London, an abandoned factory.

A vehicle that weighed many tons was held in midair at the factory’s workshop. The truck appeared to be unaffected by earth’s gravity because it kept spinning while it was hanging in the air.

When the kids saw this, they got quite playful and continued hurling pebbles or other objects into the factory workshop. The items that were tossed away, nevertheless, vanished as if they had entered another room.

“Children, please leave right away. This place is very dangerous.”

After reaching the abandoned factory, Jane Foster and the Osborn Group’s special forces promptly erected a barricade to stop others from unintentionally entering the space-time fissure and being transferred to other planets.

The kids were promptly sent outside, and Rorschach, Wanda, and Darcy joined them. Wanda is a skilled magician now, and she senses a natural force agitating this area.

“Although this particular type of space anomaly is extremely uncommon, I should be able to stabilize this area and prevent the anomaly from forming further.” said Wanda.

Rorschach dismissed it as unimportant, “Can you then make the entire earth’s space stable? Since you said the entire planet’s space will be disturbed.”

“The entire earth’s space? I’m afraid not…”

Wanda appeared ashamed after hearing Rorschach’s remarks. Since she was still studying magic, the entire planet would not be covered by her mental power.

“I’ll fix it, but not now.”

Rorschach uses the Space Stone, which is fully capable of stabilizing the entire earth without being disturbed by the gravitational force of the Nine Realms Link. He still believes that Jane Foster will lead him to the Reality Stone. Of course, he won’t employ the Space Stone’s might at this time.

Rorschach finished his conversation and entered the abandoned factory, where he discovered Jane Foster ascending the steep steps.

“Mr. Rorschach, long time no see.”

“Indeed. So, you didn’t bring your hammer?” Rorschach noticed that Jane Foster didn’t bring Thor’s Hammer.

Since Reality Stone is one of the Infinity Stones, it will inevitably erode ordinary individuals who come into direct contact with it with immense energy, possibly even taking their lives.

The subsequent development of Jane Foster’s cancer in the original plot must have been related to the ingestion of Aether. Jane Foster would be unharmed if she touched the Aether while wielding Thor’s hammer in Female Thor form.

“No, I’m accustomed to hanging Thor’s Hammer in my workspace. It cannot be taken away by anyone. I will summon Thor’s Hammer if I need to.” Jane Foster explained while smiling.

Wanda recognized Jane Foster and Rorschach as they were conversing. She was aware that this was the female superhero Thor because she and Rorschach were longtime friends.

Darcy dragged a chatty intern who had just gotten off from the astronomical observatory after her.

Another frantic change in the environment occurred as everyone made their way to the factory’s roof. Jane Foster slipped into the spatial anomaly after abruptly losing her balance and losing her footing.

Jane Foster immediately reached out and conjured Thor’s Hammer as she was about to fall down the passage. A silver hammer was launched into the air, flying straight ahead, but midway through the flight it abruptly bent 90 degrees, changed course, and soared upward.

“Don’t open the portal, Wanda.”

Wanda was attempting to use the portal to return Jane Foster when Rorschach intervened. He dived into the anomaly in space in front of him instead.

Wanda didn’t understand why Rorschach had entered that anomaly, but she was in too much of a hurry to continue asking questions, so she jumped too.

Rorschach hugged Wanda during the fall after a rush of spatial alterations, and Wanda used magic to balance all of their bodies. The three landed in an old temple composed of chunks of black stone. Two black rocks are stifling a continuously flowing, liquid-like red fluid at the exact center of the temple.

“What is that?”

Jane Foster doesn’t have a fear of dying as a scientist. She quickly wanted to rush to conduct some investigation after noticing some odd things. Rorschach promptly stopped Jane Foster’s act of ignorance.

“It has a high radioactivity level. You are seeking death if you approach it in a mortal body.”

The Space Stone and the Mind Stone were still lodged in the Destroyer Armor while Rorschach spoke. He approached the Aether and extended his hand. The Aether gravitated toward Rorschach’s tremendous energy and began to pour into his hands on its own.

The instant the Destroyer Armor touched the crimson fluid-like substance and absorbed it. The Destroyer Armor was filled with a profusion of dark red fluids. A third infinity Stone was created with the help of the Space Stone and the Mind Stone.

It creates the Reality Stone.

When the Reality Stone was inserted into the Destroyer Armor, Rorschach experienced a powerful energy shock that spread across his entire body. It appears that he has the power to alter reality with just a thought.

[Ding, start the side mission “Collect Infinity Stones,” which awards 6,000,000 mission points if completed. The host already possesses three Infinity Stones.]

For six million mission points, gather six Infinity Stones. This is again another significant point gain for Rorschach.

Rorschach is in a good mood right now.

Only the Power Stone and Soul Stone remain outside of the earth, while the Time Stone is in The Ancient One’s possession, and Power Stone is obviously easier to find than Soul Stone.

It is utterly impossible for Rorschach to switch lovers because the Soul Stone gem must sacrifice a person he genuinely loves in order to receive the stone.

He can only look for a chance to inform Thanos about the existence of the Soul Stone, allow him to locate it, and then take the Soul Stone from him.

“Exactly what is that? Why do I get the impression you were aware it was here?”

After all, Jane Foster is a scientist. She concluded from this sequence of events that Rorschach appeared to have known she would fall into this strange space and subsequently came into contact with this object.

Rorschach merely said, “From the six Infinity Stones, this is the Reality Stone. I discovered the location of the Reality Stone in an ancient book.”

“Reality Stones? So, the radiation you just said emits gamma rays is like the Tesseract cube one?”

Jane Foster is quite knowledgeable about the properties of the Infinity Stones because Rorschach ordered her to investigate the Tesseract before the arrival of the Chitauri army.

“Yes, now we can go back.”

Rorschach gave little explanation and just opened a portal back to Earth using the Space Stone. Rorschach reactivated the Space Stone’s power after touching down on the Earth, reconsolidating the atmosphere to protect it from the Nine Realm Link’s gravitational pull.

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Published On: March 29, 2023

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