spacecraft, sprang, hurled himself upon the craft, and stabbed repeatedly.

When Heimdall penetrated the power unit of the invisible spaceship, it stumbled and fell to the Rainbow Bridge before suddenly bursting.

The Rainbow Bridge was reached by Heimdall as well, but before he could exhale in satisfaction, a fortress-class space carrier steadily ascended behind him. The enormous mothership resembled a cross-shaped dagger that was stretched between the sky and the ground.

That is the mothership of the dark elves.

Numerous blade-like vanguard ships also appear alongside the dark elf mothership and rush like a furious tide toward Asgard. The dark elves have a well-thought-out strategy.

They first let Algrim, the dark elves’ second-in-command, enter the Asgard prison covertly. Use the Kurse Stone to become a strong Kurse warrior, free the inmates of the dungeon, incite a riot, and draw Odin and his son’s attention.

The main dark elf fleet then made a stealthy approach to Asgard using technologies that could deceive Heimdall.

Asgard took no countermeasures at all in response to the so-called mental and prepared plan against the army of dark elves.

Asgard’s men had time to ascend to the air defenses as the dark elf vanguard fleet almost surged to the imperial city. To stop the dark elves’ vanguard fleet, the anti-aircraft cannons atop the turret are operated.

Artillery fire rained across the skies for a while. The Dark Elf Fleet fired against Asgard’s air defense system after opening its weapon bay.

A significant portion of the local anti-aircraft guns was destroyed after a short period of time of combat, and a hole was torn in the heart of the entire air defense array. A fleet of densely packed dark elves then rushed across.

Teams of Asgard flying boats departed to meet the dark elf fleet, filling the void in the air defense array.

The Asgard airships, charging at the front, were destroyed by the heavy weaponry of the approaching Dark Elf Fleet before they could launch a counterattack. However, in a hurry, the Asgard airships took off one after another.

Heimdall regarded Asgard’s defensive might when he was positioned on the Rainbow Bridge as if it had been in vain. Asgard’s air defense system was destroyed by the dark elf army in a matter of seconds, and the army then advanced directly toward Asgard.

The dark elves will soon invade Odin’s Golden Palace if nothing is done.

Heimdall hurried back to the Rainbow Bridge Hall to activate the Imperial City Shield by inserting the great sword into its control slot.

The entire imperial metropolis was gradually encircled by Asgard’s golden shield. Malekith gave the order to accelerate on the dark elf mothership and carelessly charged into the city. because he was able to feel Aether’s fluctuations.

He is certain that Odin’s Golden Palace is where the ether particles must be right now.

Rorschach was obviously the one who set off the Aether’s energies because the Aether is the Reality Stone. The dark elves could sense the Aether’s presence when he utilized the Reality Stone.

The dark elf fleet was on the rampage outside the city. The Kurse warriors followed Loki’s instructions and swiftly located the energy center of the city’s defensive shield inside the Palace.

The protective cover that had just risen collapsed in an instant after the Kurse warrior punched the energy core of the cover, shattering it.

The entire city of Asgard is comparable to a dancing girl who strips off her clothes and displays her most vulnerable side to the wolf-like dark elves.

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Published On: April 1, 2023

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