Rorschach shook his head helplessly on the Mir’s bridge as he observed the Asgardian army and flying boats forming a battle formation below.

“It seems sensible that a space carrier might unexpectedly show up at someone’s door and alarm them. In order to prevent confrontations with them, let’s locate a secluded area and settle there. After that, we may explain our intentions to our amicable neighbors.” said Rorschach.

Riverie combed the region surrounding Asgard and advised, “It is advisable to hover in mid-air and employ the associated transport ship to complete the landing if no acceptable landing location is detected in the scan.”

Rorschach motioned with a hand, “If there is no place for landing, Riverie, we must make them. Set up my space annihilation cannon, point it fifty kilometers north of Asgard, and blow that mountain to pieces for me.”

“Understood.” The Mir ship’s roof opened as soon as Riverie carried out Rorschach’s command, and a large black energy barrel protruded from it.

It targeted the hill to the north of Asgard’s kingdom after changing its angle. When the Space Stone’s distinctive blue energy reached its climax, it condensed into a frightening force that stretched out and wiped out the entire planet.

With the spear held high in his hand, Odin is already mounted on the eight-legged horse below, determined to do whatever it takes to prevent the mysterious spaceship in the sky from unleashing a catastrophic attack.

However, Rorschach’s space annihilation cannon has already fired first, and Odin hadn’t not prepared to throw his Gungnir.

Asgard’s night sky was pierced by a brilliant midnight blue light that nearly sailed past the Asgard imperial city’s impenetrable barrier before landing on a tall mountain in the north.


A dreadful energy shock wave rapidly expanded out and formed a strong cyclone that raced through the planet with a catastrophic fury as soon as the light landed, instantaneously collapsing the area atop the tall mountain.

“Retreat right away to the cover of safety!” Odin yelled angrily as he hovered over the Asgard spacecraft that were circling.

It is impossible to withstand such a powerful hit with Asgard’s defenses in place. He worries that this powerful hit will rip it apart in a matter of seconds. Asgard airships rapidly fled into Asgard’s golden shield at Odin’s command.

The golden protective layer was struck by a scary shock wave the next instant, igniting clusters of patterns that looked like stormy waves. There is a palpable sense of doom over all of Asgard.

With the Stormbreaker in hand, Thor went to Odin’s side but was unable to inquire calmly, “Father, who are the enemies, and where do they come from?”

Shaking his head, Odin said, “I have traveled through the Nine Realms, but I have never seen such a formidable enemy. There is no doubt that the Nine Realms do not contain any powers like these. They might be from lands other than the Nine Realms.”

Odin and Thor both recalled a name when talking about beyond the Nine Realms. A name that scares everyone in the universe. Thanos, the ruler of the universe.

“It doesn’t make sense. Why didn’t Thanos just aim at Asgard if it was him?” Thor enquired.

Odin was lost in thought. Odin and his son were just beginning to wonder what was going on when they noticed the blazing red spaceship accelerating and heading toward the hill north of Asgard. At this precise moment, the hills have vanished entirely.

The area is precisely a circle larger than the flaming red space carrier, suggesting that the size of the area has been determined with accuracy. The spaceship eventually made a leisurely, flawless landing on the newly created plain.

Both Odin and his son had questions in their eyes as they exchanged glances. They couldn’t help but be careless and they quickly flew in the direction of the space carrier’s landing because the enemy was nearby.

Rorschach and the others had already passed the lifting platform and landed on the ground when Odin and his son arrived first.

Odin was immediately enraged when he spotted Rorschach, “The God of Midgard, Rorschach. You even launched an attack on Asgard while commanding an army into the kingdom without authorization. Are you attempting to provoke a war against Asgard?”

When Odin questioned Rorschach, he continued to smile and stated, “No, no, you misunderstood me. I traveled especially for this visit. After all, I led earth to Asgard since you personally traveled there not long ago.”

The significance of Rorschach is already clear to see. Rorschach received a gift from Odin when he descended to earth, and now he has returned the favor.

“Your Majesty also claimed that I made an assault. Unintentionally, one of my robot interns fired the space annihilation weapon. Fortunately, this space annihilation cannon has the lowest power. Otherwise, a disaster will occur. I’m willing to give the intern robot to Asgard for them to do with what they like in order to make amends.”

When Rorschach waved his hand, the entire army of Terminators descended in neat rows. The two Terminator robots sent to Odin were followed by a robot of the lowest model.

Odin is still unable to take this Rorschach’s lame justification. It’s clear that the internship robot was designed specifically to take the blame.

Rorschach purposefully displayed his power to Odin. It appears to be hinting towards something. As if their army won’t be able to withstand his space annihilation weapon if the two armies are at war.

Odin was suppressing his rage since he lacked a place to let it out. He felt as though a cold water basin had been poured over him as he thought about the space annihilation cannon just now, and the rage in his heart mysteriously diminished by 30%.

By launching a space annihilation cannon early, Rorschach successfully blinded Odin’s one eye.

There are a lot of Asgardians behind Odin even if he can ride an eight-legged horse without being concerned about the space annihilation cannon. Asgard would be destroyed if Rorschach had fired the cannon at the Asgardian populace.

At this point, Thor arrived at Rorschach and Odin grew silent. “I almost believed Thanos was coming. Where did you acquire this spacecraft, Rorschach? I remember the Chitauri mothership looks like this.”

The Chitauri spaceship’s technological development had not yet begun on the earth side when Thor departed from the planet. Rorschach actually piloted a spaceship to Asgard in less than a year.

With a smile, Rorschach welcomed Thor and said, “I picked up this spaceship on Earth.”

Although Thor certainly doesn’t believe it, this is the truth.

After giving Mir a long, one-eyed look, Odin stated in a low voice, “Rorschach, this is the spaceship of the Celestials. You should not utilize your spaceship because it is probably an artifact of the Celestials. You have no knowledge of them, so be careful.”

Odin created the Destroyer Armor specifically to combat the Celestials because he is aware of their existence.

The Celestials’ use of technology is quite clear. Odin was immediately reminded of the Celestials who have visited the earth numerous times over the course of thousands of years when he heard Rorschach claim that this spaceship was picked up on the earth.

Rorschach avoided being too involved in the Celestials controversy.

“The ‘so-called’ understand themselves and are aware of their capacity for victory. It makes sense that you should use the Celestials’ objects to uncover their mysteries to know more about them.”

Because of his large head and desire to prevent his father and Rorschach from fighting, Thor could only remain a mediator, “Rorschach, let’s avoid talking about it. What brought you here this time? Is it related to Asgard and Midgard’s alliance?”

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Published On: March 31, 2023

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