Rorschach was on the endless plain of Svartalfheim just following the collection of the Aether.

The hibernation chamber of the white-haired and white-faced dark elf leader, who had been sleeping for countless years in a cross-shaped spacecraft that resembled a short-bladed dagger, was triggered. He suddenly awoke from his deep sleep.

When he opened them, he was filled with anger. Malekith, the dark elf leader and commander of the dark elf army, is the most formidable warrior among the dark elves.

More dark elves emerged from the slumber cabin as Malekith, the leader of the dark elves, awoke. They turned to face their lord.

“Despite the fact that it only briefly materialized before vanishing, I could feel the Aether. I have to find who stole the dark elf’s treasure.”

Malekith claimed he was interested in discovering who took the Aether, but a person suddenly materialized in his imagination.

Bor, king of Asgard.

Malekith turned the Reality Stone into Aether thousands of years ago, using its power to turn the entire world into a dark place. However, he was killed by Odin’s father, Bor, who was the king of Asgard at the time. In order to battle him, he led the Asgardian holy soldiers, took the Aether, and hide them.

When the dark elves’ leader spoke, the warriors in the area gathered and joined Malekith by shouting the phrase “Reclaim the Aether” out loud. As though they were going to battle Asgard to the bitter end, they started to reassemble the army and activate the warships.


After acquiring the Reality Stone, Rorschach intended to head back to New York. Rorschach gave Jane Foster a star map that he had downloaded from the Eternals Mothership before he left.

On the Eternals Mothership, the star map is still as it was thousands of years ago. The relative position of the star movement is likely to alter in a few thousand years. The star map has not been updated by the Eternals on Earth, or it is said that they are only ever utilized once.

Rorschach must therefore double-check the star map if he wants to finish the space journey.

The star map’s proofreading task is not difficult. You merely need to take advantage of the Nine Realms’ potential to watch, record, and then replace each planet’s course in the Nine Realms with its relative coordinates and space parameters.

In other words, a space route connecting the Nine Realms is feasible like the Nine Realms’ Rainbow Bridge, which connects them.

“Your ultimate objective is to conquer the other eight realms, then?” Darcy grumbled.

“Invading? No, I just want to establish diplomatic relations with them.” Rorschach said.

Rorschach represents Earth and forms diplomatic ties with other civilizations, in accordance with the system’s stated objective. One million points are available with every subsequent civilization.

Rorschach will be able to earn 8 million mission points, which will be sufficient for his next upgrade, if all eight civilizations other than Earth can be included in Earth’s diplomatic system.

Jane Foster questioned, after giving the question some thought, “May I ask why does diplomatic relations entail colonization?”

“Of course, colonization must be viewed as a form of diplomatic engagement.” Rorschach stated it naturally.

“So you still want to invade into other realms, correct? Who will be the first? Asgard?” Rorschach’s response made Darcy even more enthusiastic.

“I don’t want to conquer Asgard, but you can find Asgard’s location in space first. I recently acquired a spacecraft, and I intend to travel to Asgard. Thor still owes me a king’s weapon, after all.” said Rorschach.

Thor insisted on placing a wager with himself in order to defeat the Chitauri army, and the wager was a king’s weapon. Now that Rorschach is in possession of an increasing number of Infinity Stones, he must think about developing a unique item for using these six Infinity Stones.

“You acquired a spacecraft? Could you tell me where you got it? and I also want one.” Darcy’s face showed her skepticism.

Rorschach appeared to have actually taken the Eternal Race’s spacecraft in his hands.

“I should be able to find Asgard’s coordinates if you give me five days.” Jane Foster didn’t linger on how Rorschach came to own a spacecraft.

For this unique time of the Nine Realms, she has spent many years tracking the motion of the stars. Jane Foster gave up her profession in the original plot to pursue love, but in the end, neither love nor her career succeeded.

Rorschach nodded in agreement, “You will be my most valuable employee. I will undoubtedly rate you as one of the top ten exceptional employees of the Osborn Group by the end of the year. If you manage to properly identify the coordinates of the remaining eight realms.”

Jane Foster listened while grinning awkwardly but formally. She clearly has no interest in the so-called top ten exceptional personnel.

When Darcy learned this, she grew excited, “Jane, you must become one of the top ten employees. One billion dollars will be awarded to the first place, followed by 900 million dollars to second place, and so on. A hundred million dollars will be awarded even for the last place. If you win the prize, please remember me!”

Currently, the Osborn Group, the greatest conglomerate in the world, has control over more than 70% of the global arms, energy, technology, journalism, and even entertainment industries. Billions in rewards for an exceptional employee is like a drop of water in the ocean.

“How much? One billion?” After hearing this, Jane Foster also twitched the corner of her mouth, and the first place will receive a billion dollars.

She claimed that her pay as a scientist is now high, but the costs associated with conducting experiments are substantial. She won’t have to worry in the coming years if she can secure first place and a bonus of $1 billion.

Jane Foster suddenly felt invigorated, “Within five days, no, three days, Mr. Rorschach! I’ll undoubtedly find Asgard’s coordinates within three days.”

“Very well. I am waiting for your good news.” Rorschach encouraged Jane Foster a few more words.

He has a certain way of boosting the company’s morale with just two words, monetary rewards.

Employees don’t show up for work to discuss life and values with you. There is no need to play those things because everyone is an adult. As long as there is money involved, employees’ interest will always increase.

It’s that easy.

Jane Foster has energized thanks to the bonus, and Rorschach brought Wanda back to New York.

The dark elves must have awakened in accordance with the original plot, as they can now detect Aether’s energy fluctuations. However, at this time, Rorschach has returned the Aether to the Reality Stone and shielded its energy.

The sole intelligent inhabitants of Svartalfheim are dark elves. He needs to get along with the dark elves if he wants to start diplomatic relations with Svartalfheim.

Rorschach plans to draw the dark elves to Asgard with the Reality Stone. He can thus easily earn two million points by initiating diplomatic relations with two civilizations at once.

Rorschach will be able to travel, see all nine realms, and accrue enough points to upgrade his Kryptonian bloodline once Jane Foster discovers the space coordinates of other realms.

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Published On: March 30, 2023

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