Queens, New York. Teacher’s office.

Bored, Rorschach sat at his desk studying the pupils’ scientific research assignments. According to Rorschach, assessing students’ science homework is more like playing house with this group of kids than it is, despite the fact that it is supposed to be a scientific study assignment since what do you expect a group of high school students to research?

“On the likelihood of interspecies gene transfusion, perhaps?” Rorschach was startled by the title of this research paper before he noticed the signature.

“You have been bitten by a mutant spider, so Peter Parker, are you starting to pay attention to the science of cross-species gene transplantation?”

Rorschach grinned as he read “Peter Parker” in the name. This pupil is in his class. Ordinary people see Peter Parker as a shy and reclusive nerd, but Rorschach is aware that he also goes by the name Spider-Man.

Rorschach is a traveler, not a native of this world. Rorschach was a diligent office worker before he traveled between worlds. He crossed into this planet mysteriously after months of high-intensity overtime labor.

Rorschach is actually a science instructor at the New York City High School of Science and Technology in this universe. He is successful in life because of his attractive appearance, the numerous suitors he attracts, and the considerable money he inherits.

Rorschach believed he had finally rid himself a special blessing and could now enjoy a joyful life of luxury and money, together with a young model in the club, so he felt no compulsion to incorporate the memories of his forebears. Declare that he is a Man of Steel to the entire world.

This is the Marvel Universe!

Rorschach’s heart grew icily cold when he learned that Tony Stark had declared himself to be Man of Steel.

He believed he was entering the happy home life of a charming American male teacher and a beautiful American teacher, but in the end, he discovered that he was actually entering a sci-fi universe full of superheroes and supervillains. It doesn’t matter how attractive you are or how wealthy your family is.

Regardless of how wealthy Rorschach’s family is, it only has enough money to get by comfortably. Tony Stark’s pocket money is surely not as large as this sum!

The phrase goes that the wealthy rely on technology while the underprivileged relies on mutation. It can only be used as cannon fodder if both ends can be touched.

Rorschach is fortunate to have a trick because, without it, he seriously doubts his ability to survive in this world. It is the year 2009. In three years, the wicked Loki will command the Chitauri army to conquer New York City, according to the Marvel Universe’s evolving plot.

Even if you manage to avoid the Chitauri army’s invasion by accident, you can also avoid the plots of numerous villains who are urgently attempting to end the world. Finally, Thanos snaps his fingers and everything is over.

With the snap of his fingers, Thanos wiped out without discrimination half of all life in the universe. Rorschach has now concluded that although the reality he lives in is quite similar to the MCU, there are still many differences, despite the fact that in the movie narrative (MCU), the superheroes finally fought Thanos and saved the planet, demonstrating how big the Marvel multiverse is.

Rorschach therefore wouldn’t dare base his future on a few superheroes. You must be aware that destruction is commonplace in the Marvel multiverse. A wonderful fairy tale is the only way to describe the joyful family reunion shown in the MCU.

Fortunately, Rorschach has a tool. Rorschach’s hack, which he named the Mission System, appears to be related to travel.

The interface of the task system is very simple, quite like an online game. The system interface is divided into three sections, ‘Character Attributes’, ‘Task Table’, and ‘System Mall’. Rorschach closed his eyes, and his consciousness entered the system interface.

Character attributes

Name: Rorschach

Strength: D

Spirit: E

Physical resistance: SSS+

Magic resistance: S

Skill: Man of Steel (can be upgraded to full Kryptonian blood)

Mission Points: 180

Rorschach profited from the “Steel Body” depicted in the present box since the four-dimensional attribute of the average person is only at level F. Rorschach’s strength and spirit have been significantly increased while his dual resistance has been tremendously strengthened.

[Man of Steel]: Kryptonians have a special capability that allows them to absorb yellow sunlight’s radiation and transform it into biological energy within their cells, giving them unmatched protection and incredible self-healing abilities as well as a portion of the biological energy field.

Skill Status: It can be upgraded to a full Kryptonian lineage, according to the skill status. El Family is the default Kryptonian lineage template.

Upgrade Conditions: You can upgrade the “Man of Steel” into a full Kryptonian lineage by collecting all seven of the Kryptonian’s powers.

Upgrade progress: 1/7.

Rorschach currently has a steel body, therefore his survival is essentially ensured. At least he won’t have to worry about crossing the street and then being shot by a sniper. Despite the fact that the Man of Steel is strong, Rorschach is still concerned that he won’t be able to stop Thanos from snapping his fingers.

It’s preferable to upgrade to a full Kryptonian lineage as soon as you can and get all seven Kryptonian powers. Rorschach will be able to travel there and instruct the purple potato spirit in the ways of humanity.

Rorschach had a thought and changed the system interface to the task list.

Exclusive mission stage 1 (Super Strength): You can obtain the unique ability of a Kryptonian super strength by performing 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, and 100 squats each day while running 10 kilometers.

Mission progress: 349/365.

Exclusive task stage 1 (Super Brain): five hours a day for a year, and two papers in journals of natural science. You can get Kryptonian’s Super Brain, an exclusive skill.

Mission progress: 349/365.

The teaching workload at American High School is light, allowing Rorschach to fit in five hours of study time each day. It is even simpler for the two papers in the journal of natural sciences because Rorschach used mission points to immediately redeem them at the mall.

His two studies on the development of biological genetics, which were published at the time, generated a lot of controversies. Even Norman Osborne, the Osborn Group’s president, extended a hand of friendship to Rorschach when he wanted to hire him for a high-paying position in the company’s bioscience lab.

Rorschach said he was deeply moved before declining. Even if he is not in need of money, working as a diligent researcher in a lab is not as comfortable as being a teacher. There are only these two restricted missions at the moment.

[You can access the second stage missions after finishing the first stage, and so on, until you have acquired six more exclusive skills and can access the whole Kryptonian bloodline.]

Naturally, Rorschach has the option to give up when faced with an impossible assignment. Only six of the nine exclusive skills that the system task has developed must be used by Rorschach.

Along with Krypton’s unique abilities, there are numerous everyday chores listed on the task list, such as improving the world, assisting an elderly woman crossing the street, consoling a city girl who lives alone, encouraging a disobedient adolescent girl to work hard, etc.

These daily chores only grant mission points, and those points are typically not very high. The majority of the items in the system mall are props from the world of comic books, including the entire line of Iron Man’s armor designs, or they are modern inventions like super soldier serum and even infinity stones!

However, the price of infinite gems is too expensive. An average infinite gem costs 30 million mission points.

The cheapest Kryptonian blood can be exchanged for as little as 10 million. He can almost catch up to the elite fighter-level Kryptonian blood if he has 30 million mission points. He will directly trade for the top-tier Kryptonian warrior blood, and then immediately, Isn’t it fantastic to take the Infinity Stone from someone else’s possession?

Someone sat on Rorschach’s desk as he was focused on the system interface.

“Hey, Mr. Rorschach, do you think you’re available tonight?”

Rorschach opened his eyes after hearing the voice and saw the caller sitting on his desk with two thin legs crossed and an unfathomable chest in a bright red dress.

“Sorry, but I have to grade tonight’s assignment for the students.”

Rorschach paused for two seconds to consider his options. That person was a new employee who started working as a music teacher two weeks ago. The principal then requested Rorschach to acquaint her with the surroundings.

What’s her name…

Rorschach pondered for a time, but he was unable to recall that person’s name. The other person certainly wants to ask me out, therefore it doesn’t matter. Being attractive is bad because it makes it simpler for you to succumb to temptation than an average person.

Women simply influence how quickly he complete chores.

Therefore, in order to avoid the school’s female teacher and him being emotionally involved in unnecessary ways that would slow down my ability to finish the specific work. The so-called rabbit does not eat grass beside the nest, according to a rule Rorschach set for himself. He also made it a point not to develop feelings for the female instructor at his school. Not even for one night.

That individual was a little annoyed when Rorschach politely declined, but as soon as she caught a glimpse of his attractive face, her annoyance vanished.

“Maybe we can have supper together, then go to my house to see a movie and sip some wine along the way,” she suggested as she knelt down and drew nearer to Rorschach.

Rorschach sighed, feeling a bit powerless. The woman’s cues are so evident, but he is a person of principles, and since the training objective for today hasn’t yet reached the required level, he can’t break the chain just yet.

Rorschach coughed softly and said, “That’s excellent, I still have some homework to correct, and I’ll go see you after school.”

“No issue, I’ll be here to wait for you.” The young female teacher winked at Rorschach before slowly making her way outside while her eyes were screwed.

Rorschach massaged her head as the female teacher left the room. Her influence is too much, not that his determination isn’t strong enough. the kind he is unable to manage it easily.

Rorschach sighed and decided to use his remaining time to complete the training and learning activities for the day. If not, he might not have time to do these tonight. Women won’t slow him down, that much is certain.

Instead of wasting any time, Rorschach pulled “How to Make a Rich Woman Fall in Love with Me” out of the drawer, opened it to page 108, and began the day’s lesson.

The office door was quickly pushed open once more. Suddenly, a girl entered from the outside. She quickly exclaimed, “It’s not good, Mr. Rorschach, Peter, and Flash are fighting again,” after spotting Rorschach.

Why do you say “again,” though?

Rorschach placed the book he was holding down and turned to face the approaching figure. Mary Jane, the goddess of Spiderman Peter Parker’s dreams, is this girl.

“Mary, don’t freak out. Tell me first who won this round?” Rorschach has been used to this for a very long time.

Flash has bullied classmate Peter before, and Mary Jane has visited Rorschach before, so it goes without saying that this is not the first time. Before he became Spider-Man, Peter Parker was a nerd in school, and Flash was a sportsman, the kind with all the muscles in his head.

Flash, the powerful gym student, loves to torment tiny Peter when he has nothing to do because they both want Mary Jane.

In the past, the weak Peter Parker was never the big Flash’s opponent and was consistently defeated by him, but this time, Rorschach was reminded of the scientific research assignment that Peter Parker had submitted.

On the potential for technology involving interspecies gene transplantation.

That quiet nerd may have evolved into Spider-Man.

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Published On: February 1, 2023

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