As Sitwell had stated, the Osborn Group’s scientific research team received the core technology of the Chitauri Mothership after the foundation of the S.W.O.R.D. for analysis.

Dr. Pym also joined the investigational group. Despite this, he continues to have strong prejudices against Tony Stark, Howard’s son. In the entire partnership, Dr. Pym is still able to discern between public and private.

Pym particles are widely used in science, which has tremendously sped the process of deciphering alien technology. Nearly every day, Tony Stark draws inspiration from alien technology to improve his steel armor.

Tony unexpectedly created more than 30 sets of steel suits with various features in less than a month, including the Mark 42 prodigal son automatic assembly suit. However, in this world, nanotechnology first appeared on Tony’s list of technology upgrades just after the Mark 42 suit was released.

Tony spent all of his time in the lab because of his passion for improving the steel suit. He even considered injecting himself with a physical-enhancement pill to increase his physical condition and free up a lot of sleep time for technical study.

Harry Osborn has taken over the Osborn Firm, and Norman Osborn is now the director of S.W.O.R.D., but this wealthy second generation that is used to living a dandy life evidently lacks the competence to take the head of the largest arms technology group in the world.

In other words, Harry was extremely aware of his financial situation and gave Riverie direct approval to handle all business matters on his behalf.

Osborn Group, in a training facility for magic energy.

Wanda was cutting mutton with a little knife while standing next to a grill and gesturing with her hands while doing so. The mutton should then be sliced into kebabs and skewered using a bamboo stick then cumin should then be added before grilling.

“You can already chop five mutton skewers at once using magic. The next step is to attempt to cut the mutton into thinner slices. It is ideal if every mutton piece is the same size and weight.”

Rorschach was seated in the recliner next to him, feeding himself juice via two straws while clutching a handful of grilled mutton skewers in the other.

Wanda wiped her forehead. The grill’s heat caused the space to seem a little stuffy. Wanda was visibly sweating while Rorschach felt only a little.

“Is this training truly helpful, Rorschach? Or are you just asking me to make something for you to eat?”

“I’m teaching you how to control your power.”

Rorschach ate the last of the lamb kebabs in two or three bites before approaching Wanda and giving her the last of the juice. He grabbed a chunk of mutton and stretched it out flat on his hand. With his other hand, he grabbed a small knife and rapidly slipped it onto his hand.

Rorschach finished his moves in only five seconds. Wanda heard him say as he held his hands out, “Did you notice that I divided the leftover mutton into 1,005 pieces after removing a few odd scraps? All identical squares, this is my power control.”

Rorschach uses a biological force field, super intelligence, super speed, and other powers, controlling 100% of the power.

Wanda cast a quick glance at the tightly clustered little bits in Rorschach’s hand. Each piece of minced beef is incredibly small, but upon closer inspection, you will see that they are all identically sized squares, just as Rorschach claimed.

“Wanda, if you can control magic to this degree, you can cast high-level or even forbidden magic perfectly without worrying about any negative effects.” Rorschach explained.

“Is that true?” Wanda enquired while hesitating.

Rorschach nodded in agreement, “Of course, your mental capacity is expanding quickly. You will quickly lose control if you don’t improve your command over magical energy.”

Simply put, if power grows too quickly, it will cause instability and insanity.

“All right.” Wanda continued to take Rorschach at his word.

Rorschach is one of the world’s most knowledgeable about magic, despite the fact that he hasn’t yet learned how to cast one. Even The Ancient One has been known to submit to his theoretical understanding on occasion.

As Wanda continued to use magic to skewer lamb for Rorschach as he reclined on the couch, there was a knock on the training room’s door.

“Come on in.” Rorschach opened the door for the other party, and Wanda won’t be bothered by an unexpected visitor.

A powerful magician must, after all, possess strong anti-interference skills.

Otherwise, if you are here casting a spell and suddenly someone enters, you can become distracted and lose focus. Either the spell will stop working altogether or it will go mad and have unimaginable repercussions.

Dr. Helen Cho entered the training room while clutching a document as the training room door opened.

“Dr. Foster has reported that there are unusual variations in the space data, Mr. Rorschach.”

Helen Cho only gave it a cursory glance before turning her attention elsewhere because she had long been familiar with concepts like Wanda using magic to give Rorschach kebabs.

After calculating the time, Rorschach discovered that the spatial data was odd and that the once-in-a-millennium Nine Realms alignment event was probably about to take place.

“I see. Dr. Cho, Would you like a skewer of lamb?”

“No thanks, I lost weight recently.”

“I also don’t know how to understand this. Why do you want to lose weight when you are obviously not overweight? To be able to exercise and reduce weight, you must eat adequate food.” Rorschach made a joke.

Doctor Helen Cho smiled, “Unlike you superhuman folks, I will gain weight no matter how much I eat. I already find it very challenging to keep my present weight.”

“I am not a superhuman, I am first and foremost an average person.”

Dr. Helen Cho’s statement that superhumans will acquire weight even if they merely eat and do not exercise was corrected by Rorschach. He suddenly had the image of Thor from Avengers Endgame with a beer belly in his head.

Rorschach ceased talking about it and inquired, “Where is Dr. Foster now?”

“Astronomical Observatory in London.” Dr.  Helen Cho responded.

Rorschach answered and got to his feet. When Wanda noticed this, she instantly stopped practicing her magic control and leaned down to asked, “Do you plan to leave, Rorschach? Can you bring me along?”

“You may now open the portal directly to London, and we will now travel there.” Rorschach complied with Wanda’s demand.

“Wait for me a little while, I’ll go home and change into some new clothing, I’ve been grilling lamb kebabs all afternoon, and I smell like smoke.”

Rorschach doesn’t experience issues like these. Because of the biological force field and the smokey atmosphere, even the smallest amount of dust cannot pollute Rorschach’s body. Wanda put on the Sling Ring right away and drew a blood-red portal in front of her.

Wanda reemerged in front of Rorschach after sprinting to her home and changing into a red leather windbreaker and brown high boots. Wanda transformed from the neighboring sister in casual clothing to a high-cold lady in a matter of minutes.

“Let’s move and aim for London.”

Wanda joyfully accessed the London portal and traveled there with Rorschach, the astronomy observatory. There was no one else waiting at the astronomical observatory but Darcy.

Jane Foster recently discovered something after spotting an incredibly unstable spatial fluctuation signal in a London neighborhood. They went there to examine since this spatial fluctuation parameter is remarkably comparable to when the Rainbow Bridge landed.

Reality Stone will run into Jane Foster there, according to the original plot.

Rorschach, who was obviously determined to get the Reality Stone at this moment, said, “Let’s go, Dr. Foster must have made a huge discovery.”

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Published On: March 29, 2023

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