Sean listened to Harry’s story silently, and his mood became a little dejected.

A little girl mistook the curse as a talent. She couldn’t tell the difference between the two, so she began to suppress herself. Her stubbornness made her unable to understand the comfort of her family, so she developed an Obscurus, and the curse still torments her.

He patted Harry on the shoulder and asked softly, “How is Daisy doing now?”

Harry’s expression was slightly better: “Fortunately, she is a smart and strong girl. My mother has always been with her, and her psychological condition has improved a lot. But the curse and the Obscurus still exist. When she changes, she can’t control it. Professor Dumbledore comes to our house once so often, and he casts a spell on Daisy to ease her situation, but it’s not enough.”

“Professor Dumbledore said that the blood curse and Obscurus may be competing for Daisy’s body. Which makes her suffer a lot of damage every time she changes her form.”

“Daisy had a breakdown last Christmas. She was about to be treated in St. Mungo’s, but my father and Professor Dumbledore contacted a lot of people back then, knowing that she could break out at any time. They can’t bring her to the hospital as it’s risky, and the Ministry of Magic’ll strictly monitor her.”

Seeing Harry’s expression, Sean could only sigh deeply together.

After being silent for a while, Harry asked again, “Sean, can you tell me? Even if it can ease Daisy’s pain. I will do anything, please.”

Looking at Harry’s eyes, Sean sighed in relief and said in a deep voice, “Harry, I have no reason to reject you. But I’m really not an Obscurial. It was another person who helped me that day.”

Hearing his words, the look in Harry’s eyes flickered for a while and finally dimmed. He could hear that Sean wasn’t lying.

“So, can that person help me?” Harry raised his head again reluctantly.

Sean pondered, “I can ask him for you, but I can’t guarantee it.”

“That’s it! Sean, you can ask him if he wants anything in return, Galleons, potions, rare materials, anything!” Harry grabbed his hand.

“I’ll try my best, Harry.”

After separating from Harry, Sean sighed.

Aurelius and Dumbledore are obviously close. Even Aurelius’ Obscurus may be suppressed by Dumbledore and Grindelwald, but Dumbledore does not help Daisy. It means that the situation of the two is different.

Individual differences may cause it, and it is more likely because the curse and Obscurus coexisted, resulting in a change that even Dumbledore did not dare to take it lightly.

What makes Sean feel strange and felt weird is, who would cast a blood curse on her? Dumbledore was apparently also looking for the same answer.

A few days later, Sean and Dumbledore were walking together on the way to Snape’s office.

“Sean, did Harry tell you about Daisy?”

“Yes, Professor, it was unbelievable,” Sean said in a deep voice. Sean has been feeling uncomfortable over the past few days after hearing about Daisy’s condition.

Dumbledore’s expression was also heavy, “Daisy’s situation is very special, and Aurelius is not an ordinary Obscurial. It is difficult for me to apply my past experience to that poor child.”

The footsteps and conversations of the two reverberated on the empty corridor.

“Professor, do you know who put the curse on Daisy?” Sean asked.

“This is also the answer I wanted to know. You must know that very few wizards can use that kind of spell. As far as I know, those people are basically active in Southeast Asia.”

“I also told you that the target can only be women, right?”

Sean nodded and wondered, “You said that most of the Maledictus are inherited from the family.”

“Yes, and Lily, Harry’s mother, is obviously not the bearer of the curse. At the same time, we have not found such a situation in Lily’s ancestors. Going forward for a hundred years, the Evans family is full of nothing.”

“The blood curse is indeed inherited across generations, but no Maledictus will have a child for hundreds of years. Knowing what evil they will bring to their daughters. Therefore, Daisy’s curse was planted by someone.”

Sean had never heard Dumbledore use such a strong word to describe others. Obviously, casting a spell on a little girl touched his bottom line. The two walked to the door of Snape’s office, and Dumbledore stopped.

“Sean, do you now understand the meaning of saving Nagini?”

“Not only can it save a soul that is about to be swallowed by the wild, but it can also save another person. Isn’t it, professor?” Sean looked at the old man.

Dumbledore nodded with satisfaction, “Yes, if we can rescue Nagini, then I am also confident that Daisy’s situation will be solved. I am still looking forward to the Potters’ coming to Hogwarts in the future.”

He turned around and knocked on the wooden door, “However, in front of your potions, professor. Never mention the Potters.”

After a while, Snape opened the wooden door.

“You’re a little late, principal.” He didn’t even look at Sean.

“Excuse me, Severus. I’m a little old. Alright, Sean, come in. I still need your help today. ‘ Dumbledore winked at Sean.

Snape walked very fast. Dumbledore followed quickly. Sean went to the door, trotted, and followed the two into Snape’s dispensing room.

Nagini was locked in a cage in the corner, and on the table in the middle, two cauldrons were placed on the flame at the same time, and there was a large pile of paper in the corner of the table.

On another slightly smaller table were several glass tubes containing blood, presumably drawn from Nagini.

Dumbledore picked up the pile of paper and looked at it, “Severus, I don’t know you made so many recipes. It must have taken you a lot of time, right?”

Snape was expressionless, “I just wrote a few medicinal herbs randomly and combined them at will. More will be coming.”

“Although I’m not good at potions, I can still see how exquisite these formulas are.” Dumbledore exclaimed.

Sean blinked curiously. Speaking of which, did Snape know that the formula he studied is used to save someone from the Potter family?

Knowing that Lily’s daughter is also James’ daughter.

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Published On: August 17, 2023

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