As for the origin of those golden eggs, anyone would know where this egg came from.

These are the props used on the Goblet of Fire last time. Grindelwald brought them out to the utility room in the castle. Sean blew on the dust a few times when cleaning them. Of course, other students were already excited by this, and their eyes were looking at the golden egg.

According to previous years’ experience, Grindelwald has always been generous in rewarding the strong. Today’s obviously requires a duel. Grindelwald’s prize should be amazing in this kind of raw power competition.

It is said that Sterling, who just graduated last school year, won the Nurmengard Day competition. He got a whole set of magic gold powder that can be used to construct ancient runes.

The magic gold powder is said to be made by Grindelwald himself, and special materials are added to make it faster to construct runes. Making it your magic power will be more effective.

Who wouldn’t be tempted by this kind of magic material that can’t be bought in the market at all?

Of course, Sean was not excited at all. Grindelwald was not going to give away the prize at all this time. He had already decided to find an excuse to train the Nurmengard students.

On the platform, Grindelwald began to announce the content of the competition.

“The theme of this Nurmengard Day is ‘Battle’!”

As soon as the words fell, the students shouted excitedly. For the Nurmengard students, fighting is what they crave for.

“All students can participate, there will be two different parts, and it’s a student duel.” Grindelwald’s voice became more and more high-pitched.

“It’s a group duel. The first and second graders can form a team of ten people, the third graders can form a team of seven people, the fourth graders can form a team of five people, the fifth graders can form a team of three, the sixth graders can form a team of two and the seventh graders who are about to graduate, you will fight alone.”

“After that stage, the lottery system will decide on a new team. Ten teams will move to a challenge. You will face the most severe test.”

“Now,” Grindelwald lowered his voice, his expression was serious, but his eyes were full of expectation, “My children, as a noble wizard, have you been good this year? Can you match the glory brought by being a wizard?”

Grindelwald’s prestige in Nurmengard was incomparable, his voice seemed to contain magic power, and the response sounded like a tsunami. The Hogwarts couldn’t help but get excited.

Only Sean in the stands was frowning.

Hermione turned her head to look at Sean with some excitement, “Sean, let’s form a team to try it too. Let The three of us, and we can also call Harry and the others. Stephen Wellen is also an excellent student, but…”

She held her chin hesitantly.

Sean looked towards the high platform and happened to see Grindelwald from a distance. He also cast his gaze over. Although he couldn’t see his expression clearly, the old man seemed to be smiling.

“Sean, think about it quickly. Haven’t you always been very popular? Do you have any suitable teammates?”

“Well, let me think about it…” Sean pretended to close his eyes slightly as if he was thinking about something.

Sure enough, there was a sudden noise. Several people turned their heads to look, and Grindelwald came to the crowd at some point, and he was kindly encouraging the students.

“Joshua? Your last year’s counter-curse was impressive.”

“Patricia, you were the one who turned dead leaves into crows last time, right?”

“Sheldon, there shouldn’t be an accidental explosion of the spell this time, right? As I said, wizards must stay focused when casting spells. It would be best if you trusted your own spells and wands more. Don’t let me down again. “

Grindelwald seemed to remember the names of all the students. He walked through the crowd, and every student whose name he called was full of pride. They stood upright in front of him like soldiers being inspected by the chief.

Grindelwald is obviously more used to it and good at using his personal charm to conquer others. After so many days in Nurmengard, Sean has never seen any student express dissatisfaction with the principal.

As long as Grindelwald’s name is mentioned, the students will always have pride and respect on their faces. They adore Grindelwald and regard their status as Nurmengard students as an honor.

Sean couldn’t help but think of another aspect. If Grindelwald sets off another war in the wizarding world, the Nurmengard students are his followers. It would be serious trouble.

While he was thinking, Grindelwald walked to the Hogwarts students.

“Oh, children who came from afar,” he opened his hands to everyone, “Numergard treats every wizard equally/ I hope you don’t have any other worries during the exchange, and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Treat everything in this castle like a festival.”

Grindelwald smiled, and he was so tolerant and fraternal that the Hogwarts students almost felt that they had met Professor Dumbledore.

“We also welcome your participation in this competition. If you are good enough, I will be very happy to hand over the prizes to you.”

Many students are even more tempted. However, Hogwarts students are inferior to Nurmengard in terms of strengths. The wizarding world has never been short of talents, and outstanding students like Cedric and Percy are already gearing up.

Grindelwald was very satisfied with the fighting spirit of Hogwarts. He walked through the crowd and then looked at Sean.

“Oh, look. Isn’t this Mr. Wallup?”

Grindelwald reached out and patted Sean on the shoulder, seeming to admire him very much, “Professor Goodman told me about the dueling class that day. Your performance was amazing. I’m a little jealous of Dumbledore. He has such a wonderful student.”

“You are too much, sir.” Sean was very modest.

Grindelwald’s praise attracted Sean’s attention, and he could even feel the jealous gaze of Nurmengard’s students.

“Are you going to participate in this competition?” Grindelwald asked.

“I’m thinking about it, sir.”

“Well, that’s good,” He nodded and then showed a thoughtful expression, “Well, I have a small suggestion…”

He laughed, “What if you participate in this competition all by yourself? I bet it’ll be pretty interesting.”

Grindelwald’s proposal surprised everyone, and Hermione quickly interrupted him, “Sir, Sean is only in a second-grade.”

“Don’t worry,” he stroked his short beard, “In Nurmengard, outstanding wizards will always face more challenges. Which will allow them to grow stronger and stronger, and…”

Grindelwald smiled happily, “Mr. Wallup. You defeated my children in the last class. Many of them were dissatisfied. I will give them this chance. Of course, you will get something else. In the first stage of the competition, you don’t need to participate in the previous matches. You only need to face one team. After you win, you will directly enter the second stage, and you are guaranteed to get a prize. How about it?”

Sean’s mouth twitched.

“It’s decided then. Wallup, your name is already in the lottery box. If you are willing to participate, you can just come and prepare. It’s okay if you don’t want to. It’s all up to you.” Grindelwald said with a wave of his hand. He left after leaving such a sentence.

“Why is he so…” Hermione held back for a long time without saying anything.

Daisy added in a low voice, “So narrow-minded? Since Sean won against many Nurmengard students before…”

“But, he’s our principal.” Hermione muttered dissatisfiedly.

Only Sean shrugged his shoulders, “It’s okay, just treat it as actual combat training.”

He understood that he probably couldn’t escape the decision made by Grindelwald. But Sean was already very interested in this competition. Being able to duel with different wizards was a very valuable experience.

The atmosphere was noisy, except for some students who thought they were not strong enough. Most of the remaining people chose to sign up. All of a sudden, the entire room was noisy.

Today, all the professors and medical staff were dispatched. The professors were in charge of judging and protecting the students. The medical staff were always on standby. The duel in Nurmengard was very rough. It is estimated that many students will enter the infirmary today.

Sean arrived in the waiting room. In the room, the students’ duel had already begun.

The lower-grade students are far inferior to the senior students in terms of magic power and the number of spells they have mastered. Their advantage lies in the larger number of people. If they are not careful, the senior students may overcome them instantly.

“Sean, what did you see?” Grindelwald came to him at some point.

Sean thought for a while, “The choice between teamwork and duel?”

Grindelwald stood beside him with a relaxed face, “No, you should see their emotions. The Nurmengard students don’t care whether it’s the glory or the prize. They’re all just excited to do all these things. While the Hogwarts students they’re full of expectations and ambitions because of the rivalry between the two schools.”

“Some people feel remorseful and unwilling to lose because of their carelessness. Some people get a great sense of achievement because they beat the strong. Some people feel unsatisfied because the enemy is not strong enough, and others feel fear because the enemy is strong.”

“Look,” Grindelwald said, “So many people, so many different emotions. Don’t you think you can see many interesting things in them?”

Manipulating people’s emotions is also a kind of magic. Sean silently thought about what Grindelwald had taught him in his heart.

“Everything in the world is worth tasting, worth learning,” Grindelwald sighed and then changed the subject, “Of course, this is not the point. Understanding them requires time, and you still have a long way to go. Shall we talk about something else?”

“Do I really have to transform into a dragon in front of so many students?” Sean couldn’t help asking.

“Of course, don’t be silly, my boy. This just helps you strengthen your Animagus,” Grindelwald saw Sean’s eyes, “Of course, it’s mainly because I can’t give out the prizes, and I want to train this group of lazy kids. But thank you for your help, Sean.”

“Should I say you’re welcome, sir?” Sean said helplessly.

“Don’t worry,” Grindelwald put his arms around his shoulders, “The dragon’s magic resistance is even higher than your imagination. You just need to pay attention to protecting your eyes. You know that dragons are weak against The Conjunctivitis Curse, right?

“I know, but I’m an untrained dragon…”

Grindelwald saw through his thoughts and then indifferently raised the corners of his mouth, “Remember what I told you? Borrow the power you can control. That will help you definitively.”

“As long as you can control it in your hands, then power is power. It is not fundamentally different from your magic power.”

However, Grindelwald didn’t say anything more. He left and said, “I have prepared a surprise for you.”

Looking at him leaving, Sean sighed tiredly. Both Dumbledore and Grindelwald share a common trait, which is confusing sometimes regarding what they say.

Sean felt his head start to swell just thinking about the time when both of them talked to each other in that memory.

The duel continued, and the last nineteen teams were selected after half a day.

Sean will join the twentieth team. After several duels, ten teams will advance to the final challenge. There was only a huge dueling stage left. The students were clamoring in the stands, waiting for it to start.

It was Sean’s turn in the first match.

“How can I win this? I didn’t plan things in advance…” He muttered as he stepped onto the dueling stage and then saw the opposite team.

It was four students. One is Patricia, whom he had seen wandering out in the middle of the night. The other is a blond, chubby boy. Both of them are wearing fourth-grade uniforms.

There was another girl in a third-grade uniform with a calm face who seemed to be the brains of the entire team.

In the end, there was a boy in the uniform in the second grade. He was wearing a top hat, moving a deck of cards in his hand, and his eyes were blinking rapidly.

“What a strange composition of the team.”

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Published On: October 19, 2023

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