Rorschach started preparing for Asgard as soon as he got back from London.

Rorschach can’t lose the face of the earth since he wants to represent the planet’s interests by establishing diplomatic ties with Asgard. In order to create the Earth’s Journey Mission Guard Army, Rorschach sent out an army of 200,000 Terminator units and an army of 10,000 super soldiers from the Osborn Group and S.W.O.R.D.

Rorschach alerted the guards and a sizable number of scientists from the Osborn Group’s scientific research team, as well as authoritative representatives from various fields, to form a delegation to Earth. He also bought tens of thousands of tons of locally produced goods with earthly characteristics with the intention of traveling to Asgard to conduct cordial economic exchanges and exchange needs.

There are numerous varieties of indigenous goods among them, ranging from food and clothes to cultural and entertainment goods. There are several types of exemplary beer, instant noodles, coke, ham sausage, sauerkraut, movies, and board games among them. Playboy Magazine, the Victoria’s Secret Photobook, and more are also included.

Rorschach intends to pilot the Eternals Mothership during this trip.

The Eternals Mothership’s initial dark outer layer was changed with a passionate flaming red following Riverie’s interior and exterior design, and nine star-shaped light sources representing the Nine Realms were installed on the main body.

Each kingdom with which Rorschach establishes diplomatic relations will see the lighting of a star-shaped light source, symbolizing Rorschach’s journey throughout the world, promoting the noble ideals of peace and love.

Rorschach gave the Eternal Mothership the unique moniker “Mir” to convey the idea of love and peace better.

After quickly completing her task of calibrating the space coordinates of Asgard, Jane Foster pledged to complete the task of calibrating the space coordinates of the remaining worlds within the following week.

Indeed, offering money is the most effective technique to increase employees’ enthusiasm.

On the fifth day. All employees and souvenirs have boarded the spacecraft. Rorschach was standing on the recently refurbished bridge and peered down through the enormous light curtain in front of him at the blue planet below.

“Only the Asgard space coordinates need to be entered. The star map calibration has already been finished. You may start into the according coordinate as Asgard has been located.” Standing next to Rorschach, Riverie projected a holographic image of a woman in a human body and explained it to him.

“Target direction, Asgard.” As soon as Rorschach waved his hand, Riverie ignited the spaceship’s engine and began space-jumping.

Wanda was enthusiastic, as were Pietro, Jane Foster, Helen Cho, and others. Almost everyone is yearning for the starry sky of the universe as they gaze up at the night sky, curious to find out what kind of scene lies beyond the limitless starry sky.

Now that all of this is about to become a reality.


The Royal Palace of Valaskjalf, Asgard.

Tens of thousands of Asgardian elite troops were rehearsing in the square below as Odin and Thor stood side by side on the top floor of the Golden Palace. These are the best soldiers in Asgard’s army, not the complete force.

Thor couldn’t help but draw comparisons between the well-trained Asgardian soldiers and the Earth Alliance as he saw the Asgardian combatants below. Both sides’ pros and cons are quite clear.

Individually, Asgardian combatants are formidable. Elite fighters can even attain the level of remarkable people on earth, while regular adult males have the physique of super soldiers on earth.

Asgardian soldiers are unstoppable in battle and possess the highest fighting prowess among the warriors of the Nine Realms, thanks to their arsenal of strong weapons forged of Uru metal.

The population of Asgard is too small, which is its main drawback.

Similar issues plague many long-lived creatures throughout the universe, and Asgardians are no exception. Asgardians have a very small number of offspring during the course of their tens of thousands of year lifespan.

In addition to this, Odin began a military effort to conquer the Nine Realms thousands of years ago. Even though Odin successfully united the Nine Realms, established a great name for himself, and delivered thousands of years of peace to the Nine Realms, this also significantly reduced Asgard’s population and cultural heritage.

The population is the backbone of any nation, particularly the young and middle-aged. But Odin never seemed to face up to this problem.

There has been a very major fault phenomenon, especially with the kingdom’s high-level fighter jets and the presence of the kingdom’s cornerstone by having magical powers. Although Asgardian fighters are strong, no one is strong enough to stand alone.

Odin and his son are fully responsible for facing a powerful foe. Asgard will be like loose sand in front of a powerful foe once Odin and his son break the chain.

Odin sensed his son’s depression next to him and enquired, “What’s going on, Thor? You seem to be thinking about something.”

“Father, I have a question in my head. Can Asgard stop Thanos if he attempts to attack the Nine Realm?” Thor asked his father while looking at him.

“I am aware that you are still considering the alliance with Midgard.”

In a moment, Odin managed to blow Thor’s mind, “Although Thanos is undoubtedly strong, you must keep in mind that Asgard is unbeatable. We have the best weaponry, the best fighters, and the strongest trust in each other. If Thanos dares to visit when I am present, I shall allow him to taste my weapon.”

When he heard his father’s response, Thor smiled.

“I will also put in a lot of effort to become a capable king.” Thor stated in a strong voice to his father.

Odin and his son have a fairly straightforward plan for running the kingdom. If they are powerful enough, they can guide their people to prosperity.

At the Rainbow Bridge. Heimdall, who was clutching a large sword, suddenly turned to look at the starry sky. He jumped in the direction of Asgard because he thought something was tearing the space.

He raised the large sword with both hands unconsciously and placed it in a sword slot in the Rainbow Bridge foyer. A golden energy shield gently ascended from the Golden Palace and instantly encircled the entire Asgard.

The sky was suddenly covered in a layer of a honeycomb-shaped barrier. In the skies above Asgard, a flaming red, a triangular-shaped spaceship with an incredible look appeared.

The main body of this spaceship has nine enormous star-shaped light sources lined up, but only one of them is illuminated. Although its size is small in the Space Fortress-class mothership, it is a massive spaceship that appeared to be a behemoth in the sky.

This is Rorschach’s spaceship.

“Enemy attack!” The Palace was shaken by the guards’ shrill warning.

Odin’s complexion abruptly changed. Gungnir materialized in his hand with the wave of a hand. Thor also called the Stormbreaker by extending his hand in the direction of his bedroom.

The elite Asgardian warriors below quickly stopped their training. They came together swiftly and formed a fighting formation to face the enemy per the commander’s orders.

The elite Asgardian warriors below quickly stopped their training. They came together swiftly and formed a fighting formation to face the enemy per the commander’s orders.

The crimson spaceship that suddenly appeared in the sky was targeted by the anti-aircraft weaponry mounted on the walls of Asgard’s kingdom.

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Published On: March 30, 2023

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