“Why did you keep him waiting so long? That’s Tony Stark, Mr. Rorschach. If someone wants to see him, they can’t.” Peter gave Rorschach a blank stare.

“I asked him to wait a while because of your impatience,” Rorschach snapped at him.

Things that are too simple to obtain are frequently not valued. Tony Stark will undoubtedly hate Rorschach if he exhibits Peter’s adoring gaze.

But even if Rorschach doesn’t give it to Tony now, it might not be long until Tony gets an idea from his father Howard’s video and makes it on his own, thus the additional elements must be provided to him.

It would be challenging to obtain mission points at that time. Tony stood outside the door for a minute, which was a very long time for him.

The man smiled at himself as he looked over at the vacant villa and said, “It doesn’t matter, Happy, let’s leave!”

“Okay.” Happy has long been upset. He was prepared to go right away with Tony even though he was still unaware of Tony’s palladium poisoning.

The villa’s door then started to open. A boy who appeared to be a high school student emerged from within.

“Hey, Mr. Tony Stark, Mr. Happy, Mr. Rorschach asked me to invite you in.” Naturally, Peter was the one who spoke.

Tony Stark halted in his tracks when he saw the door open. He inhaled deeply and said with a smile., “Hello, are you Mr. Rorschach’s housekeeper?”

“No, I’m not. I’m Mr. Rorschach’s student and assistant…”

“Are you Peter Parker?”

“Oh my god, Mr. Tony, do you know me?”

“Mr. Rorschach’s paper also has your signature.”

“Mr. Tony, can you give me an autograph later?”

“No problem.”

Happy followed Tony Stark and Peter as they entered Rorschach’s villa while joking around. Tony Stark is unable to remove the cumbersome steel suit at this moment due to the Mark 4 battle suit’s lack of an automatic take-off mode, so he can only proceed to enter Rorschach’s villa while wearing the steel suit.

“Mr. Tony, please take a seat.”

Rorschach was forced to entertain Tony and Happy at the stone table and chairs in the villa courtyard after noticing Tony’s attire and being concerned that he would collapse his sofa.

Tony wanted to believe that he could stand, but Peter and Happy had already sat down, leaving him alone and feeling awkward.

In truth, he already has a bland enough appearance in this steel suit. Like Peter, who has been circling Tony, other people are shocked and envious when they see the steel suit, and Tony relishes the attention of thousands of people.

Rorschach only gave it a passing glance before turning his head. “When you see my steel outfit, aren’t you surprised?” Tony questioned.

Tony hasn’t felt any respect from Rorschach since the latter declined his invitation and told him to knock on his door directly.

Of course, Rorschach intended to do this. Tony Stark, who has a high sense of self, has always communicated on an equal footing, and because of your regard and pursuit, they will never look at you more favorably.

“Mr. Tony, excuse me, although your suit is powerful, but there are too many unreasonable designs, and it lacks the ability to deal with emergencies,” said Rorschach, who was still sporting a slight smile.

“Of course, I know this; I’ve previously created a portable fighting armor in the shape of a suitcase.”

“That suit is only going to have more flaws!” Rorschach is acquainted with the original story, therefore, it goes without saying that he is aware that Tony is referring to the Mark 5 suit that battled the whip on the racetrack.

However, the Mark 5 outfit was only used once and never again. Too many flaws and extremely unpractical

“That’s correct. I want to talk to you about new elements,” Tony said as he hastily changed the subject after rolling his eyes and mumbling inwardly.

“Do you wish to acquire the patents and technologies of new elements?” Rorschach posed a rhyming question.


Tony said, “If the parameters and performance of all parts of the new element are actually as indicated in your paper, I will consider purchasing all of your patents and technology,”

“Alright!” Rorschach gave a nod.

Tony didn’t anticipate Rorschach to concur so joyfully. He was blind to the fact that Rorschach was intentionally beating him today. “So, Mr. Rorschach, what price do you plan to want?” I said.

Could it be that the price will be high? Tony immediately questioned the psychological cost of the Rorschach.

Neither the buyer nor the seller will benefit from being the first person to submit a price. The other party can increase or reduce based on the psychological price after you state it.

Rorschach, on the other hand, didn’t give a damn. After all, he is more interested in earning mission points than Tony’s cash. He only needs to request $100 million. Although $100,000,000 USD is a sizable sum, Tony Stark sees it as a pretty average amount.

Rorschach considered this while gradually extending a finger. Tony’s expression changed right away as he saw Rorschach extending a finger.

10 billion? No, this individual said 100 billion! To allow for negotiation, he purposefully reported so many false things.

Although Tony’s demeanor seemed serene, his heart was incredibly distressed. Stark Industries were experiencing a crucial stage of the energy transition. Even if there was already a palladium element arc reactor as a cornerstone industry for energy, upgrading it to a new element will unquestionably hasten Stark Industries’ transition to a more modern energy supply.

Even though Stark Industries has plenty of cash on hand, spending $100 billion all at once will significantly affect the company’s cash flow. Regardless of the new component’s potential for profit, Tony still depends on it to save his life.

Tony will almost ingest palladium poisoning if this keeps up. He can’t be concerned right now with the capital turnover of the business. So, make an effort to haggle as much as you can.

Tony was prepared to be slain at this point.

“Mr. Rorschach, your offer of $100 billion is too extravagant, but I respect your brilliance. How about this? I will offer you $10 billion and guarantee you a portion of Stark Industries’ shares.” Tony is pursuing his own strategy.

He first experienced the “forced palace” when he first became Iron Man, thanks to Obadiah, Stark Industries’ second-largest stockholder. The shares of Stark Industries that Obadiah owned became the object of competition for all stockholders after the Obadiah scheme was exposed.

It is preferable to confuse the waters and let Rorschach enter the game so that he may rewrite the laws of the game rather than enabling other shareholders to become more powerful.

No matter how many shares are allotted, Rorschach will still get rewarded. Tony Stark’s honesty has already been established with 10 billion plus shares.

With a total of 10 billion plus shares, Rorschach nearly believed he had misheard it.

Initially, he intended to demand $100 million, leaving an opportunity for negotiation. So when he came along, this man paid 10 billion plus the Stark Industries shares.

Even if Tony doesn’t have to pay for it himself because it is considered an expense for Stark Industries’ purchase of technology, this man doesn’t treat money like money.

Rorschach couldn’t think of anything to say, so he could only yell, “Fuck,” in his heart. Happy’s expression didn’t change, and he thought the ten billion dollar agreement was really weighty and Peter appeared shocked. Usually, he rarely spends money above one hundred, but the one in front of him is ten billion.

He’s playing the big boss right now.

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Published On: February 1, 2023

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