Tony Stark was unable to compete in the Morocco racing competition in this universe due to Rorschach’s intervention. This also directly contributed to Tony missing Ivan Vanke’s initial retaliation.

Tony Stark and Ivan Vanko are regarded as family friends. Together with Tony Stark’s father, Howard Stark, his father once created the Arc Reactor. However, when Tony’s father wanted to exploit the Arc Reactor for himself, Howard Stark eventually had to deport Vanko’s father.

Without knowing the truth, Ivan Vanko assumed it was Tony’s father, stole his father’s research, and viewed the Tony family as fictitious foes out to bring down Stark Industries and get revenge on his father.

Although in this reality, Tony was not attacked in Morocco by Ivan Vanko. But he still sought out a chance to assault Tony Stark in public while Tony was in a public place, proving that his desire for revenge had not died.

Tony quickly defeats Ivan Vanko with the Mark 5 Iron Man armor, which resembles a suitcase. The subsequent development gradually coincides with the plot of the movie.

He provided Tony with tips on how to improve the Arc reactor when Tony visited him in prison. But he knew that the Arc Reactor was more than just that, as found accidentally by Hammer Industries’ president Justin Hammer. Justin used this information to help him escape from jail, by pretending him to be dead.

Hammer wants to use Vanko technology to improve Hammer Industries’ knockoff Iron Man robot. However, after Vanko entered Hammer Industry, he did not follow Hammer’s idea and imitated Iron Man to create a batch of wearable steel suits. Instead, he used the original copycat Iron Man robot to directly make unmanned vehicles. Like Iron Soldiers.

Nevertheless, the majority of people don’t have high hopes for this type of steel soldier. Hammer continues rushing ducks to the shelves, taking his steel soldiers to the Stark Industries Expo, and attempting to grab the attention of the military in order to secure additional military orders.

Rorschach was effusive in his approval of Hammer Industries’ unmanned iron soldiers in the conversation that followed. Rorschach has a significant impact on modern science. The other two generals in attendance were immediately intrigued by Hammer Industries’ iron soldiers when Rorschach gave his approval.

“At first, we learned of Hammer Industries’ unmanned Iron Soldier. We merely assumed that he was an Iron Man suit that had been downgraded, but after hearing what you had to say, it would appear that the Iron Soldier is more suited to contemporary combat!” Three days later, Rorschach made the decision to take part in the expo’s exposition after becoming persuaded.

General Ross is still adamant that even a division of Iron Man might not be able to survive the rubbing of the Hulk, let alone a group of castrated steel suits. However, General Ross was persuaded by Rorschach’s arguments and declared right once that he would go to the expo three days later.

Then one by one, the military representatives started to depart.

When Norman returned from sending the military representative away, he turned to Rorschach and asked, “Mr. Rorschach, why do you advise the military to use the weapons produced by Hammer Industries? You should be aware that the military has a finite annual budget. Following their large-scale acquisition of Hammer Industries’ unmanned steel warriors, our future orders from them will be significantly diminished.”

“Norman, believe it or not, within a week, Hammer Industries will be owned by us, including the Iron Soldier production line that he just spent a lot of money on. It will become ours,” he grinned and shook his head at Norman.

After a brief moment of shock, Norman hastily asked, “Mr. Rorschach, will the expo have changed in three days?”

After this period of contact, Norman has come to believe that Rorschach is an all-knowing, all-powerful God.

Now, despite anything Rorschach said, Norman would believe him. Three days later, Rorschach had either consciously or unconsciously led a number of military generals to the expo, and Norman reasoned that something must have taken place there.

“Indeed, at that moment, the Stark Industries Expo will get a big highlight, Norman. At the very least, prepare me an armed team of 100 people, each with their own tactical backpack and injections of physical enhancing substances.” Rorschach nodded.

“Understood.” Norman agreed right away.

After he had finished speaking, Rorschach said goodbye to Norman and departed for the workshop, where the liver assignment would be continued. There was only Luo Xia in the elevator at first. Four or five powerful guys in suits entered the elevator when it opened at the scientific research and development floor.

Rorschach raised an eyebrow and scowled a little. They are followed by two very identifiable men in suits. One stands out in particular because it is short, has wheat-colored skin, and has a shining bald head. The entire individual appears to be a beast in clothing while wearing a pair of eyeballs.

The second tall man had his hair pulled back and a stern expression. He could still see his muscles even in a suit. Agent Sitwell and Brock “Crossbones” Rumlow, two well-known Hydra members, were people that Rorschach was familiar with.

Why did Hydra choose my company?

Agent Sitwell was holding a leather purse when Rorschach looked down, which surprised him because they belonged to the scientific research and development level. Hydra won’t show up to take the physical enhancement drug’s recipe.

Rorschach was looking at these Hydra members as they were at him. Given his current position of authority, several individuals recognized Rorschach’s identity right away.

Rumlow put his hand on his waist, indicating that he might pull his gun at any moment, as Agent Sitwell inadvertently cast a glance his way.

“A question, are you all together?” Rorschach cast a quick glance in everyone’s direction.

“Yes, we are members of the third scientific research project team, and we are in charge of providing important experimental data,” Agent Sitwell responded, turning to face Rorschach with a smile on his face.

Rorschach nodded as he suddenly understood “If the two of you are together, then I’ll just state the obvious: the physical enhancement drug’s data includes a secret early warning feature. When you forced open the security lock, you immediately alerted the company’s security division. Yes, if my estimation was correct, more than a dozen veterans with firearms in their hands have received physical enhancement injections on the first floor.”

Agent Sitwell lifted his hand to prevent Rumlow from drawing his rifle as he was unconsciously tempted to do so as he listened.

He added, while still maintaining his innocence, “I don’t understand what you’re talking about,” as he gazed up at Rorschach.

Agent Sitwell was genuinely baffled as to why this operation had been revealed. He even considered the possibility that Hydra harbored an insider or that Rorschach was deceiving them.

“Believe me. You understand what I’m talking about.” Agent Sitwell turned to face Rorschach, who softly uttered, “Hail Hydra.”

Agent Sitwell’s eyes became hazy all of a sudden. With doubt in his eyes, he cast a dubious glance in Rorschach’s direction. He received a prompt nod from Rorschach, signaling his solid stance.

The other and Rumlow let their guard down. Taking a deep breath, Agent Sitwell questioned, “Sir, if what you said is true, what should we do?”

Veterans who had been injected with physical improvement drugs were waiting for them on the first floor if there were truly about a dozen people there.

Rumlow can reach defeat all of them, but he cannot leave this place with the physical enhancement potion in a secure manner. It will very certainly identify them as Hydra.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury, who was also highly interested in the physical enhancement potion, arranged for them to skulk in the Osborn Group so they could use the opportunity to study Rorschach.

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Published On: February 20, 2023

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