West stopped in his tracks and tried to eavesdrop more.

Of course, he knew Jacob Kowalski. The Kowalski, the Scamander, and his grandmother were close friends, and he had met each other a few times when he was a child. Jacob was like a grandpa to him.

However, the West family usually interacts more with the Scamander family due to geographical reasons. Jacob is not a wizard, and frequent use of the Portkey and Apparation will burden his body greatly.

After West got older, he barely saw him.

Not far from him, Newt was whispering something to Professor McGonagall. West tried to put his ears out but didn’t get any useful information.

The distance between the two was too far, and West didn’t dare to take out his wand to use magic. After Newt left in a hurry, he heard him leave a sentence for Professor McGonagall.

“Minerva, please inform Tina and Bunty for me.”

West frowned. Why should he inform his grandmother?

Suddenly, he had a bad feeling. Jacob is a Muggle. At this age, Muggles is far inferior to wizards.

West bit his lip, trying to think about something.

However, what if it is really the worst that is expected?

After hesitating for a while, West still made a choice.

He decided to sneak over to take a look, and if Jacob really had something to do, he’d just show up. The West and the Kowalski are friends.

It’s a pity that Sean took away the invisibility cloak. West thought with some annoyance, and when Professor McGonagall hurried back to the castle, he continued to maintain the Disillusionment Charm and walked towards the station.


On the other side, Sean returned to the castle after calling Hermione and saying goodbye to Nagini.

“So, you just extorted a bunch of things from him?” Hermione said.

“Hermione, although you are my best friend, I must correct your wording. It’s not extortion.” Sean said seriously.

“Compensation, isn’t it?” Hermione looked like she knew it all along.

Sean nodded with satisfaction, “You have learned to answer quickly, very good.”

“What are you going to do with that egg or raise it yourself?”

“Well, I haven’t seen it after all. I decided to ask someone to refer to it. It’s bad if it doesn’t hatch?” Halfway through speaking, Sean stopped where he was.

“What’s wrong?” Hermione asked suspiciously.

“It seems that there is no need to find someone.”

Just now, something squirmed on the inside of his robe, and that was where he placed the egg. Just as he was about to speak, an eggshell cracking sounded.

Sean didn’t have time to go to the Room of Requirement, pulled Hermione to the corner, and got into the ring directly.

“Help me with it. I’ll take care of it.” After leaving these words, the entrance narrowed rapidly, and the ring fell into Hermione’s hand.

Sean walked into the ring. As expected, the fist-sized egg inside has already shaken, and a small piece of the eggshell has peeled off. Sean fetched a pile of hay, carefully took out the eggs, and put them in the haystack.

In the ring, several of Sean’s magical animals surrounded him.

The golden eggs with cyan patterns are constantly shaking, but the rest is still extremely hard, except for the first small piece of eggshell that peeled off.

Sean squinted his eyes, only to see that there was a layer of light cyan film with white spots inside the peeled eggshell, and there was an invisible shadow inside that seemed to be tearing the egg film vigorously.

Sean waited patiently, but for some reason, the little guy’s movement inside became weaker and weaker. The egg membrane looked thin, but it couldn’t be torn apart.

Sean was a little anxious now. He kept flipping through the notes he had copied from Newt, but he couldn’t find any solution after searching around. Newt didn’t seem to have hatched this magical animal, and his notes had no relevant record.

The vibration of the egg became smaller and smaller, and the creature inside seemed to have no more strength.

“I haven’t hatched magical animal eggs before. Dave, Naja, you both came out of eggs. Do you have any experience?” Sean was in trouble.

Dave didn’t know what to say. He could only judge that the creature inside the eggshell was still alive. Its evaluation was, “It has very little smell.”

Naja is also inexperienced. She was smuggled here, and her mother was not around when it hatched. Instead, the Basilisk gave advice.

The Basilisk’s huge body coiled around the outside of the wooden shack, with only two huge nostrils blocking the wooden door.

“It should be a bird-type magical animal inside. I can feel it.” The Basilisk hissed.

“The person who gave me the egg said the same thing, but it’s useless to know what kind it is.” Sean was a little anxious.

The Basilisk swam on the ground for a while and continued, “It has come out.”

“Huh?” Sean didn’t understand what the Basilisk meant.

“That’s not the egg membrane. It’s a part of the bird. I can feel it.”

Sean heard his words and looked down, and he found something strange. The vibration of the egg was already very small, but the membrane inside the gap stretched and contracted strangely.

“Then why can’t it get out?” Sean was puzzled, and while he was thinking, he suddenly remembered the notes he had read just now.

In it, Newt recorded a magical animal called The Airwing Bird.

Although this magical animal is scaleless and has smooth skin, with a duck-like mouth and a dragon-like body, the biggest feature of the air wing bird is that it will show different postures according to the needs of the function.

If this creature wants to take off, it will puff up the skin at the neck to become a huge hot air balloon and then fly quickly with the help of high-altitude wind.

Newt wrote, “The thing on the neck of the bird resembles the vocal sac of a frog when it bulges. It is light blue in color with white spots on the surface that expand as it stretches.”

Sean lowered his head and compared it. Sure enough, the egg membrane, he thought, was exactly the same as Newt’s description.

Newt once got the bird, but he didn’t see the hatching process. He mentioned, “The hatching is a way for the weak chicks to get some strength for themselves.”

Sean looked at the egg that was shaking less and less. He didn’t know if it was a good thing to affect the birth of magical animals because the process of many magical animals breaking out of their shells was a process of their growth. Interfering with it may cause it to die.

However, the egg is almost not shaking now, and it seems it will die if he doesn’t intervene.

Without any further hesitation, Sean put on a pair of leather gloves, picked up a tool, and knocked on the eggshell. The egg is the size of a fist, but the eggshell is much harder than Sean imagined. He was worried about hurting the little guy inside, and it took a lot of time to break a small spot.

After that, the egg is completely motionless.

“It’s too late…” Sean frowned. The membrane and the eggshell were tightly attached, and no spell could be used to help it.

At this time, Naja let out a cry.

Sean immediately understood what she meant and was overjoyed, “Naja, can you do it?”

Naja nodded, gently rubbed Sean’s face with her beak, and her body shrank.

She became smaller. She let out a low cry, clung to the eggshell, and stuck her head in through the gap.

There was a crisp knocking sound, and the sharp beak, which became smaller in size, would continue to hit the hard eggshell like a miniature impact drill. The eggshell was peeling off at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Sean’s eyes lit up. He didn’t stay idle and continued to chisel from another direction.

With Naja’s help, the progress of the eggshell peeling has been greatly improved. It didn’t take long for the upper half of the eggshell to fall off completely, and the appearance of the creature inside was shown.

Just like Newt’s drawing, it was a small bird, except that the skin around its neck bulged so hard that it completely covered the eggshell.

Sean reached out and tried to grab it, but the bird’s ‘hot air balloon’ was slippery, and there was a layer of mucus from the eggshell on it. Sean didn’t dare to use any strength and couldn’t grasp it firmly.

Fortunately, Naja was still working on it, and most of the eggshells fell off again. Sean grabbed it and pulled it out slightly.

With a sound of crack, the bird finally completely broke away from the eggshell. However, the bird rolled its eyes and lay motionless on the grass.

“Alive, but the breathing is very weak.” Dave said.

“Pudding.” Sean called.

Pudding jumped over, and then his eyes were close to the head of the bird.

He turned his head to look at Sean. He walked around the still-inflated bird like a hot air balloon, finally realizing something was wrong.

The tail was attached to its back because it was the same color and extremely small, so Sean didn’t notice it at all. This little guy’s own tail was wrapped around its neck.

Sean quickly and carefully stretched out his hands to untie it. The tail wrapped around its neck was loosened, and the bird immediately gasped. Its swollen skin heaved back and forth, and its white pupils started to contract.

The bird uttered a feeble cry that sounded like a hoarse frog cry mixed with a mammalian voice.

“It’s finally okay.” Sean breathed a sigh of relief.

The bird finally took a breath, and the skin on its neck shrank rapidly, returning to its original appearance. It looked like a duck-billed Charmander with a pair of very small fleshy wings.

The bird was still crying weakly. All of them surrounded the fist-sized bird.

“It should be hungry, right?” Sean said he couldn’t understand what it was trying to say.

“Hungry.” Pudding gave an accurate answer.

Sean squatted by the haystack and looked at the broken eggshells, “What do the chicks eat?”

The Basilisk carefully pushed the eggshell toward the bird and hissed, “I ate the eggshell when I was born, and when I have the strength, I hunt for food by myself.”

Naja clung to Sean and casually swept the eggshell away, “We don’t eat eggshells.”

Dave looked around, hesitated for a while, slowly approached, and opened its mouth.

“I don’t think it will eat the same thing as mine.”

He took out the note and read it. Newt records in the book that their favorite food is fish.

“That’s it. Pudding, go catch a fish.” Sean ordered.

Pudding meowed and quickly rushed to the lake. Sean had already put a lot of fish in, prepared in advance for the aquatic magical animals that might be domesticated in the future.

Pudding ran to the lake and just looked around, poked his front paw quickly, and when he lifted it up, there was already a small fish on the paw. Sean took the small fish, tore it open a bit, and brought the flesh to the bird’s mouth.

The bird’s nose moved and opened its mouth as wide as possible.

Sean smiled and fed the fish into it. The bird just shook its throat, and the fish slid directly. It then stood up and continued to open its mouth wide at Sean.

Sean tore open the small fish and fed them bit by bit. It didn’t take long for one fish to enter the bird’s stomach, and it still had its mouth open.

“Is its appetite that big?” Sean asked Pudding to catch another small fish and feed it all to the bird.

After eating two fish, the bird opened its mouth wide. But just halfway through, it suddenly fell down in pain and jumped up.

Sean was shocked and quickly looked at Pudding. Pudding leaned over and looked around.

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