“Of course, but this is just one of them. The main reason I came this time is to ask Thor, do you remember that you will give me a king’s weapon?” Rorschach looked at Thor seriously and asked.

“What King’s weapon?” Odin had intended to stop him, but when he heard the phrase “King’s Weapon,” he quickly stared at Thor.

He said, “It’s like this. I’ve made a bet before with Rorschach. If I lose, let the king of dwarves make a king’s weapon for Rorschach, and then…”

Thor remained silent, but it was clear to everyone in the room that he had bet Rorschach and lost a king’s weapon. Odin was so furious that he almost passed out right there.

Not long ago, he was still happy that his son had, at last, reached adulthood and that he could now give Thor the responsibility of ruling the realm. But because this occurrence happened so quickly, Odin wished he could take back his words and exile Thor again.

“I’m so disappointed with you.” Odin ended the sentence like that, booted the eight-legged animal, and then soared back to Asgard’s palace.

Thor received a pat on the shoulder from Rorschach, who then spoke “I didn’t say this to hurt your reputation in front of your father, Thor. I want you to realize that failing is not always horrible; rather, what is dreadful is when you are unable to accept your own failing.”

“No, I didn’t…” Thor wanted to clarify that he had no intention of blaming Rorschach.

Thor was nevertheless cut off by Rorschach, who continued, “I’m telling you, Thor. Keep in mind that no amount of pain will bring you to your knees, and anything that cannot kill you will only make you stronger. Come on, young god, you can do anything.”

“Anything that doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger.”

“You are right, Rorschach. I am willing to acknowledge defeat. I can definitely afford to lose. I’m not a coward. Whatever happens, I’ll keep my word.” said Thor after hearing this statement which caused his spirit to suddenly surge within him.

Thor ascended his Stormbreaker and peered. Rorschach and the others watched Thor with eager anticipation.

When he eventually set down the Stormbreaker after much deliberation, Thor said, “If it really doesn’t work, after I inherit the kingdom. I’ll give the king of the dwarves the command to construct you a king’s weapon.”

He was on the verge of promising to give Rorschach the Stormbreaker.

Rorschach remarked that it was becoming more and more difficult for him after seeing Thor at this moment. Thor is a straightforward and honest person, yet he is not the type to be easily duped. Rorschach and Thor then spoke about their mission.

The major purpose of this tour is to exchange technology and entertainment culture. Thor has stated his tremendous support for the vibrant and varied life on earth after experiencing it.

“Your group can follow me into the city, Rorschach. As for everyone else, stay put for the time being.” said Thor.

Thor observed some armed Terminator robots and super soldiers. He was confident that Rorschach wouldn’t attack Asgard because his fleet frequently carries soldiers. These military troops cannot reach the main city. Therefore, it is preferable that they remain where they are.

“No problem.”

The Terminator Legion can remain in the Mir and remain dormant, but the super soldiers require some regions for action. The Mir is not a sizable space fortress and cannot accommodate the daily needs of a sizable population. Therefore, setting a camp on Asgard’s ground is the finest option.

Rorschach welcomed the scientific study team and the rest of the entourage after talking about the visiting group, and the two of them traveled to Asgard city in the same car.

A group of Terminator robots is trailing behind, leading a vast procession of earthen goods toward Asgard.

Along with the entourage from Earth, Rorschach landed in the imperial capital of Asgard.

Thor was given the task of entertaining the earth’s visiting party by Odin, but Rorschach could see that Odin still didn’t seem to want to forge a good alliance with Earth.

After all, the Earth has been obedient to Asgard’s sovereignty and protection for thousands of years. This is comparable to a boss with eight younger brothers and who one day decides that one of the weaker brothers should be on an equal footing with the boss.

It didn’t matter to Rorschach how Odin was acting. He had no concerns that Odin would resist when the dark elves attacked.

Another component is the beginning of diplomatic relations. In addition to enabling Thor to fulfill his initial vow, Rorschach’s visit to Asgard this time is mainly about selling the tens of thousands of tons of earth-native goods brought over to Asgard.

A new currency exchange system will emerge from the cultural and economic interactions between the two civilizations, but until that system is created, Rorschach has the power of priority pricing.

Gold jewelry from Earth may have no value in Asgard. However, the prices of fried chicken, beer, sauerkraut, and ham sausage in instant noodles are unquestionably hundreds of times greater than those of jewel gold.

The Earth Visiting Group’s staff in charge of product sales immediately set out to conduct market research in Asgard after their arrival. The right to use Thor’s image was given to Thor in exchange for two boxes of beer and one box of cheese from those product sales teams.

Make Thor the brand’s ambassador to promote the earth product. Almost every product on earth has Thor or other Asgard-related designs and inscriptions printed on it.

Additionally, they produced a number of promotional flyers about Thor’s use of earth products, which were quickly plastered around Asgard.

The product sales team first issued items that Asgardians are more accustomed to, like beer, bread, meat, and other foods, after conducting market research.

The sales crew is continuing to provide more diverse products once the Asgardians eventually came to appreciate the distinctive taste of the earth.

Asgardians don’t have much revulsion while embracing earthly goods because Thor is the image representative. Therefore, they already have a predetermined intimacy with them.

Foods from the earth quickly become popular throughout Asgard in a few of days.

Food invasion is just the beginning. The sales team then introduced a number of entertainment sectors, including poker, Werewolf, and Hearthstone, as well as the cultural output of films, music, and board games.

Watching theatrical plays appears to be the more typical form of entertainment for Asgardians, at least according to the depiction of the Asgardian entertainment and cultural sector in the original plot.

A sizable contingent of nobles in the Asgard palace would be eager to watch the script that Loki wrote for Thor 2. One can only imagine how underdeveloped Asgard’s entertainment sector is.

The scientific researchers were active throughout the period of high product sales revenue. They began scholarly interactions and streamlined the old Asgardian scholars on Thor’s advice.

Some researchers sneak into Asgardian mountains by themselves to do research since they are more interested in the ecology and astronomy of Asgard.

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