Sean returned to the castle from the infirmary. He received countless applause and cheers. Almost every Hogwarts student who saw him wanted to come up and shake his hand, and those who had already known him were eager to say that they were proud of having him as a friend.

On the way back, Sean was probably approached by more than 30 people. He even felt that his shoulders were hurt by all the students that came to him.

However, Sean didn’t feel much. The enthusiasm of the students made him a little embarrassed. After all, he didn’t seem to have done anything yesterday.

He rushed to the Charms classroom, but Professor Flitwick didn’t care about his lateness at all. When Sean returned the wand to Harry, Professor Flitwick shouted.

“Mr. Wallup, you seem very eager to help your friend. Ten points for Ravenclaw.”

No other students expressed dissatisfaction. Everyone smiled and nodded, thinking that Sean deserved this. Even the Nurmengard students thought so. The professor of their school was a dark wizard and went for Hogwarts’ treasures, which made them feel bad for the Hogwarts students.

Many people even thought that if Tom Riddle succeeded, they would face a big problem.

As a result, the conspiracy was foiled down by a first-year student. Whether Tom Riddle is bad or not, the result remains the same. Nurmengard was ashamed of his performance and defeated by a kid.

Under the gazes of his classmates, Sean returned to his seat with a smile.

As soon as she sat down, Hermione immediately sat closer and whispered, “Sean! You went to face Professor Riddle alone!”

Her voice became much sharper, and her shock was mixed with worry and happiness.

“Actually, I didn’t do anything.” Sean replied in a low voice.

“You’re too kind,” Hermione sighed, “You even saved Harry’s life!”

Sean sighed in distress.

When the Charms class was over, Harry looked excited and wanted to come over and talk to Sean. But after seeing Hermione still by his side, he hesitated for a while and gave up. Sean knew that Aurelius’ Obscurial heavily helped him.

It wasn’t until before the dinner that Harry found the opportunity. After seeing Sean struggling away from the crowd, he hurriedly pulled Sean and hid in a small room.

“Thank you, Harry. God, someone touched my face just now.” Sean gasped and tidied up his robe.

“I’m afraid this situation will continue for a few days,” said Harry.

Sean sighed, then looked at him, “Hey Harry, how are you?”

“I’m good. Listen, Sean, I have to thank you because that Obscu…” Harry said with some fear.

“You’ll be fine. It’s not me.”

“Don’t worry, Sean. I didn’t mean it in a bad way,” Harry looked around, lowered his voice, and said, “I won’t tell anyone.”

“But I’m not, really.” Sean said helplessly.

Harry said, “Of course, you’re just a first-year student so you won’t know much about it.”

Sean sighed and decided not to bring up this topic again.

However, Harry obviously had other things to say, and his voice was even lower, “Sean, I wanted to say something.”

“What’s that?”

Harry showed an embarrassed expression, “Actually, besides you. I have seen someone else is an Obscurial.”

“Someone else is an Obscurial?” Sean frowned. He originally thought that the news about the Obscurial was told by Dumbledore or “Dumbledore”, but now it seems that Harry has other sources of information.

“It seems that it is not safe enough here.” Harry led Sean to a more secluded place. In the small room, Harry finally continued.

“Can you tell me a little trick on how to control it? It doesn’t have to be too much, like maybe a method to suppress it when used. Of course, I understand if you don’t want to tell it because it’s a secret.” He looked embarrassed.

“Why do you ask this?” Sean wondered.

Harry’s expression became sad and heavy, and he said softly, “Do you remember when I said that my sister has a strange disease?”

“Is she the one you’re talking about?” Sean asked in surprise.

Harry nodded bitterly.

Sean frowned.

An Obscurial is formed in very specific circumstances. It is a result of their magic being suppressed through psychological or physical abuse.

Harry’s family is happy, and his sister Daisy may be favored more than him. The Potters are both good wizards, with two children and a godfather who is caring to them. In this situation, Daisy shouldn’t be developing that kind of problem.

Harry explained, “It came a bit later because of Daisy’s strange illness.”

“Strange disease? So to put it roughly, Daisy was cursed.” Looking at Harry, Sean felt bad in his heart.

“My parents didn’t want to tell me too much about it, but I overheard some of it, and it was a blood curse.”

Blood curse? Did Daisy was turned into a Maledictus?

“This is the thing my parents have always blamed the most. They don’t know which…” Harry gritted his teeth and clenched his fists tightly, “Evil person cursed a little girl.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, Harry…” Sean replied.

Harry shook his head, “The blood curse was not discovered until Daisy was seven years old. She thought it was her magical ability because she had been exposed to magic since she was a child, and she kept trying to surprise my parents.”

“It was discovered because Daisy killed her favorite pet,” His tone became more and more low, “Daisy finally knew that it was not a wonderful magic, but a vicious curse.”

Harry lowered his head, “She was confused about it. After all, she’s just a seven-year-old girl. Daisy began to hate her magic, but the curse still made her change form from time to time, which she hated. So I tried my best to suppress my magic, and we tried to make her relax a little bit, but it was too late, and she had become an Obscurial.”

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Published On: August 16, 2023

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